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Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 09-16-2015

    "I don't know why you sound so surprised," Kama said, drawing a fingertip across his polished desk, rubbing imaginary dirt against his index finger. He shrugged out of his lab coat, taking his time to fold it over the back of his chair. He leaned against the desk again, hands shoved into the pockets of dark, pressed slacks. "You were very good at it." He felt a strange mix of smug and angry. Smug because he'd never seen Owen in such a position - vulnerable and angry, without the upper hand that he was so used to having. And naturally angry because he too remembered all the times Owen had hurt Julianna. [/align]
    "You were a violent addict," Kama argued, pointing a finger at Owen. "You probably still are. Only one fucking way to find out I guess. Let you continue on your blind mission to find my sister again," he threw up his hands. "Why the fuck not."[/align]
    "You will always be a threat to Julianna." [/align]
    "Elliot's plan will fail because Julianna won't remember you." It was a hell of a blunt thing to say after letting the two men argue around him, but Sairus was done with Kama's games and Owen's posturing. He was done acting like the knight that had been reduced to a pawn. They all had their reasons for wanting to find Julianna, and they were probably all the wrong reasons, but this petty bickering was getting them no closer.[/align]
Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 09-17-2015

let me find her. As if you can stop me?” This sophomoric comeback was an unfortunate product of the blonde’s weakening fortitude in the face of repeated moral disparagement. Sairus had silently taken up position in front of the door, as if to be the one to stop him for Kama. “I have an idea how that will turn out.” He added smugly, although his confidence was undermined by taking a step backward so as to not have to be loomed over so.

Gold eyes met with grey ice that were momentarily mystified as Owen comprehended Sairus’ revelation of Kama’s secret. From the start he had avoided asking the hard questions because truthfully, he still had not prepared himself to hear the truth. He had figured Julianna married to another man as the safest possibility to fear, even perhaps more than her having died. Owen always did have confused priorities. He was thrown by thus finding himself contemplating the strange magical proceedings Sairus indicated.

Julianna doesn’t know me? Does she know Cain? Anita? How much of her memory did they take? Did she want this? Was she passive, complacent with Kama’s decisions for her? Did she resist? Is she better off? This dizzying rush of questions was shortly overthrown by a flux of outrage, horror, indignation. He was spared for the moment of any pain he experienced. He could hurt more later.

Reeling away from Sairus, Owen turned quickly around on Kama. He crossed the room in a few aggressive strides, throwing one of the chairs that sat before Kama’s desk out of his path. All motivations had become secondary to a dark, primal desire to harm the man who had just hurt him.

He grabbed a handful of the doctor’s neatly pressed shirt. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to find her and you're going to fix her. I had...I have way too much of my life invested in her. We had children. We were married for--half my life. If you expect me to just wipe the slate clean because I died?…because you want to take me away from her? You’re fucking kidding yourself. You have no right to--. I don’t give a fuck if she’s your sister. She’s my wife!” This lecture was said with increasing vocal intensity, and intermittent faltering as Owen’s brain failed to produce words he was looking for. It crescendoed into shouting at ‘my wife.’ His face was flushed and blue veins bulged from his neck and forehead. The engorged blood vessels were the tell-tale sign that Owen had lost it. He punctuated his final point by striking Kama across the jaw with a white-knuckled tight fist. The weight of his body was leveraged behind the blow, teeth gritting in a vicious scowl as the arm made the arch where knuckles met bone.

He released Kama’s shirt and staggered back a step more so out of his own pain and surprise that he had hit his brother-in-law. Owen had not struck someone in that way since before his death. That is to say, he hadn’t been compelled into a, perhaps involuntary, act of violence out of passionate outrage in sometime. He shook his hand as his knuckles were stinging painfully, and cradled the insulted digits to his chest, a cringe distorted his features. Despite nursing his physical pain in such a way, Owen rode the high of his anger. It crushed all self-doubt and spared him from the type of hurt he couldn’t cope with.

Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 09-24-2015

    Kama was silent. He rolled his eyes and looked generally displeased as Owen threw a tantrum over his most recent statement. Kama wasn't sure how Owen managed to continually harbor the notion that he was unstoppable. He was indeed a skilled assassin, and a brilliant strategist, but now he was on the defensive. Like a cornered dog, just snapping and making a scene. Owen roamed the hospital freely because Kama allowed. Hell, he roamed the island freely because Kama allowed it. [/align]
    Which did him no favors.

