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Minuet [Closed] - Blade - 11-25-2015

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RE: Minuet [Closed] - Blade - 11-25-2015

Nights in Valsport were often better than the days. During the day people were ..ick... responsible. They went to jobs like good little sheep, clocked in, worked at their little stations, and eventually went home to sit on their awful little pieces of furniture and plug in to the nearest boob tube until they died of exhaustion—sometimes literally. Those who didn’t work sat about all day, or cleaned... or reared the smaller versions of themselves. Children. Children were interesting when they didn’t behave; which, was most of the time for most of them. The younger they were, the more chaotic they had a chance of being. Very few adults by comparison ever retained the joy they carried as little wobbling logs with limbs.

Shame, really.

The few that did mostly needed a lot of money to afford acting like little imps. It was silly to think they couldn’t all have that. And the metas, some of them, were really no better. The Fae were alright, he supposed. They still had fun. But, again, they—almost always—had the funds to have all that fun.

But nights... night in Valsport were vastly better. Especially weekend nights—especially weekend night with a full moon. People went a little nuts then, kind of. There was a better chance of them shaking off their self-imposed chains and actually enjoying themselves. Which meant, in turn, he had a better chance of enjoying himself and their expense for his own entertainment.

At the moment though, full moon and all—at about half past ten, he noted as he glanced down at his phone—there was nothing. Sure people were coming in and out of little shops, bars, and clubs in Little Vietnam, but nothing had sparked his interest. And Asher loathed being bored. A bored Grigori was rarely a good thing with so many breakable things about.

He sighed from where he sat aloft on a rooftop, invisible to all but himself and the things on his person, as well as intangible. His legs hung over the edge as he stared down, elbows on his knees—pouting.

“Fridays are supposed to be interesting,” he murmured, restless.

RE: Minuet [Closed] - everaftercrafter - 11-25-2015

[Image: x689.jpg]

Comparatively, Valesport was quiet, even at night. This was practically a different world than Chicago. But the University had offered up a job that logically Rebekah couldn't turn down. Especially compared to her previous occupation. She shifted a backpack on her shoulder, looking around the shops in Little Vietnam.

She'd arrived about a week ago, had a tour of the University, and got settled into the apartment a mere two blocks from the school. School wasn't due to start for another two weeks so she had taken the nights to explore her new home. She was pleased to find such an eclectic area. The movers had destroyed half of her herb supplies and she needed a place to restock. The small asian 'pharmacy' was exactly what she needed. She stepped up into the room lined with glass jars and greeted the old man behind the counter. It probably took 15 minutes to place her order, some of it wouldn't be ready for another couple days. No matter, she could wait.

Back out on the street she looked around, pebbles crunching under her Doc Martins. She kicked a rock aside, shoving her hand through her brown hair. She started back down the street. She'd gotten max 50 feet down the road.

She stopped, looked down an alley feeling the slight tingle at the nape of her neck. Reaching into her knee length blue jacket she ducked into the alley. Three exceptionally tall men had two girls cornered in the back corner near a chain link fence. She picked up a rock and tossed it, hitting the back of one of the men's head, he turned to her with an angry scowl, she didn't quite react to it merely said," This may be an alley, and a free country, but my guess is that you really don't want to do this."

Rebekah wasn't looking at the men, she was looking at the two girls, one flashed a look of bewilderment then the expression changed to one of recognition and then a snarl, one of the men saw a flash of fangs before she bowled them over, heading straight for Bekah. The other woman followed suit.

The fight was over quickly, the men had scattered. This wasn't a surprising scene as of late, the women, vampires most likely luring men like this. She stood over the ash piles of the two women, a spray of blood across the front of her dark grey shirt, she slid two silver daggers back into their sheaths at the small of her back and pulled the cloth away from her chest and muttered," Damn, I really liked this shirt..." she buttoned the jacket to her neck and turned, strolling casually out of the alley back out to the street.

RE: Minuet [Closed] - Blade - 11-26-2015

Dark brown eyes focused on a few people, some tethered to one another and fully intent on finishing the night in each other arms—in each others wet holes. They were sort of interesting. He supposed. Human sex was deliciously messy and saturated, if not a little dramatic at times. They only chained themselves to monogamy because they didn’t live long enough to know any better. Add another hundred years to their lifespan and monogamy would go right out the window. Probably. Then again, there were creatures in the universe that lived longer than five hundred years who mated for life, so what did he know?

And then something caught his eye, making him grin beneath the veil he hid himself in.

Vampires luring stupid human men. He’d almost feel sorry for them; he would. But it was their own idiotic fault for trying to take advantage of someone they thought weaker.

Asher stood then, hopping up to walk the narrow brick wall of the building as he got a closer look. They were young too, the scamps. Probably tear their throats out, make a perfect mess for the red and blues to contemplate—eventually blame on an animal attack.

