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Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 02-24-2021

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RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 02-24-2021

Moving through the convention center, he carried with him the smell of the beach air outside. He had just come back inside after escaping the noise of the exhibition hall to take a phone call and have a smoke. He was almost remiss to leave the view of the waves crashing against white sands across the street. But he had business to attend to. And his sister was expecting him.

He shrugged back into his navy blue suit jacket having only taken it off in the oppressive Florida heat. He buttoned himself back in, pulled down the sleeves, and straightened his tie. He patted down his suit pockets but couldn't find the map of exhibitors he thought he'd tucked away.

He glanced out the window and saw a pamphlet laying on the sidewalk where he'd been smoking. It was being swept away in the wind. Must have fell out of his pocket.


In theory he could have walked to the information booth and requested a new map of the exhibitors but he was too used to having things just handed to him without requesting them. Where was his assistant when he needed her?

Besides, it wouldn't hurt to take the time to see this year's displays. He was in the market for some new equipment anyway. He checked his watch and began weaving through the rows of displays. Idly, he evaluated the products and made mental notes for what he'd return to follow-up on.

It was during his wanderings that he spotted her.

Not his sister.

But a more interesting specimen.

A tiny little thing standing with neck craned as she looked up at the floor display of the latest Atlas Crawler drilling rig. A bunny with one ear at attention and the other half flopped as she stared at the mining rig. While the floor display was not to full size -- the exhibition hall certainly wasn't large enough for that -- Atlas Crawler had a knack for bringing the most excessive displays. And apparently, they had cute salesgirls to give the pitches now too.

Couldn't hurt to hear the pitch from a cute rabbit.

"This the new patent? That hydrostatic, closed loop system with the hydraulic cylinders?" He asked, moving up next to her. As they stood side-by-side gazing up at the rig, her forehead was about the level of his shoulder.

He combed his fingers through his recently cut hair styled back in a slick corporate swoop. "You gotta tell your guys while the new patent looks promising, I don't appreciate having to buy the Atlas Crawler to mount it. I don't want to upgrade my entire crawler fleet just for the topmount."

"And, Apple wants their business model back." He smirked at his own company comparison which was a common critique in the industry. When he smirked, his lips pulled back just enough to reveal a row of pointed teeth with elongated canines. The expression was gone in a flash, teeth neatly hidden behind his lips again.

He spoke to her with industry insider terminology assuming she was the sales girl. In fact, she was clutching some kind of leather folio to her chest. Maybe that's where she kept the brochures. He glanced at the folio expecting that she would hand him a brochure.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 02-25-2021

The smells of salt air and smoke alerted her to the presence of another person before a man settle beside her. The exhibition floor was mostly empty. Busier in the morning, as other employees skirted the minimum of their duties by listening to a pitch or two before retreating back to the hotel bar. Piper wasn't great about mingling with her peers. One could even say she was avoiding them as she stared up at the scale model of an industrial drill. She was squinting, somewhat, reading the small text that accompanied the toy version of the machine.

The man was standing rather close to her now. Her ears stood at attention and she considered moving on until he started speaking. She spared him a glance, and then found herself doing a double take.

Owen Hart was standing next to her. CEO of the very company she worked for. She swallowed hard, her heart leaping into her throat and turned her attention to the drill again. He wore a smart looking tailored suit in a pretty blue that brought color to his grey eyes.

Red painted lips parted slightly as if she would respond, but something made her pause.

'Your guys,' he had said. He was talking to her as if she had proprietary knowledge of the Atlas Company. Not as if she was some stranger he happened upon on the show floor. It occurred to her that Mr. Hart thought she worked for Atlas...and not for him.

Emerald eyes flickered to the hand that ran through his blonde hair, as she turned her body slightly to face him more fully. Her hands dropped away from her chest, revealing the low cut of the light green blouse that she wore. The leather folio dropped to her side, slapping gently against her black pencil skirt.

Piper also noticed her height, now that she was facing him. Up to his shoulders in heels. Downright diminutive comparatively.

"I don't think it's planned obsolescence," she heard herself saying. Her voice sounded distant in her ears. She spoke softly, with an accent that was noticeable but difficult to place. Her attention was drawn to his mouth and the pointed teeth he revealed for just a moment.

So, he was a predator. Piper couldn't say that she was surprised. Most high-powered CEOs in morally questionable businesses were.

