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RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 05-18-2021

Owen huffed ar her anyway and waved his hand dismissing the topic of missing his sister at the next convention.

"Fine. I'll give the dates to Lilian." He was, in effect, agreeing to go to Japan. So that was settled. It had been a while since he'd been to the country. It would be something he would look forward to. He did have a fondness for Japanese whiskey.

Owen rolled his eyes at the way Maeve teased him over the rabbit. "Yes. I did use to send many desserts to little preys in college." He smirked. "The difference is I'm not slipping that one my cock, as well." He veered into the vulgar knowing exactly what his sister was insinuating. He tapped his gold wedding band against his glass to punctuate his point.

"Of course she does. All rabbits talk like that." He commented on her speech recalling the way she'd rambled her credentials off to him with rapidity. "She's also blind."

He wondered if she wore glasses or contacts. He thought she would look cute in some plastic frames. A classic secretary look. He had the image of her kneeling and looking up at him from over the top of some cute glasses.

Owen tried to put the image away.

He retrieved the business card Piper gave him on the convention floor. With his hand hovering close to the table, he flicked the card carelessly with his index and middle fingers at his sister for her inspection.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 05-24-2021

Maeve was hardly fazed by her brother's filthy mouth. They'd been saying awful things to each other since they learned to talk. She'd had a head start, being two months older than he was. Perhaps, he'd learned it from her. Though, it was most often Owen that presented as the rude one, with his ruthless ambition and unfiltered mouth people called them twins for more than just their looks.

"You're not dicking that one down...yet," she appended for him. His wedding ring clinked against his glass and it drew Maeve's eyes to it, before she rolled them. "Don't worry. I wouldn't tell on you."

The plain gold band was the biggest disappointment of her career, but Sophia had insisted that he didn't need anything 'over the top.' Which was how Sophia often referred to Maeve's work. She assumed it was the tigress’ way of implying her designs her trash.

If Owen really wasn't sleeping with the rabbit now, Maeve had a feeling that it was only a matter of time. She was too entirely his type.

"I bet she wears cute glasses," she replied, unaware of his wandering thoughts. "Or is supposed to at least."

Owen had never indicated that he was looking to seek companionship outside of his marriage. He did a good job of playing at being devoted to his wife. But Sophia sucked and Maeve hated her and she refused to believe her brother was disciplined enough to not get everything he wanted.

He flicked the card at her and she caught it before it soared off the table. Maeve admired the look of it for a moment. It was soft and charming, with more character than other cards she had received from Vale employees. She turned it this way and that and read the information printed on the front. Piper Sloan. With her phone number.

"If you're not interested than you wouldn't mind if I went after her then?" Maeve had a wicked grin as she pulled her cell phone from within her jacket. She made a show of copying Ms. Sloan's phone number into her contact list.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 05-28-2021

Owen gave his sister the most flat of flat expressions he could myster. Yet. This wasn't the first time Maeve had implied or out right encouraged him to stray from his marriage. She was a terrible influence.

He smirked at her. "You're a terrible influence, sister." He repeated his thoughts at her.

Owen shrugged as to the speculation that Piper might wear cute glasses. "I wouldn't know. I don't know the girl. We just met."

Even so, he bet she wore cute glasses.

And if she didn't, well, that would be a damn shame.

Owen finished his drink off as Maeve looked over the card as obviously impressed with it as he had been. Admittedly, his temper flared hot inside the pit of his stomach when Maeve threatened to take the rabbit for herself. He felt his left brow creep higher on his forehead despite his best effort to keep it from moving.

"Out of the question. She's my employee." Owen reached across the table and snatched the card back from Maeve and tucked it safely away inside his suit jacket pocket. The interior one that happened to be right over his heart. It didn't mean anything of course. That was just where the pocket was.

"Besides, you'd make that suitmaker sad if you went with anyone else." He shot back at her in an attempt to deflect the conversation away from him.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 05-30-2021

Maeve was still grinning from ear to ear as she sipped her wine. All but ignoring her brother's exasperated expression. She knew she was poking the bear....or wolf, and for all of his pushback she was leaving little nuggets of ideas in the back of his mind.

Planting the seeds, as it were.

"I'm your older sister," she loved to point out. "Being the bad influence on you is my job. Imagine if Victoria was here, too."

He reached for the card and she would have done a better job of keeping it from him if it wouldn't have caused a scene in the hotel restaurant. Maeve retreated slightly, card in hand, but her brother's reach was long and that single cocked brow was enough to know she had struck a nerve. She let him have it, laughing as it disappeared into his jacket.

Not before she'd committed the phone number to memory long enough to put it in her contacts, under the guise of returning a text message. Not that she was going to do anything with it. There was just something fun about having the phone number of her brother's convention crush.

Maeve waved off his attempt to change the subject with her hand. "You're too late with that comeback. I asked the suit maker out last week and he turned me down. He made it very clear that I didn't want to go out with him." She shrugged, finishing her wine. Holland Rivers' perpetually sad face flashing through her thoughts.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 06-14-2021

Owen was more than surprised to hear the news that the suitmaker, Holland Rivers, turned his sister down for a date. His temper flared hot on her behalf.

