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Ponderous Meanderings - skiesofpurple - 11-14-2019

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RE: Ponderous Meanderings - skiesofpurple - 11-14-2019

Local Seer Found Sightless
Magnolia Lefturn, hometown favorite seer in Bell Buckle, TN,
was found unconscious in her home late Monday evening with
her eyes gouged out. Local authorities-

Oh dear. That was rather dreadful.

The Headmaster of Atolia, School for the Extraordinary and Mundane, was nibbling on an apricot-spiced-fairy-fly tea biscuit. It was his own special blend, made from fresh apricots grown right here in the greenhouse on school grounds and a special breed of fairy flies that he'd domesticated himself! He was mulling over clippings from various newspapers that had been pasted together and reprinted by the local cryptid society (not founded by him, but heavily suggested). He'd found, over the years, that it was prudent to keep up to date on happenings, especially ones near his school. This particular happening was a particularly troublesome one for reasons other than the obvious. Globally, but especially in the States, such deplorable acts seemed to be on the rise. Blame it on climate change or intermingling with humans or mutations in supernatural populations or weapon laws all you'd like, but he felt a tingling buzz behind his crests that told him there might just be more to it to that.

He snorted. Or perhaps he was getting paranoid, cooped up here inside of his mountain of treasures for too long. A few centuries ago he would have been chasing such stories, eager to see what could have caused them, if only for the experience! But then he'd decided to settle down.

Atolia, School of Magic. Atolia, School for Gifted Young Minds. Atolia, School for Weirdos. No matter what name you learned it by, Atolia was a school founded and nurtured by a Dragon of untested power. The students, teachers, and staff of said school were a dragon's horde from the time they walked the halls to the time they left the realms he could reach them. No matter what violence was happening in the world at large, his school, his mountain would be a place of peace and learning. The paper rustled as he folded it up and pushed it aside. And that was all he had to say about that.

The Headmaster glanced at the clock. Hmm. Surely that boy wouldn't keep him waiting much longer.

This was the stupidest thing he'd ever done in his life. What made it even worst was that it was nowhere near the first time he'd fucking done it.

Kadin sat down on a mossy rock in a mossy forest that smelled like damp and green and growing things. Sunlight was shining through the leave, still deep green and rich, mottling the forest floor and shading him from the dying autumn warmth. It was September or nearly September, he didn't remember anymore. The leave would be changing colors soon, setting the mountains on fire with their rich reds and oranges and yellows. It would be breathtaking, especially in the mornings, if you managed to climb to a spot high enough or a spot bare enough to look out over the range and just live it. He should be fucking happy, he should be privileged to just be here. Unfortunately, the sights weren't what he was here for.

What he WAS here for was to find a place. A place that practically everyone knew about, but on one knew how to give directions to it that were worth a damn. He'd narrowed down the state. He was in North Carolina, unless he'd crossed the border by accident. He was in the mountains. He'd even found a town that seemed more plausible than not. The locals seemed to think that he was there for the school year, despite having never met him before, and despite there not being a college anywhere near here. But after a week of wandering lost in the woods he still hadn't found the fucking place and of course it would be hidden, he knew that it was hidden, but in all the stories that parents told their kids before they went to bed people who were meant to be there always just found it because they were meant to and he didn't know what the FUCK he would DO if he couldn't find it because what else was he supposed to do?! Leaving wasn't a fucking option! He was SICK of running!

Some of leaf litter next to his shoes began smoldering. Kadin glared at it and clenched his jaw until it stopped. Then he exhaled all in one great big whoosh of air. Today was the day he was going to run out of food. He needed to make the decision as to whether he was going to find his way back to town or stick it out for a couple more days in the hopes he'd stumble on whatever fucking magical door he needed to find. But, for now? For now he was going to lay back on this rock and stare up at the trees, giving over to his own personal pity party for a little while before he actually got shit done. He'd been holding the party for around two years now. A couple more minutes wouldn't hurt anyone.

RE: Ponderous Meanderings - Viala - 11-21-2019

So the Headmaster wanted to talk to him.

Ezikyl didn't want to talk to him.

It was easier and better for everyone's eardrums overall if he didn't talk to the scaly old bastard, honestly. He could just wrangle the story out of his pet messenger, get what he needed to know, and be done with it. Boom. Simple. Everyone wins. Except for the messenger, but really, who cares about a messenger? Except this particular messenger was adamant that he follow him to hear the full message. Bullshit. It was probably another lame excuse to try and drag him into teaching more of the little brats that wandered around the halls every day. Like he didn't get his fill of them every fucking time he tried to go somewhere in this school.

