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Leahweird's Character Library - Leahweird - 11-18-2018

Having a place for Character profiles sounds like a wonderful idea. This is where I'll put mine. I'm sure this will receive a number of edits, but below are the people of mine that have turned up in a thread or hopefully will soon.

Tahl and Jorah - The Mertwins

Nagesh - The Basilisk

Sorrel - The Goblin Prince

RE: Leahweird's Character Library - Leahweird - 11-18-2018

Note: These two get a joint profile because they share so many traits, and are almost always together in some way regardless of what the other twin is doing unless they are intentionally blocking each other.

Name: Tahl and Jorah. Sometimes they use the last name Marina. They are comfortable being collectively referred to as “The Mertwins”
Age: Early twenties. Currently pinned at 22.
Gender: Tahl is female. Jorah is Male.
Race/Species/etc.: Merperson (closer to Merrow or Nix/Nixie)

[Image: andrea_gas_mask_2_by_silviet_stock_d46nv9r-250t.jpg]

They both have inky black hair, dark eyes, and gill slits just below their jaws. They also have dark circles under their eyes and pale skin, but this is probably more a sign of ill health than genetics. They are both well muscled from swimming so much, but Tahl is a dainty little thing and Jorah is decidedly not.
They both have a fondness for black, and by necessity have a preference for wearing things they can quickly shrug off or get soaked. Tahl has recently discovered that she loves boots and make up, which complicates things for her.

Abilities/Strengths and Weaknesses:
Their main power is obviously the ability to breath underwater, which is great but it comes with the downside of having trouble breathing air. When they were younger they tried a variety of respiratory equipment, but eventually all that was replaced with special masks that filter water out of the air for them. They live in fear of the ones they have breaking.

They still need to stick close to a decent body of water, or they will try out. At the moment they can go about a day before they really start to suffer, but it’s uncomfortable long before that.

They share a mental link and can communicate with each other with their mind for some distance and sense each other's location and general state of being. As far as they know they cannot link to anyone outside their “pod” but it’s untested. They wanted to keep the fact that they could do this a secret.

They are also Hydrokinetic, which is a fancy way of saying they can control water. Tahl has much more refined control, Jorah can move a much larger amount but can’t manipulate it well. When they touch they can combine skills and do some really impressive things. It takes a toll on them though, in the form of intense headaches and nosebleeds. They have always fainted before discovering the highest limits of their abilities, but it’s a real concern that if they aren't careful they might give themselves an aneurysm.

The twins can come across as a little sullen and over defensive. That’s not entirely untrue, but they also crave more contact and can’t resist helping people when it seems needed, even if they can be a little socially awkward.

Tahl is very driven, but also a little bit of a brat. Given her stifling upbringing, it’s not surprising she craves a little chaos and she’s not shy about organizing some of it herself. She’s also not shy about sharing her opinions, which can rub people the wrong way. She’s also decidedly pushy, esepcially towards Jorah, although he would say he needs the extra shove. She just wants a lot out of life and wants it right away.

Jorah is the epitome of the strong silent type. He just doesn’t really feel the need to waste words, even just to Tahl (which is frustrating for her sometimes). He’s a lot smarter than he looks, and more gentle. His main concern is making sure Tahl doesn’t go completely of the rails, in one way or another.

The twins do not know who their parents are,or if they even have any in the traditional sense. They were born and raised in a lab by a group determined to push the boundaries of what humans are capable of. Tahl and Jorah are the only successes.
Growing up there were not treated well enough to have any actual loyalty to their creators, and they were getting deeply worried about what would happen to them once nothing else could be learned from them. So they escaped, and are now on the run with vague plans to try and get to the coast. Any coast.

Other: Pseudoscience abounds but I care not. I’d like to play more with their heritage if it comes up.

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RE: Leahweird's Character Library - Leahweird - 11-18-2018

Name: Nagesh
Gender: Male
Race/Species/etc.: Basilisk

[Image: albino_rock_dragon_by_reptangle_d4deyje-250t.jpg]

Despite being “King of Snakes” Nagesh's ilk are not precisely serpents. They have little legs with sharp claws that are remarkably efficient for covering ground. They also have vestigial wings that could be used to glide, although Nagesh’s are sadly withered and useless.

He is “crowned” with tiny horns and a row of ridges down his spine and tale. He’s a little smaller than the average housecat or (more appropriately) an iguana.

He should be a mottled green, but instead he is colourless except for his bright pink eyes.
Obviously, he’s an albino, which wouldn’t mean much except that it affects his vision. He cannot kill anyone with his stare, which is something of a problem for him.

Nagesh wants to be terrifying. It’s his dearest wish, because otherwise he is convinced he is merely use less and ugly and series of other descriptors that have been used for him by creatures that he assumes would know. He has trouble being really menacing though. He’s fast, but small. He can bite people, but it’s not poisonous or anything (although if anyone asks, it’s incredibly deadly. Yes.) He certainly cannot do anything with his eyes, but he has a habit of telling people what he is and trying to make use of the legends as long as he can before they guess that he can’t actually hurt anything that way. So for the most part he dwells in as much darkness as he can find and pesters people from the shadows.

When someone does earn his respect and trust he can be fiercely loyal, a surprisingly protective.

He has a tendency to hiss a lot during times of stress. Or for effect, because he’s actually kind of a drama queen.

Other: I’ve found it fun to give him a human form sometimes, mostly because he hates it, but it’s not something he can just do on his own.

This is what a normal basilisk of his sort should look like [Image: rock_dragon_by_reptangle_d3lcxjk-250t.jpg]

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RE: Leahweird's Character Library - Leahweird - 11-18-2018

Name: Sorrell, Prince of the Goblins
Gender: Female (Yes really. Her title is an artifact from goblins of old being willfully dense about the concept of royalty in general and primogeniture in specific. She refuses to try and change it)
Race/Species/etc.: Half goblin, half fae. She considers the goblins to be “her people” though.

Once upon a time, a fairy prince ran off with a goblin maiden of some importance. Or she ran off with him. Either way, they were never seen again but their daughter turned up a few decades later demanding to be recognized. She’s been trying to get some respect every since. The goblins love her at least, but the fairy courts (and most other places) are more reticent. She’s learning to navigate that.
Her interactions with her father’s family have made her very wary, and proud out of spite (although the goblins spoiling her to bits probably didn’t help much in that department). She’s a regal but sneaky little creature.

Physical Description
In some ways Sorrel got the best of her duel heritage. Dark girls float over a dainty elvin face, with the added charm of cute little fangs and cats eyes. Her skin is bronze and dusted with small scales. She isn’t sure which side of the family her ears are from, they’re pointy either way and sensitive.

She is extremely tall for a goblin. Which isn’t saying anything at all, she's short as heck (about 4ft). She likes to climb things/people to get the highground.

She did not get much in the way of fairy magic. Traipsing between magical dimensions is easier for her, but in her opinion it’s not that hard to begin with. She has just enough low level glamour to make “normal people” ignore her oddities, but not enough to stand up to any kind of thorough examination, so she has to be careful walking around if she doesn’t want to get outed as non human. She is never careful.