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Sanctuary [Closed] - SolitareLee - 03-15-2017

[Image: sanctuary.png]

Content Warnings: Non-Consent ❤ Dubious Consent ❤ Big Scary Monster Man/Horrible Waif ❤ Maledom ❤ Femsub ❤ Size Difference ❤ Rough Sex ❤ Unprotected Sex But He's Made Of Rock So It's Fine ❤ Glitter Cum ❤ Tail Sex ❤ Fellatio ❤ Penis-in-Vagina Sex ❤ Foodplay (I Guess) ❤ Handjob ❤ Frotting ❤ Frankly Excessive Bukkake ❤ Hair Pulling ❤ Cunnilingus ❤ Face Sitting ❤ Biting With Fangy Teeth ❤ Improvised Bondage ❤ Consent Navigation ❤ A Real Lack of Communication ❤ Scary Feral Monster Just Wants Hugs ❤ Rats ❤ Graphic Violence ❤ Murder ❤ Gunfire ❤ Blood ❤ Biohazard

[Image: THpglYa.png]

Bad decisions had been made.

Look, it was a professional risk when you were long-term homeless. You weighed the options between a possible roof and a possible kidnapping and you went with it. Most of the time, it was nothing you couldn’t solve by crawling out a bathroom window. Worst case scenario, throw a rat at someone’s face. Ren kept pocket rats for that very purpose. Well... not actually. It was quite rude to throw a rat at someone. They could get hurt that way, and Ren always felt terrible afterwards. Those rats had trusted her.

But then sometimes, you got caught up in a human trafficking ring that had good security and it just became... gosh, it just became this whole thing.

On the bright side, though, hey, new city. New chances! Lots of shady nooks and crannies. Like, a weird number, actually. The rats here were probably nice.

At the moment, however, it was pouring rain, and Ren was running, because that was what you did when angry men with very large sticks and quite possibly guns were chasing you. She’d never know why they were so keen on her. She was rail-thin, flat as a board, with no hips of which to speak. She was a damn grown woman, but malnourishment and a naturally light frame gave her the build of a teenage boy who puberty had been kind of cruel to. Her black hair was as clean as it had ever been, thanks to a few weeks of heavy-duty cleaning and decent food. It had even been cut into something resembling a cute bob, which Ren was a bit sour about.

All she had on her was an over-sized hoodie, which was also an issue. Just because she could wear it as a dress didn’t mean she should... but no one had thought she’d escape completely naked. Their mistake. She’d grabbed the hoodie off a coat rack as she’d streaked.

Bare feet splashed through frozen puddles, numb before she’d gone a single block. It didn’t matter; she’d steal what she could and barter for the rest. She always had. This wouldn’t be her first time starting over from nothing.

And she was a very fast runner, naturally agile and very good at fitting through tight spaces. She climbed like a particularly volatile squirrel. Despite stronger muscles and longer legs, the men chasing her fell further and further behind as she weaved through back alleys, not seeming to need any light at all to see where she was going.

She was in a very poorly lit side of town now, blinking lamp posts and long abandoned alleyways. She slowed down only slightly, sticking to the shadows, until she found what she was looking for. A boarded up window, not boarded up enough. It looked like it had been a church, once. A long time ago. The tall window had probably once held beautiful stained glass. Now it just had sharp broken edges and boards going up the first ten feet or so. Probably they’d thought no one would be able to climb up to the very top, or would have the desire to.

Ha. They’d never met Ren.

Gripping the boards with fingers and toes, she scurried up with practiced agility, fueled by adrenaline and weeks worth of meals. She squeezed through a hole maybe two feet wide at the very top, managing not to cut herself on the broken glass through the power of contortion and sheer willpower.

To her luck, there was a second story, so her drop was a reasonable one onto some sort of... side balcony over the large hall of the church proper. She couldn’t see too clearly, despite her good night vision, which bordered on unrealistic. But it was dry. Very drafty, and there was a puddle rapidly forming around her, but much better than an overhang in the rain. Plus, hopefully, no one else could make the climb she had to get in.