"The newly developed Rexroth hydraulic system is one of the first technical upgrades in almost five years. The low fuel consumption and easy maintenance would save money in the long run. Even compared against what it would cost to replace a fleet."

Piper moved to hand him one of the brochures from the nearby table that had a collection of them fanned out over a yellow tablecloth.

"And aside from the upgraded safety features, the Crawler is designed to have a greater variety of interchangeability. It's designed to be paired with an impressive series of machinery."

RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 02-28-2021

The two most striking features of her face were those green eyes and red lips. He couldn't help but notice the way she stared at his mouth. He perhaps more subtly than she glanced at her lips, full and expertly painted red, as she pushed back on his criticism of the company.

"You don't think?" He asked with a half smirk. He had another opinion.

He pursed his lips and listened to her sing the praises of the equipment though he seemed skeptical. "Not many companies have the capital to upgrade an entire crawler fleet just for the top mount."

But his did. Not that she knew that.

He accepted the pamphlet from her. It was odd that she handed it so late into her sales pitch. Usually high pressure sales tactics involved handing something on the initiation of the contact... he pushed aside his meta assessments of her sales performance.

He frowned at the pamphlet. "You have a card?"

Why did he even have to ask her that? She must be new at sales.

"We're breaking new ground on a mine soon, so perhaps a partial fleet upgrade would be in order for that... I'd have to get with acquisitions."

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 03-01-2021

Piper noticed there was something analytical in his clear grey eyes as she handed him the pamphlet. She realized it was probably the lackluster sales experience she was providing, considering that she didn't work for Atlas.

He smirked again, but her attention didn't linger on his mouth for too long this time. Even though that crooked twist was more appealing now that she knew those neat rows of pointy teeth were hidden behind his lips.

"Oh, you're certainly right about that," she agreed when he mentioned capital. The cost of replacing a fleet of mining machinery was astronomical, but Vale Corp. was the best at what it did, and therefore the most profitable. Owen's accomplishments launched him into the rank of billionaire just after he turned thirty. "Luckily for you, Mr. Hart, Vale Corp does have the capital."

Piper smiled at him. Her ears stood at attention as she reached into her blazer pocket and pulled out a sleek metal case. The minty green enamel plating matched her blouse. The gold accents were a nice touch. The case opened with a soft click and she retrieved one of her personal business cards from inside. A perfect matte cream cardstock with a subtle embossed pattern around the edges. She held it out to him.

"Piper Sloan," she introduced. Likely in time with him reading her name in the black print upon the card. "Lead Accountant in Sales and Acquisitions for Vale Corporation."

She offered her hand out at him. Her dominant wrist bore a pretty rose gold watch decorated with small diamonds. The gesture also drew attention to the small tattoos adorning her fingers.

"A new mine is a perfect opportunity to upgrade a fleet and continue to keep Vale Corp. well above its competitors."

RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 03-06-2021

Owen's eyebrow raised quizzically when the saleswoman proclaimed that his company had plenty of money for upgrades. Could Atlas have required their sales team to study the guests registered for the convention? That was unlikely at best.

He didn't have time to inquire how she would know about the ginancial state of his company before she was making a proper introduction that explained everything to him.

Her hand disappeared into her blazer and she produced a business card from a tin that matched the whole aesthetic of her wardrobe. Very nice touch.

He accepted the card card as she announced what was on it. Oh so you're my employee. He thought as he evaluated the card with a quick glance.

"Forgive me for assuming you were the sales rep." He said as he briefly opened his suit jacket to add her card into the interior pocket. Then he took her outstretched hand. She had a firm handshake for someone with such small hands adorned with impossibly dainty tattoos. She was too cute for her own good but any idea of having a convention fling with her disappeared as soon as he learned who she was.

"My company has grown a lot in the past year. Lot of new people. How long have you been with us, Miss Sloan?"

Now that he wasn't under any sales pressure, he relaxed some and moved more towards the display model, gesturing for her to follow him. They walked slowly around the display as they spoke.

"And tell me, what is an acquisitions accountant doing on the exhibition floor when everyone else is enjoying drinks at the hotel bar?" He raised his brow at her again signaling his slight teasing of her.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 03-07-2021

The black velvet ears perched on top of her head twitched in such as way that advertised that she didn't mind that he mistook her for someone else. She only smiled at him. Piper had enjoyed the moment she had been given to show off her knowledge, of not only his company but of Atlas'. She watched his hand make her business car disappear within his jacket.