"So tell me again why the fuck I have to talk to someone else to get YOUR message," he gritted out, stalking along behind the pixie messenger towards the Headmaster's office. Irritatingly enough, they didn't seem bothered at all by Ezi's bad attitude. Or the death glare he was leveling towards the back of his tiny, squish-able head. Or the fact that he was beginning to trail smoke from his fingertips.

"Because," the pixie drawled, not even looking back at him, "the headmaster has more information than I do."

"Your entire fucking job is to deliver messages."

"And I did. I delivered the message that the headmaster had a message for you."

Briefly, Ezi considered grabbing the little bastard and squashing him like a bug against one of the stone walls of the corridors; the stain probably wouldn't even stand out that much, considering what other kinds of disgusting substances children and teenagers tended to leave behind. "You're the shittiest messenger I've ever met."

"Yeah, well, you aren't a barrel of laughs either, sunshine." The pixie snarked, expertly dodging to the side right as Ezi grabbed at him. "Keep that up, I dare you, we'll see what happens in Court."

"Bite me." Ezi snapped, though he did keep his hands to himself after that. Court was nothing to mess around with, after all, and he couldn't rely on the Headmaster's good graces to save him from that particular bear trap.

The sullen silence the rest of the way was mutual. The pixie finally stopped in front of the massive stone doors that comprised the entrance to the Headmaster's office, turning around and sticking out a bright, electric blue tongue at Ezi before promptly flying off, leaving a trail of sparkles behind him.

"ASSHOLE." He snarled after him, clenching his fists briefly and imagining it was the pixie's stupid fucking head there, rather than a firm vine that had slithered its way out of his skin. Taking a deep breath through his nose, the vine withered into dust, leaving a small pile behind that Ezi completely ignored as he shoved his way into the Headmaster's office. He didn't even bother to knock; he knew he was coming, and he should know what to expect by now.

"I'm not taking the job, you can't fucking make me." He announced to the office at large, making his immediate stance known before the Headmaster could even open his mouth.

RE: Ponderous Meanderings - skiesofpurple - 12-03-2019

With the grace of an elephant and profanity of a teenager, that boy finally entered his office. The headmaster carefully popped the last of his biscuit into his mouth and chewed slowly, eyeing him up and down. Over the centuries, he'd had his fair share of semi-permanent residents. Those who needed a place to feel safe. A place where they were wanted. Or simply a place to learn to control powers that were, let's say, resistant to being controlled. He was more than happy to offer such a place to those who needed it, but rarely did one come across who was so… resentful about his stay.

Despite being reminded, multiple times, that he was welcome to leave at any time. Provided he could adequately control his powers under emotional distress. Hmm. Perhaps it was still too soon.

"Ezikyl!" The Headmaster greeted with a smile that showed far too many tiny, razor-sharp teeth. "Fancy you should stop in! I was just wondering when you'd get around to bringing him here.” At this the headmaster tilted his head slightly, rising from his desk as if trying to see around the student in front of him. "Well? Where is he?"

He’d been rather specific with his instructions!

"You know? The boy wandering in the woods? I did send you to fetch him.” Here he paused and hummed, tapping his child with one curved claw. “Oh, wait, silly me.” The Headmaster plopped back into his chair with a chuckle. “I’m going to send you to fetch him. You best hurry, he's about to learn a dangerous lesson about motherhood. If you hurry he might not need to be carried back!”

With a shooing motion, the Headmaster turned away from the child at his door and selected a new biscuit to nibble on. Time to look at the funnies! Oh, he did enjoy newspapers.


Of course he wouldn't have two fucking minutes to himself before something went wrong. Kadin whipped around, glaring into the woods and whatever the fuck thought it could sneak up on him, only to be met with nothing. Because why would anything be there? Now he was going crazy. Cursing a bit more under his breath, he wandered a bit towards where he’d heard to the sound, refusing to believe that just a few days in the woods by himself would make him start hearing things.

As he got closer, he started to hear a soft snuffling sort of sound. It kinda sounded like a dog sniffing around for something. There was more rustling, too, and scratching. A few weird sort of grunt sounds. Until, lo and behold, Kadin found himself looking down at a really fucking adorable bear cub that looked like it was trying to dig up something under a bush.

“Oh. Shit.”