She wandered away from the broken window, hoping to get further inside and to a dark, dry corner that even the sharpest wind and most determined drip of water couldn’t reach.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - Tindome - 03-15-2017

    He woke when the sanctity of the circle was broken. It was slower than it should have been, everything hazy, still unable to move for long moments. When he moved, it was stiff and slow at first, stretching out his arms and splaying out his claws and flexing his wings. His mouth tasted like dust. Everything was dust. No incense smoke, no candle wax.

    This was wrong, he was sure, but he couldn't place why. He was disoriented, not quite self-aware.

    This wasn't how it should have been. But there was an intruder. That, he was sure of. Get rid of the intruder first. Then… what? His tail lashed, sliding along the floor behind him. The claws on his feet scratched at the floor, wings stretching outward, casting long shadows. His horns curled around the long points of his ears – or, one of them did. The other was broken, cut short halfway into a semi-circle.

    Eight feet of slate-gray stalked toward the smell that didn't belong and the sound of dripping water, lip curled in a snarl to reveal sharp teeth and long fangs.

    Weak little wet little thing.

    He dropped to a crouch, claws braced to the floor like he might pounce, black hair falling over half his face, and he roared.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - SolitareLee - 03-15-2017

Ren crept along as carefully as she could, hyper-aware of the bad combination of broken glass and bare feet. Especially since those assholes had spent way too long working callouses off her feet. She’d worked hard on those callouses! She’d earned them.

She heard nothing but the sound of wind and rain, and the various creaks and clatters of any long-abandoned building. She didn’t pay any mind to the shuffling until she saw something shift in the darkness up ahead. Immediately, her mind went to feral dogs and other transients, stronger or more dangerous than her.

She shifted back into the shadows, but it was coming fast. Too fast! Nothing she knew moved liked that, four feet on the floor but huge. She stumbled backwards, hands going to her pockets for a pocket rat that wasn’t there.

She took in limbs and wings and claws and horns and teeth as the thing opened its mouth and let out a bone-shaking roar. With a cross between a shriek and a squeak, she threw one arm up in front of her, and her hand hit something squishy and soft in her pocket.


She chucked it at the creature automatically; there had never been a situation in her life which couldn’t be helped by throwing something, particularly a rat. She would make amends to ratkind later.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be necessary, because it wasn’t a rat, because this wasn’t her hoodie.

No, it was... an entire cupcake, which she had grabbed by the wrapper and flung in a sharp arc towards the roaring beast.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - Tindome - 03-15-2017

    His claws dragged grooves into the floor as he came to a stop, the sound of tearing and splintering wood; it hadn't used to be so fragile. His reflexes were still slow, too much time spent as stone, and so he did not successfully bat the projectile out of the way.

    It hit him directly in the face.

    He snarled, trying to brush it from his face. Unthinking, he licked at the parts of his face his tongue could reach, long and gray and dragging along his chin and up his cheek.

    He paused, and licked his teeth.

    He licked some of the mashed cake and sugar smeared pink over his palm, and rocked back onto his back toes, perched onto the floor. His tail swept from side to side as he licked his hand clean, running his tongue between his fingers.


    He checked that there wasn't any of it left on him, licking the back of his hand as a precaution before deciding that was probably all of it.

    There was still some pink smeared along one of his cheekbones and a purple sprinkle stuck to his hair.

    He stood up, pulling himself to his full height and flaring out his wings, bared his teeth and roared again.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - SolitareLee - 03-15-2017

To Ren’s astonishment, the not-rat soared through the air and splattered against the thing’s face, staining it with pink frosting. She stared, momentarily frozen in awed horror and confusion, brain trying to catch up with the scene unfolding in front of her, which seemed determined to increase exponentially in weirdness with each passing second.

Then she remembered she was standing barefoot in an abandoned church that had a very large, very angry bat-monster in it. She took another few steps backwards, wondering if “don’t run from a predator” rules applied to whatever this was. She patted her pockets desperately, but she appeared to be completely out of both cupcakes and rats. Never a good thing.

Her back hit a wall.

Also never a good thing.

The thing stood, and she was fiercely aware of how huge and very, very inhuman it was. And here she was, barefoot, in a rapist-hoodie, with frosting on her hands.