"I've been with Vale for six months," she replied, trotting after him after he gestured her to follow. She was thrilled at the notion of a private chat with the CEO. A rare opportunity that she knew she should take advantage of. Piper had only ever seen Mr. Hart in passing, usually deep in conversation with his entourage or on the phone. A blonde, mousey assistant trailing after him. Which only meant she was actually a mouse, even the straightforward executive assistant did not have the personality of one. "I graduated from Rutherford University," she continued, as these were usually follow up questions. "I studied business management, forensic accounting and financial consultation."

Piper noticed a slight change in his posture as the moved through the mostly empty sales floor. He was checking out the different displays as she spoke. She'd had already had the chance to mosey through most of them. "I completed an internship with Merlin Capital and my previous position was focused on auditing and mergers with Corbin Financial."

His question caught her off guard. Her head tilted slightly and she blinked up at him. The movement caused one of her ears to fall lopsided again. He made it clear he was teasing her and it made her blush. "I don't like fighting the crowds," she explained. "You know. In the mornings when everyone is trying to get it over with. It's imperative to my job to know what these people are selling and what they actually have to offer the company. Plus I can build a rapport with the merchants."

RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 03-30-2021

Owen was honestly not expecting the veral rundown of her curriculum vitae right there on the convention floor, but he wasn't displeased with it. Really, he was amused. An ambitious little rabbit.

He felt something kind of primal open up inside of him as he turned to watch her perky little trot to keep up with his long strides. Ears and tits bouncing. Rattling off her credentials in a cute voice.

So... eager to please.


"Rutherford's a good school." He said somewhat as an afterthought. But he had meant it. She was no dummy to have gone there.

Owen expertly steered her around a salesperson trying to thrust some pamphlet at them. He held his hand up a firm 'no' as the other directed Miss Sloan to turn down the next row. He listened to the rest of her speech without further comment. He signaled he was paying attention with the appropriate nod or eye contact here or there.

He scoffed with a near smile at her complaint about the morning crowd. " I could see someone like you getting absolutely trampled by this crowd." He commented sarcastically. Their present convention was a far cry from the craziness of those jam packed comic conventions that came to town from time to time bringing with them hoardes of people in odd but charmingly elaborate character costumes. They stuck out like sore thumbs as they ambled to and from the convention center with their big weapons made of foam (he'd asked to touch one once) and their multi-colored wigs styled. No, this convention was down right dull compared to that madness.

A blonde in a killer tailored suit caught the periphery of his eye. She was manning an exhibition of custom jewlrey and fine cut gemstones.

"Well, Miss Sloan," he checked his watch, "it's about time for lunch, yes? Why don't you go put some food and drinks on my tab." His voice would have been warmer if not for the cocksure tone he took in inviting her to spend his money. He genuinely did enjoy treating his employees. "I'll think on that crawler."

With that he departed the accountant and crossed the exhibition floor to meet the blonde waiting for him. "For fuck sake you could have dropped me a pin." He wiggled his phone at her blaming her for his inability to locate her on the sales floor.

Owen leaned on her display case with both hands, no regard for leaving his finger prints. That was her problem not his. There was an impossibly delicate little bracelet that caught his eye. He thought about a slim wrist adorned with it. Tattooed fingers on his --

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 04-01-2021

The hand he placed in the middle of her back to steer her through the convention hall, since a spark of electricity down her spine. It made her tail twitch, hidden away behind the pleats of her tailored blazer. Her ears were mostly at attention, but they bobbed with a cadence that matched her steps.

Piper could tell when a man was making fun of her stature. It was a common occurrence. Not just because she was prey, but because she was barely five foot four in the tallest heel she was willing to wear. That wasn't counting her ears of course, because they did not give her the illusion of being taller. Someone how the velvet sprouting from the top of her head, made her look more dainty. Her cheeks puffed out in a brief pouting countenance, before she remembered exactly who she was with.

Big green eyes peered up at him through dark lashes when he said her name. He checked his watch and Piper knew their moment together was coming to an end. "If you insist, Mr. Hart," she said with a charmed laugh. "It was nice to finally meet you. You know where to find me if you find you're in the mood to buy heavy machinery."

They shook hands again, before she turned and departed towards the hotel restaurant

Maeve pretended not to see her brother talking to a small rabbit woman before he made his way over to her. She would file the interaction away for later. For a better time to bring it up with him, since he was already being grumpy with her. "Get a map," she snapped. Refusing to accept that it was her fault that he was too careless to find her in the convention hall.