He snorted. Animal attack. Right.

But then another presence made itself known—a woman by the feel of her. Asher turned then, looking down just as the girl rushed her. It was too quick for his tastes. He’d have played a little, but he couldn’t fault her for giving him a show—even if she didn’t know it.

Pretty little thing to be cutting up vampires, he thought as he walked off the edge and landed in the alley. His boots thumped loudly just before he pushed brown-black strands out of his eyes. Before she could walk entirely out the alley he made his form transition into plumes of black smoke laced in blinking bits of color—starry light in a moving night sky. He planted himself in front of her, doing nothing to hide how he’d appeared, and leaned into the wall with a grin.

He was in jeans and a simple grey t-shirt, but over it was a black leather jacket. His shoulder-length strands were tied back, half of them falling into his eyes. He liked the look of Korean men; they were pretty. Not all hard angled and big to the point of KILLITWITHFIRE that some Europeans men were. Plus, men and women both seemed to enjoy it—his chosen form. And he rather liked to look appealing.

“I’m pretty sure they wanted to do that,” he said, replying to her earlier comment about the two vamps. “It’s what they do, after all—drink blood. Feast on humankind.” His accent was most definitely American, his voice a little like warm rum—caustic and delicious. “I mean, really, when you break it down—those two fools you let get away were the real villains. The world would’ve been better served without them. Don’t ya think?”

RE: Minuet [Closed] - everaftercrafter - 11-26-2015

Her step faltered as he materialized in front of her, Well, this is new. She shrugged, " They had it coming, picking such a crowded street." She was very nonchalont, looking over him appraisingly. Her chocolate brown hair waved gently about her face. " Rather than the two humans who had gotten away, I'm more concerned about the third who simply disappeared. Or hadn't you noticed?" She sounded a tad sarcastic, and openly stared him down.

She wasn't going to mention that the two vampires had been causing problems for weeks in Little Vietnam, the cops had said it was stray dogs, Bekah knew better than to believe that. However all this, she'd picked up listening to the people on the street and in the shops she'd visited. the apothecary was a particularly superstitious man, had regaled her with stories and gossip while pulling stuff from the shelves for her order. Bodies had been piling up, 6 in 3 weeks in and around Little Vietnam.

Vampires didn't have to kill to feed, more than one 'tribe' had voluntary doners, Bekah didn't bother with these, yes they were a cocky lot and annoying as all get out, however, they didn't pose a danger. Besides, who was this guy-thing to question her moves?

" Who the Hell are you anyways?" she asked, shoving her hands in her jacket pockets.

RE: Minuet [Closed] - Blade - 11-26-2015

She didn’t appear very surprised by his appearance. He wasn’t sure if that earned her points or not, not that he was adding points. That would require him to keep track of numbers; which was something he had very little interest in much of the time.

It was his turn to shrug as she gave him a once over—yes, he noticed that. “You sound like you’re either accusing me of not noticing or not caring. You’d be wrong about the first assumption, but absolutely right about the second.”

Caring about something required that it caught his interest. A good fight sometimes did, like the one she’d cleaned up; sex did, depending on the intensity; and poking at things—people—that held his attention for a time until they let loose a bit did.

He crossed his arms over his chest, shoulder now pressing into the wall as he held her gaze. So she didn’t know what he was—probably. Here he’d assumed her nonchalance meant she had an idea at least. But she hadn’t asked what—who, instead.

“Who do you think I am?” when he grinned his tongue curled behind his teeth, lascivious and a little impish all at once.

RE: Minuet [Closed] - everaftercrafter - 11-27-2015

Bekah sidled up to him, curled a finger and touched the underside of his chin, a bare whisper of a touch she hovered a mere 5 inches away from him, and with a cat like smile of self satisfaction she said in a purr ," Let's keep it a mystery, shall we?" Her finger trailed across his skin for a second before she huffed out a quick chuckle and walked past him out of the alley.

She didn't stop until she got to her bike, pulled on the helmet and paused, rapping the helmet with her knuckles repeatedly, her face pink from embarrassment," Keep it a mystery?! What the hell were you thinking?" she shoved the key into the ignition still berating herself. Mounting the bike she started it. " Why, why would you say crap like that? Maybe you should have just kissed him." That stopped her, What?

She revved the engine of the 2009 Kawasaki," Very logical Rebekah, some new...thing appears and you think about kissing him? Yeah that would totally please your ascestors..." Stop that. " Stop what?" Stop talking about him-it. " Can you blame me?" Silence, she kicked the bike into gear and looking both ways, pulled out into traffic, letting the wind and the freedom of riding whip the smokey-ho Don't even think it. man from her mind.