She couldn’t die with frosting on her hands. That was just stupid!

She glanced down at the hoodie, where pink frosting was still smeared messily around the pocket.

In one smooth motion, she tore it off over her head and chucked it wholesale at the thing’s face as it roared, praying that the combination of cloth and frosting distracted it long enough. Then she booked it, scrambling on hands and feet around the pillar, completely nude but completely willing to cope with that if it meant not being eaten by a bat-demon in a hell-church.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - Tindome - 03-15-2017

    The hoodie, being significantly larger than a cupcake, was much easier to catch with claws raking through the air. Because she was trying to flee, he didn't take the time to examine it, letting it fall to the floor. He followed after her, folding his wings close to his back and pouncing as soon as he thought he was close enough to do so.

    His hand wrapped around her ankle, other hand on the floor to thoroughly anchor himself there. Not that he needed to; she was too small to offer any real resistance to being held still. Or being pulled closer, across the floor, until he could let her ankle go and plant his hand on her back to pin her to the floor. He growled.

    His eyes were drawn to the incongruously vibrant pink still smeared on her hand.

    His fingers circled her wrist, and he adjusted his position so his knee was pressed into her back; her arm was twisted behind herself, though not drastically enough to cause damage. His tail curled around one of her legs.

    He ran his tongue over her hand, along her palm and her fingers and then between them, almost but not quite sucking on a few of them. He didn't bite down, but she could still certainly feel the points of his teeth as he tried to lick her skin clean.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - SolitareLee - 03-15-2017

The thing was on her in a bound or maybe two, the hoodie doing significantly less to slow it down than the cupcake had. Lesson learned: it goes rats > cupcakes > clothing in terms of how useful something is to throw. She was mid-bound when a hand wrapped around her ankle, yanking her backwards and painfully jarring her leg. She screamed--she wasn't proud of it, and if she lived to tell the story, she'd leave that part out. She clawed against the ground as it pulled her back towards it, grasping desperately at a railing that snapped off in her hand, rotten and useless.

A heavy weight lowered onto her back and she whimpered, bringing both her hands over across her head, as if to protect it. One still gripped a piece of rotten wood; the other was stained bright pink with frosting.

She felt it grip her arm and twist it and let out a frantic little sob, squirming uselessly. Fuck this was so stupid! She was going to have her limbs torn off by a bat demon in a shitty church after escaping from kidnappers! While naked! And covered in frosting! This was the shittiest way to die!

Her arm was pulled back, but the weight on her back kept her firmly on the ground. She winced in pain, tensing herself for the agony she knew was coming.


Instead she got a tongue.

She shrieked as loudly if he had, in fact, torn her arm off, although it was mostly sheer nerves. The tongue was long and flexible and it was practically pulling her fingers into its mouth.

Oh god! It's going to eat me! flashed across her mind at roughly the same time as, well, at least I won't be covered in frosting when I finally die.

Her other hand had dropped the wood, essentially on top of her own head, and gone to the limb on her back, pushing at it uselessly, more out of instinct than any real plan to escape. Her wriggling, as well, was passionate but largely decorative; the creature outweighed her by a frankly ludicrous amount. She whimpered into the ground as it slurped the last of the frosting off of her fingers. God! Why hadn't that asshole put more cupcakes in his pockets?!

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - Tindome - 03-15-2017

    The screaming was almost expected, but the second time was more irritating. He growled a warning in the middle of his unwelcome ministrations, thrumming against her fingers. The longer they remained in contact, the more obvious the unnatural cold of his skin would become, never getting warmer regardless of the relative heat from her own. With one last long lick of her wrist, he inspected the rest of her arm, in case he'd missed any. Then he let that hand go to grab the other one, the one attempting to shove at his thigh. He was disappointed to find nothing but remnants of rot.


    He was perfectly aware that she could not possibly be hiding another cupcake on her person, having nowhere for it to hide. He brushed the old rail off of her head along with the debris it had left behind, narrowing storm-colored eyes at her.

    There was still that hoodie, though.

    He took his knee off her back, then grabbed her forearm so that he could drag her along as he returned to where he'd left her hoodie on the floor. She might be able to get to her feet, but he wasn't going to wait, perfectly content to drag her along as he walked.