"Well he's a fucking idiot and should stop looking at your ass like he wants it then." Owen didn't care that his voice was a little bit over loud. It drew the displeased attention of an elderly woman sitting nearby at another table. That didn't bother him at all.

"So do we need to find a new tailor?" He asked as he waved the waiter down for the check. Owen automatically paying for them both as he usually did.

Though angry that his sister was disappointed and let down, Owen was glad to have the conversation turn from his love life to hers. Dry as her love life seemed to be. Not that his was much better.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 06-14-2021

Maeve only hummed in agreement at her brother's statements. They'd been thinking the same things. That Holland's desire for her was obvious, even through his stark professionalism.

"No, we don't need a new tailor," she replied with a laugh. "His suits are still the best and I will just take his lingering gazes as a compliment."

Maeve was angry, too, not that she would show it to her brother. So much easier to play the part of aloof flirt just looking to have some fun.

A trait they shared.

Owen paid and Maeve finished her wine. She could have easily paid for the meal as well but it was more fun to make him do it. "I have to get back to my stall," she explained, standing and buttoning her suit jacket. "Thanks for lunch." She blew kisses at him and made promises to see him later before she left the restaurant and returned to work.


Piper returned to her room after lunch for a nap. The giddiness of her mystery drink and dessert did keep her up later into the afternoon than she expected. She wondered who had sent it. If they would do something like that again. She scrolled through her social media and text her friend Renton, until s he got bored of squinting at her phone and sleep claimed her. Apparently, he had gone into the city with some of their other co-workers. He'd known better than to invite her, and she wasn't mad at him for it. Piper wasn't great at big social situations, and he'd already dragged her through introductions and a few meetings for drinks at the hotel bar.

It was dark when Piper woke again. She checked her phone. It was a few minutes past midnight. Quite a nap she had taken. She had a text from Renton, just updates on his whereabouts and going-ons because he knew she would worry otherwise.

She felt wide awake now, so she changed into a black one-piece bathing suit. The material rode high on her hips and had mesh cutouts over her waist. Unavoidably her tail was revealed, but she didn't think too much of it. Not expecting to see anyone else on a midnight trip to the hot tub. Piper tossed her hair into a messy bun and threw on a robe just long enough to order a drink from the bar that appeared to remain open all hours of the night and day.

Piper made her way to the pool area. A colorful drink in one hand, her cell phone, glasses and cigarette case clutched in the other. She set everything down near the edge of the in ground hot tub. The warm steam wafted upwards, a dewiness to her tanned skin already as she tossed the robe on a nearby deck chair. She sat on the edge, dipping her feet in. The wild bubbles danced around her calves. The suffocating heat was lost as the sun went down, and the sea breeze was cool on her ears and shoulders. Piper sighed, content with the quiet. The pool was much too busy during the day. She sipped her drink and lit a cigarette.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 08-01-2021

After the lunch with his sister, Owen spent the remainder of his day working. Business deals, meetings, networking, panels. The usual convention fare. Perhaps it was the fact that it was the last day of the convention, things were winding down, but a sort of distracted haze fell over him. Elements of the lunch conversation haunted him throughout the day. The bunny and that Holland Rivers. Mostly the bunny.

Owen begged off a party invitation and spent the rest of his evening in his hotel room catching up on the emails that piled into his box while he'd been off doing other things. Time slipped away from him as he worked.

Suddenly it was a quarter to midnight. He finally had a clear inbox.

He celebrated his hardwork with a cigarette and a drink on his hotel suite balcony. He had one of the nicest rooms on the third floor. The view overlooked the pool and the beach beyond. Owen leaned against the railing, dangling his drink with forefinger and thumb while he smoked languidly and watched the reflection of the moon on the dark ocean.

A figure moved below. Owen instinctively raised his nose to test the air. The sea breeze brought her scent right to him. Miss Sloan. How interesting.

Owen dropped his gaze to watch her slip out of her robe and dip into the hot tub. He watched her long enough to finish another cigarette and drain his drink. Long enough to watch her finish her own drink. He watched her set it on the edge of the hottub and push at it with her finger as if wishing it would refill itself.

He chuckled and went down, against his better judgment, to meet her.

He paused by the nightstand and removed his wedding band before he went.

"There's no solo bathing."

Owen said by way of greeting when he finally padded onto the pool deck. He came barefoot and with his white button down unfastened. The shirt moved in the seabreeze occasionally brushing his bare torso with cool salt air.

When she turned to look at him, he gestured to the pool rules. Indeed, there was to be no solo bathing.

"But I'm here now. So carry on." He smirked flashing sharp teeth at her as he came to a stop in front of where she sat in the hottub. He stood near the edge forcing her to crane her neck to look up at him.

"What are you drinking, tonight?"