RE: Minuet [Closed] - Blade - 11-27-2015

A single brow rose as she moved in close. He was tempted to make himself intangible as she went to curl her finger under his chin—make her think he was a ghost—but decided to wait until later for that. As she left he barked laughter. How much sense did that make? Ask him who he was and then decide she didn’t care much at all? He wasn’t sure if he was entertained, but she’d been miles more curious to him than the vampire attack.

His mouth curled into a smile though as he remained in the same position. He could sense her embarrassment. Whether she was embarrassed because she’d gotten too close to him physically or because she felt like she’d said something stupid, he wasn’t certain.

When he heard the bike rev leave down the street he pulled away from the wall and scratched at his chin. One hand went into his jacket pocket. “Well... not much else to do, yeah?” he said to himself. Might as well annoy what he believed to be a Hunter. At leat until he found something better to do.

A shrug before he was smoky again, this time invisible. He shot off around the corner, following the direction of her bike. In mere moments he’d sided up next to her, still invisible and untouchedable, and whispered, “You sure you don’t wanna know?”

RE: Minuet [Closed] - everaftercrafter - 11-27-2015

" Head just stop." she said out loud as if she was used to talking to nobody. She changed lanes, then made a left at the light. " We're talking about a random, well...whatever he is." she was obviously trying to logic her way out of this. " Not like you need to know his name even if he was cute-ish." She stopped talking for a minute and sped up getting to racing speeds. Then finally she spoke again," Your either never going to encounter him again, or one is going to kill the other..." she frowned. She passed through the cross walk of an intersection when something caught her attention she looked right at him, or rather through him.

Her eyes widened in shock, the bike tilted sliding across the intersection right into the path of a drunk driver running the red. She'd let go of the bike and lay on the asphalt dazed, her shoulder was burning with pain but she ignored it. Her gaze on the stars above as people were getting out of their cars and rushing to her side. She didn't seem aware that her jacket was torn up, or that her arm was bleeding.

She sat up, pulling her helmet off, breathing heavily and muttered," Stupid drunks..." her body shook from the shock and adrenaline. She just sat there in the middle of the road, ignoring the 4 people who were attempting to offer help, and all of the questions they were asking her.

RE: Minuet [Closed] - Blade - 11-27-2015

He wasn’t certain if he should be insulted or not because she was talking to herself, because she assumed that his voice was in her head. Were the voices in her head masculine? Was he dealing with a split personality disorder? That could get interesting. Perhaps she had a whole other wardrobe at home that involved flannels and boxers. Not that he was into flannels. Boxers for sure. Especially the silky ones. In winter. In the summer your nuts tended to stick to them.

He stopped, cloudy as he was still, as she turned the bike over to avoid the drunk. All at once, people were gathering around her and asking her if she was alright. And really, Asher couldn’t help but laugh; though, nobody could hear it. He’d been right; she was interesting. He just hadn’t expected her falling on her ass to entertain him quite so much.

His intangible form moved towards her, curling around her ear. He spoke softly enough so only she could hear him, “I think you broke your toy, huntress.” There was laughter in his voice still. “Do you often have men talking to you in your head? Do they have names?”

RE: Minuet [Closed] - everaftercrafter - 11-29-2015

Huntress Now that gave her pause, nobody called her huntress, not even the voices. She gritted her teeth and muttered," Unless you are going to help, just get out of here." She stood, much to the consternation of those who were trying to do their good deed for the year.

"I'm fine, just a scratch." The adrenaline started fading, leaving her with a burning sensation and pricks of sharp pain whenever she moved it. Treating it was going to have to wait though, she couldn't be stripped of her ruined clothing in front of the cops, not with four knives and two guns on her person. " Besides, his car is on fire."

Most if not all of the 'assistants' looked where she pointed, two people were trying to get the drunk out of the car that had spun out and had hit a low wall, the two clearly couldn't get the door open, all but one of the helpers rushed off the get their good deed of the decade award. Leaving Bekah with a teenager. She looked at her own shoulder and cursed. Quickly explaining that her 'husband' was a nurse she marched herself over to the scratched as hell bike and quickly mounted it,riding away before the teen could understand.

15 minutes more of hard riding and she was home. A townhouse about 3 blocks from the Valesport University. Shoving the bike into the garage behind the house she entered her home through the back door, into the kitchen. Boxes lined the counter tops as she was still moving in. She flicked the light on and with a long grimace peeled the backpack and jacket off. Tears were finally falling down her face as she searched through boxes, trying to find a first aid kit.

RE: Minuet [Closed] - Blade - 11-29-2015

He snorted at that, watching as she stood while he mingled about. She still didn’t seem bothered by him talking in her ear, but his voice hadn’t changed so she’d likely made the connection--finally. It was a little strange to him that very few people aside from the two of them had noticed that the other car had spun out, hit a wall, and caught on fire. He half wondered if the people in Little Vietnam were prone to bouts of ADD. A car on fire wasn’t hard to miss, not by a long shot. Not with all the crash and boom that had occurred.