    Even if she did manage to get up, he was only going to knock her back down again so that he could hold her down with a foot around her ankle. Crouching and picking the hoodie back up, his tail wound around her other ankle. The garment didn't smell pleasant to him overall, but he licked at a smear of pink frosting, tearing the stitching of the pockets as he tried to look for more. The rough cloth wrapped around his hips hung between his knees, the only thing he wore, low enough to barely cover anything.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - SolitareLee - 03-15-2017

More teeth than a passing glance never came, and her arm was never wrenched from its socket. The thing explored her like a curious cat, leaving her unpleasantly reminded of the time she'd been menaced by a particularly aggressive opossum.

Mortal terror began to be fettered more dramatically by confusion as things progressed and all her limbs were still intact and most of her blood was still in her body. She went sort of limp as he twisted her various limbs around curiously, trying to sort out what was happening. That didn't prevent her, however, from attempting to bolt again the split second its weight lifted from her back. She got about three inches before it caught her arm and began dragging her along behind it.

She managed to stumble to her feet rather than allow herself to be dragged over ground covered with dirt and broken glass. Alright, this was clearly some degree of intelligence, right? Even if it was like... ape-level intelligence, that was... something? People communicated with apes, right?

Apes horribly mauled people to death in terrifying ways all the time but still. STILL.

Almost as soon as she'd managed to pull herself onto her feet and walk a few steps, it was knocking her down again, and this time she automatically let out a loud, "OY, HEY!" in complaint. She flipped over to avoid being face-first on the ground again, and felt something like a hand around her ankle. Alarmed, she looked down; she could see both its hands, damnit. The answer was a foot. A weird foot, like a bird. Not quite a cloven hoof but still seriously alarming.

Its tail wrapped around her other leg, almost idly, as she watched it shred her hoodie and her last chance of any dignity in this situation, and she took in the scene.

It might be too dark for most to make out much detail, but she was managing. It was humanoid after a fashion, in musculature and an obvious caveman-in-a-barely-there-loincloth sort of way; but with taloned feet and clawed hands and huge batlike wings and horns and oh god were demons seriously real? This was terrible.

But a demon, you'd think, would be hot to the touch, and it was... if not cold, certainly not warm. She was more than a little frigid to the touch herself at the moment, having been thoroughly soaked in freezing rain, but its grip was like marble in more ways than one. If it didn't eat her, she'd probably freeze to death. Wouldn't that be the funniest way to go. Death by exposure: incidentally, a bat-demon with a cupcake fetish was involved.

She considered, briefly, trying to get her ankle out of its grip, but didn't even think the prospect worth reasonably considering. Instead, she turned her focus to the tail, which was snaking ever-further up her leg in coils. She gripped it around the tip, hoping to keep it from going any further upwards, if nothing else.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - Tindome - 03-15-2017

    It soon became clear that he had finished off any of the pink frosting that may have remained; there was no secret reserve, despite a vague hope on his part.


    He blinked when she grabbed his tail, turning his attention back to her. It felt… strange. Being touched by soft little hands. Outside of his realm of experience, insofar as he had a realm of experience, when his only memories were fleeting and hazy and lacking all context. Alien but evocative, his cock stirred in confused response.

    His tail tightened around her leg, and he let her other one go with his foot so that he could turn towards her.

    He was definitely supposed to be killing her.

    Then what?

    He licked his teeth, and set the hoodie next to her. She probably didn't have a secret pocket full of treats… but if she did… she would be able to access it. Maybe. He raked his hair out of his face, further frustrated by his own uncertainty. He leaned closer, resting a hand on her thigh, and snarled.

    Scaring her seemed to have worked well enough before. Maybe she had something else, if she didn't have more.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - SolitareLee - 03-15-2017

She was not particularly pleased to have its attention again, although the hoodie being somewhat intact--save a few tears--was something of a minor relief. She wondered if it would let her put the clothing back on. It was soaked and dirty and torn but it was something.