Her black suit was paired with a purple dress shirt that complimented her eyes. Almost everyone mistook Owen and Maeve for twins. Close, but not quite. They were both tall and blonde and lanky. For the most part the only difference was the color of their eyes.

She pursed her lips, watching him peer into her display. Maeve was a gem cutter and custom jewelry maker. Her more expensive pieces were one of a kind and highly sought after, but her convention fair was typically her more reproduced pieces. Just a bit of a taste of luxury to hook new clientele.

"There's nothing in there that would suit your wife," she said, matter-of-fact with a bit of salt on her tone. Unable to read his thoughts and know it was another woman he had in mind at the moment. It was no secret that she did not get along with the tigress that her brother had chosen to marry. "Not nearly ostentatious enough, I think."

RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 04-08-2021

Owen disciplined himself to not look back at the bunny as they parted ways. He kept his eyes focused on his sister and her display.

"I'll take it," he said of the bracelet with similar expert discipline, Owen ignored Maeve's snappy comments. He particularly ignored the hint at his wife's taste in jewlrey.

"Close up. It's time to eat." He ordered as she boxed up the bracelet and put it in a bag with unnecessary tissue paper.

Carrying the bag with him, Owen took led Maeve through the convention hall and out into the hotel lobby. They walked past the indoor fountain and under the chandeliers to the restaurant on the other side of the hotel.

"Hart." He said to the pretty hostess who gave him a stunning smile. She seated Owen and Maeve at his usual table which he paid to keep open during the conference for any impromptu meetings or meals that popped up as he networked with others in the biz.

Owen politely pulled Maeve's chair out for her playing the gentlemanly brother. He used the opportunity to seat her so that his chair would face where he spotted that charming bunny was sitting in the restaurant. Once Maeve was settled,, he then sat himself having just the view he wanted.

They ordered drinks and an appetizer of calamari which was always very fresh at the restaurant. After ordering Owen excused himself from the table under the guise of using the restroom. He, in fact, stopped a waiter to have a cocktail and a dessert sent to Piper's table. The drink he picked was a risk. Something herbal made with gin. It was really more a digestivo but it was refreshing enough to drink with a meal.. The waiter was under strict instructions to inform Piper that the items were on the house.

Owen returned to the table, snapped his napkin out and set it over his lap. "So Maeve, what's new?" As they talked, he would keep a subtle eye on the rabbit and see how she liked the drink.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 04-08-2021

Maeve’s brow twitched upwards at her brother, who often forgot that she wasn’t another one of his employees and attempted to boss her around. “Great,” she said, instead of defying him just to push his buttons. She locked up her display cases and packed up her personal belongings. “I’m starving.”

She had the suspicion that her brother was up to something when he pulled her chair out for her. She still wasn’t ready to bring it up, so she thanked him and sat down. When Owen excused himself to the restroom, Maeve turned slightly in her chair to scan the room.

It wasn’t difficult for Maeve to spot her, too. The rabbit she had seen Owen talking with just earlier in the convention hall. She was sitting alone at a table near near a window. Sunlight reflected off the black fur of her ears. She was very cute and would have been exactly Owen’s type when they had been in college.

Maeve tracked a waiter crossing the room and delivering a delightful chocolatey dessert and another cocktail to the rabbit. She looked surprised, but delighted nonetheless. Maeve wondered if it was her absent brother who had supplied the treats. Her mind drifted briefly to the bracelet Owen had purchased for her and how the delicate design would be better suited to a petite bunny.

“Nothing’s new,” she replied when he finally returned. She noted the way his eyes made subtle saccades just over the level of her head when he thought she might not notice. Was it the rabbit he was watching? “I think this is going to be my last convention, though.”

Behind her back, Piper was enjoying the unexpected delivery. Her mystery benefactor having guessed that she loved in gin in her drinks. Chocolate was always a safe choice but the airy mousse was heavenly. She wonders who could have sent it to her table. She’d spotted Mr. Hart and a pretty blonde when they entered the restaurant, but it couldn’t have possibly been him.

Piper was thankful no one was there to witness her turn a light shade of red as she reveled in the idea of having a secret admirer. Perhaps, one that was a handsome predator.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 04-20-2021

Owen frowned over the menu. It was theater though. He knew what he wanted. He was pretending to look just so he could occupy his gaze when he was much too curious about the rabbit in his line of sight.