When she left in a huff—road rash and all—on her battered bike, Asher followed. He didn’t say a word during the fifteen minute drive home. Once she was in the kitchen he made himself tangible and visible, perching on an empty spot in her counter.

“So are you new to getting your ass kicked by terrible drivers? Or just in general?” As he asked this, cheekily at that, he crossed his legs under him ‘Indian’ style. “Seems like you’re used to saving folk from wayward vamp attacks. Didn’t think a little road rash would have you tearin’ up, huntress.” He was grinning like the jackass he was. His hands moved to cradle his cheeks, his elbows on his knees.

“Do you think that driver’ll burn up in his car?” He blinked once or twice, pondering it.

RE: Minuet [Closed] - everaftercrafter - 11-29-2015

" I doubt it," she huffed, wiping away the tears stubbornly. She tore tape off another box, sniffled and pulled out a tin box along with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. She stomped past him and headed up the stairs with the items. He was irritating her, first teasing and then following her home now goading her again, mentally she was building up a base not to give into her desire to explode.

She pulled off a harness that had two pistols and the two daggers, dropping them on the bed with severely rumpled covers and tore her shirt off with a wince. Starting the bathwater and dropping the supplies on a small table with some bath supplies. She called down the stairs from the bathroom as she stripped off her boots and pants, walking into the bedroom," You ever have a near death experience?"

RE: Minuet [Closed] - Blade - 12-01-2015

For a brief moment he wondered if this was normal for her—some creature in her home, invading her life. You know, something she had no real understanding of. She was reacting very oddly to him. It really shouldn’t shock him too much, he supposed; not if the voices in her head were any indication. Maybe he’d stumbled across a crazy. Maybe she was used to people just coming into her house uninvited? Humans normally freaked out at the idea. He knew. He’d spooked dozens of them pretending to be a poltergeist, a demon, and even a regular run-of-the-mill ghost. Nothing really harmful; he was perfectly harmless. Usually. He thought so.

He could tell she wasn’t keen on him being there though, not if her emotions were any indication. She was vexed with him-very vexed. And yet, she wasn’t hurling her pots and pans, just sniffling like a teenager instead. Which was so weird for a hunter. Super weird.

He made himself into black mist with star specks again and didn’t materialize until he was at the top of her stairs, watching as she went from the bathroom to the bedroom. He chose not to answer her question at all.

“You’re a weirdo, you know that? Batty, I think.” And there was the staple of a real Grigori—the hypocrisy. He was strange himself, not that he’d deny or acknowledge it. “Voices in your head that sound like me,” he began to list off as he leaned into a wall in her hallways with one shoulder; he stuffed his free hand into his pocket while his other began popping up fingers—counting visually. “You’re a hunter, yet you’re crying over some road rash.” Another finger. “You ain’t got a problem with some handsome young stranger chillin’ in your house—not very hunter like, I might add.” Another finger. “You’re attributin’ your experience to near death, but again—hunter.” Another finger. “And,” he went on in finality, “you’re getting’ undressed, preparing a bath, with a stranger in your house.”

He smirked, cocking his head to look upward as he thought it all through before dropping his hand. He crossed his arms over his chest. “You gotta be new to this gig. Either that, or just batshit fuckin’ crazy."

And then he shrugged. "Or, you know, terrible at your job."

RE: Minuet [Closed] - everaftercrafter - 12-01-2015

" All three I believe." she said," Besides I wasn't crying over the road rash as you so eloquently put it." Shoving her hair up in a bun and sliding into the water. " I've been a hunter for maybe two years, the kill count isn't even into the triple digits. As for the crazy part, well that's what the therapist told my parents." she hissed as her injury was submerged under the warm water.

" I don't know what you are, so I don't know how to deal with you. and even if I told you to go away right now, I doubt you would. Probably turn invisible and spy on my like a pervert. So I'd rather you spy where I can actually see you. Besides the fact that despite my apparent occupation, and the supposed discord it causes to those coined as immortal, you haven't attacked me." She simply sat in the tub for a moment.

" Hell you could be an alien for all I know, maybe I should just let you stay here and call the government to come pick you up." she leaned her head back on the lip of the tub and said particularly loudly," Besides, whats wrong with having eye-candy in my house?" Despite the confidence in her voice she was blushing furiously.

The voices, which she was trying desperately to push out were berating her for letting a stranger in her house. " Besides that, a naked woman walks around her bedroom and is taking a bath with all doors open and you are out in the hall, even with the invisibility that I can't sense at all. Not taking advantage of the opportunity. It would have been easy for you to knock my off my bike and kill me, you probably could have assassinated me in the alley, but you didn't. Who is crazy now?"