It released her foot and turned towards her, but the tail on her leg was too tight for her to have any hope of escape. She squeezed it, frustrated. It remained extremely solid. She glared up at the creature, confused and frustrated and still more terrified then she really knew what to do with. It wasn't that she didn't normally feel fear--it was that she always felt fear, so constantly that it had become dull background noise. Even being kidnapped and bussed across the world hadn't given her that much pause. But freaky bat-demons were outside her extremely colorful realm of experience. The genuine panic that gripped her chest made her irritated at her own perceived weakness.

It leaned closer, than closer still. Ren leaned back in response, despite not wanting to. There was a certain level of courage required to get aggressively up into the face of an eight foot tall stone-grey bat-demon, and she just fell a bit short. She managed to keep her glare going though.

At least until it snarled. She flinched backwards, releasing its tail to throw her hands in front of her face.

But, of course, the mauling never came, as it seemed determined not to. She peeked out at it from between her arms. It was a miracle it managed to look so terrifying with pink frosting still smeared on its... face... Hm.

Slowly, very slowly, she lowered her hands from her face, to see if it'd react, to see if it would threaten her again. It didn't seem to be moving with any haste to hurt her, but that could be a fluke.

She waved her hand vaguely, to see what it would do. Communication... right? Apes could use sign language and shit sometimes.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - Tindome - 03-15-2017

    Squeezing his tail did nothing to help the issue of his perplexed arousal, and he huffed, his wings twitching. Nor did her fear, recoiling from him in a clear show of submission. Whatever he'd hoped to accomplish – and even he wasn't sure – that hadn't done it.

    He slid his tail from her leg, flaring out his wings as it lashed irritably behind him. Still dissatisfied, he brought it back around to the other side of him, curled it underneath her knee and pressed it to her inner thigh near where his hand rested. He grabbed the hand that she'd waved at him, and set it against his tail's tip again. He reached out to push her hair out of her face, tilting her head back with a massive hand against her scalp.

    Experimentally, he licked her lower lip.

    Nothing sweet.

    That didn't mean the experiment was a failure.

    He was fully erect now, though it may have been less obvious than it should have been with her head tilted the way that it was. He dropped to one knee so he could move closer, running his tongue along the line of her jaw. His erection became very obvious when the thigh not being manhandled by hand and tail alike was cautiously rubbed against.

    He purred a clicking, stony sort of purr.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - SolitareLee - 03-15-2017

She was getting mixed messages--she couldn't understand its body language at all. Its tail slithered off from around her leg: a clear victory. But then it lashed dramatically around in the dark. That looked angry? Or was it like a dog. Was it wagging? She had no idea. The wing flare looked terrifying as well, but what did it mean. God, she was really shitty at communicating. Why couldn't it be normal, like a rat, and just clearly express its emotions by hopping about or squeaking...

The curious tail was back. The Handsy Tail Two: Revenge of the Upper Thigh Fondles. She was just about to grab at it herself when the thing gripped her hand. She struggled not to flinch--it felt like that would defeat the purpose.

It set her hand against its tail.

"...Do you... want scritches?" she asked hopefully, voice more than a little hoarse from all the screaming and mortal terror and whatnot. Still praying to whatever god owned this place for her own survival, she tentatively stroked the tail where he'd put her hand down. The creature was all up in her personal space at this point, pushing her hair away from her face with claws that were surprisingly gentle but no less terrifying for it. Maybe it was like a rat, and just wanted pets in the right... place...s




It licked her, her face, okay no, her mouth, and christ almighty if she'd thought the sensation was weird on her hand... She tried very hard to think of it like rat kisses, but it was kind of difficult when it was eight feet tall and looming and its tail kept trying to go places, god only knew where.

Okay, don't scream, don't scream in the curious cat-bat-demon's face. Just pet the tail, pet the tail, focus on that and oH GOD it was licking her face again! A confused shiver raced down her spine; this would have been easier if it had been textured like a cats, or if it wasn't in possession of a vaguely humanoid body. A pretty ripped one, when it came right down to it, if you could ignore the stony color and temperature. Crossed wires, jesus christ, crossed wires! Why did it KEEP LICKING THINGS anyway, what kind of demon licked cupcakes and hoodies and women! Well! Probably a lot of them but that didn't bear thinking abouuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA






She froze in a different kind of abject terror, hands releasing the tail like they were attached to a spring and leaping above her head as if the cops had just rolled up. That had NOT been the clear expression of emotion she had been looking for.