"Your last convention." He repeated flatly clearly disapproving. "Why." It was less a question and more a statement that he saw no reasonable reason why she would stop attending conventions.

"You make a lot of money at these things. And the networking..." He didn't need to list more reasons than that. They money itself was a convincing argument to Owen.

He glanced periodically at Miss Sloan happily enjoying her drink and dessert. She seemed to be trying very hard not to eat the mousse too quickly.

He was pleased and leaned casually back into his chair. He draped his arm over the back of the chair in a way that was almost inappropriately casual in the upscale restaurant. He gestured lazily with his hand at his sister.

"Besides you love hanging out with me at these things."

Maybe he was projecting.

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 04-24-2021

Maeve found it endearing that Owen thought she couldn't tell that his attention was divided. Even though he was born only a few days after her, she still considered him her younger brother and lorded her status as big sister over him. She knew him too well for him to be playing these games with her, but she went along with it.

She couldn't say she was surprised by his fixation with a little rabbit. It was hard to get a wolf off a trail once they locked on to something. She'd never believed his prey hunting days were over after college. Even if he did marry a tigress.

Ignoring the menu, she smiled pleasantly at her brother. She didn't need it to order a sirloin steak, medium rare and another glass of red wine when their server came by for their orders. She cleared away empty glasses and the dishes from their appetizer. " I do make a lot of money," she agreed. Not that she necessarily considered the income as strongly as her brother. "Enough money that it has afforded me the opportunity to travel. As far as networking goes, I'd like to expand to an international market."

She mimicked his posture, only so far as she leaned back into her chair. She crossed one leg over the other and folded her arms over her chest. Periodically, she reached out to pick up her wine glass.

"Of course, I like hanging out with you," she replied. Knowing that he was trying to say that he enjoyed the time spent with her as well. "But my business needs to grow. There's a jeweler's convention in Japan later this year. I already applied to it."

Maeve glanced at her watch briefly, a ploy to get him to look away from her again. It worked, because when she looked at Owen again his eyes were following something over the line of her shoulder. She wondered if the rabbit was leaving. Finished with her treats and off to enjoy the rest of the hotels amenities.

The blonde woman tilted her head. As if deliberately indicating to Owen that she could tell he wasn't paying attention to her.
"That bunny I saw you talking with earlier, does she work for you?"

RE: Rabbit Hunting - saronym - 04-27-2021

Owen shrugged, his hand flopping where it dangled off the chair. "I suppose you've already decided."

He was a little bit disappointed. He liked partying with his sister at these conventions. He would miss her.

Not that he would say so.

"I love Japan." He added, to be supportive.

As they waited for their orders, the subject turned suddenly to the rabbit who had partially captured Owen's attention. Though surprised his sister had noticed his divided attention, Owen kept his face neutral. He stalled answering by taking a sip of Scotch.

"Mmm?" He feigned momentary confusion. "Oh yes, Miss Sloan. She's one of my accountants. As a matter of fact, she supports my acquisition of some new toys."

He nodded his head towards the rabbit leaving the restaurant. "I sent her a little dessert as thanks."

He sipped his drink again. "She's a sweet girl. Little bit shy though."

RE: Rabbit Hunting - megs - 05-05-2021

Maeve knew that Owen was trying to say that he'd miss her. That the convention wouldn't be as fun without her. She knew that he was trying to say that the time they spent together was already so few and far between that he was loathe to lose one of the only things that brought them together. She knew it's what he was trying to say, but it's not what he said. So, she didn't acknowledge it. She didn't want to embarrass him. He'd get all huffy if she tried to be too emotional with him.

"Then come to Japan with me," she said, with a tone that implied the compromise should be obvious. There was nothing stopping him, aside from his inability to occasionally make time for things that were not directly related to his company.

She appreciated the way her brother kept it cool when she brought up the woman he had been keeping his eye on. It was always entertaining to watch how easily he worked to mislead her from the most evident train of thought. That Owen had a crush on a little bunny.

Owen nodded towards the woman in question, Maeve took the opportunity to tilt her head and Miss Sloan leave. "Is that the only reason you sent her dessert?" Maeve teased. "She reminds me of the girls you used to 'send dessert to' in college." She laughed quietly at her own joke.

"I'm sure she supports so much more than your desire to spend money," she continued. "Does she do that rabbit thing were they talk really fast?"