Reason dictated she do whatever necessary to appease the giant terrifying monster. Reason, however, had been thinking tail skritches and frosting, not dry humping which probably would not stay dry very long as she was still completely fucking naked. Reason also hadn't caught up with Ren's mouth, which was already loudly complaining.

"Jesus tittyfucking christ, what the fuck, what the shitfuckcock, the fuck are you purring for you little pervert I swear to GOD what the FUCK."

Her hands still in the air, she rolled her eyes upwards to heaven, as if praying. If she got molested by a demon in an abandoned church, she'd probably wind up knocked up with the fucking anti-christ. This was a situation requiring divine intervention, hopefully in the form of a lightning bolt or another, more nubile woman she could throw in the way as distraction like a pocket rat.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - Tindome - 03-15-2017

    Stroking: good. Shivering: also good. Panic: less good. He recoiled a little with a wing flare of surprise when she threw her hands up. The stop to the touching was unwelcome. He also didn't think he cared for her tone. His hand left her thigh to cover her mouth for a moment, to see if she'd take the hint and adjust accordingly.

    Maybe she was getting her hands out of the way? He liked how soft the skin of her inner thigh was, but he hadn't decided what all he liked yet. Liking things was new.

    He adjusted his position, kneeling between her thighs in earnest, sliding his shaft between her legs and over her stomach. He purred again.

    Yes. Good.

    He let her hair and her mouth go so that he could put his hand on her throat and push her backward, claws pressed against the skin of her neck. This would be easier if she had her back to the floor. Less room to wiggle. He was grinding against her all the while, enjoying her heat and her softness. He pulled away the cloth he'd been wearing, since it only seemed to be getting in the way. His tail moved to around her ankle to hold her leg up and out, and he bent down to lick one of her nipples.

    Bright sticky pink: sweet. Pale soft pink: not sweet.

    So far.

RE: Sanctuary [Closed] - SolitareLee - 03-15-2017

Ren let out an angry, indignant merf as her mouth was covered, smacking at the offending hand without thinking. She succeeded only in hurting her own and winced, shaking it in the air. She didn't have much time to be indignant, however, as he was very much not discouraged. Quite the opposite, in fact, he seemed to be getting rapidly more enthusiastic at the situation. She couldn't say what was happening to her own enthusiasm, since she'd been pretty displeased from the very outset. It was better than getting eaten...?

He let her mouth go, and she immediately began to shout again, only to abruptly stop when he gripped her throat. Not because he was squeezing her windpipe shut; his grip wasn't that firm... yet. She was sharply aware that it could be. But some things were instinctual. She let him push her against the ground, her struggles ceasing. Fear fought with a flood of related memories; there was fear in them as well, but other things too. Dark rooms and gloved hands. The rough, hewn texture of his hands was helping remind her. Hands around her neck, cutting off air and then not. Tangled in her hair, pulling.

She could feel him grinding against her stomach.


This was happening.

Two options. Distract him. Unlikely, as the only thing she knew he liked was cupcakes, and she was flat out. Damage control. Possible, if she could get his dick within arm's reach. His eight feet was proportional and he appeared to be hard as stone on just his ordinary flesh, so... Yeah. Plus, she didn't want to get pregnant with the anti-christ.

His head was at her chest. He was continuing his propensity for putting things in his mouth, which appeared to be his favorite way to experience the world. She was pointedly avoiding thinking about the texture, length, and relative mobility of his tongue in relation to other places he might want to stick it.

She couldn't reach his erection as he shifted himself downwards, but she could reach his face. She reached out blindly with both hands, still submitting limply to the hand around her neck, pinning her to the ground. She stared up at the ceiling and searched with her hands instead, until they met... hair. The texture felt bizarrely normal in contrast to everything else she was feeling at the moment. She followed it down, hands cupping either side of his face, until she found the stickiness she was after. She quickly wiped the frosting onto her own hand, then pulled it back, trying to lure him back over her head with the promise of pink sugary goodness.