    Kama's breath fled him in a sigh, sharp and resolute as Sairus opened his mouth and Owen turned on him. Kama backed into his desk as Owen stalked towards him. He didn't bother with useless actions like throwing up his hands in surrender, didn't flinch as his chair collided with the opposite wall. Kama had experience with tempers, even ones as explosive as Owen's. They were roughly the same height, so as Owen took Kama's shirt in his hands his he was able to keep his narrowed gaze on the blonde. [/align]
    Kama didn't need to look at himself to know he was bleeding. He could feel the warm liquid pouring over his chin, falling towards his once impeccable dress shirt. He brought a hand up to find the source. A split lip, likely from the initial contact, and a literal puncture at the point where his lip had come in contact with his elongated canines. He made a disgusted noise in his throat as he wiped the back of his hand across his chin. [/align]
    "There's no fixing her," he replied, words thick and somewhat distorted; difficult to form over a swelling lip and a mouthful of blood. "Well, she's not broken to start. God, that's always been one of your fucking problems. Trying to fix anything that isn't the way you like it." [/align]
    "You have no idea what she was going through. I did what I did to help her. To protect her, and her children." He pulled the gauze away, frowned at it as he turned to lean heavily on the counter and face the men in his office. "The longer she was hurting over you, the easier it was for Belial to take over. That demon had already started doing it when I went for her. Who even knows how many people it killed in the eight fucking years I let her mourn over you."[/align]
go find her. I literally cannot stand the fucking sight of you anymore. If you want to ruin her life again, that's your problem. "[/align]

Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 09-26-2015

The bruising hand fell forgotten to his side. His eyes remained on Kama’s face observing the spreading crimson on his chin, the marvelous consequence of his strike. A flash of sadistic delight sparkled in the grey oculars accompanied by a subtle upward curve at the corners of his mouth. Even when the doctor turned away, Owen was gratified to note how the other man stepped carefully. He estimated that Kama hurt more or was stunned more than he cared to let on. Although that was not exactly a brilliant observation, given than a prideful man like Kama would surely try to minimize displays of pain.

Pleased with the results, Owen stole a quick glance behind him at Sairus, more or less out of a habit to assess the tactical situation. He didn’t want to be ambushed from behind by the sizable, disagreeable lynx guarding the door. Much to his surprise and satisfaction, Sai had a strange little grin on his face. Even so, any points he won with the cat wouldn’t stop Owen from continuing to run his mouth at the risk of those points.

“No. You will fix her to my liking--and I mean my liking. You're gonna put me back inside her.” If that odd choice of phrase conjured up unsavory images of Owen literally inside Julianna, well that was the point. If Owen was worried that Kama was being truthful about Julianna’s state being permanent, he didn’t show it. Or he was in denial. Even so, somewhere in his mind some doubts he entertained about Julianna’s affections for him were contented to learn of her prolonged mourning; even if that meant he sort of took pleasure to learn how long she hurt for him. He refused to let any of these revelations--her grief, Belial, the children’s lives, his so-called ruination of her life--disturb him. Now that he was comfortably angry he clung to the feeling like a shipwrecked sailor to his life raft.

When Kama was finished Owen scoffed as if he were scandalized. He then clicked his tongue and wagged an index finger at the other man, like a parent or teacher scolding a small child. "Now now, Kama, no need to get all riled up. I know you don't mean those things. When I ruin Julianna's life again, it will most certainly also be your problem." 

His head suddenly cocked to the side as if something funny had occurred to him. The sadistic look morphed into a full smile that didn’t touch the eyes. It was no less a perverse expression. He squared his hips with Kama’s desk, letting his fingers idly brushing patterns along the surface as he spoke. “It’s funny that you never considered using this little magic trick on Victoria. What better way for you to get Sairus out of your bed than to make her forget him? Assuming he’s still fucking your wife that is." Owen stole a glance at Sairus again, this time it was mock suspicious. He bent closer to Kama over the desk, cupped his hand around his mouth, and lowered his voice as if to share a secret with him. "Though I suppose the trick works best when the subject you’re trying to erase is dead. Maybe you should work on that instead.” He shrugged casually as if he hadn’t just suggested anything out of the ordinary.

There was really no point to this additional commentary other than to humiliate Kama even further and deflect the attention away from the uncomfortable subject of his own wife.

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 10-25-2015

Kama snorted in derision from his position behind the desk, still finding ways to be haughty despite the previous transgressions to his jaw. "I will not be helping you," he said, brows tipping towards his bangs, and sounding as if the statement should have been obvious. Owen's childish turns of phrase were easily ignored by the doctor, accustomed to far more colorful descriptions being thrown around. Kama resisted the urge to worry at the wound across his lip with his tongue. As long as Owen was still standing, resolute, in his office he would not be giving him the satisfaction of nursing his wounds, literally and figuratively.

Dual-colored irises flicked up to level Owen's gaze, frowning at the fingers that was pushed in his direction. He certainly did mean those things, as his time in the other man's presence lingered on he was continuously reminded of why he purged Owen from Julianna's memories. His explosive anger and blinding selfishness had never been conducive to a working relationship. Why Julianna could never see that for herself was a question Kama would probably never have the answers too. He suspected it was guilt, or a morbid fascination, but he could never know for sure.

If Owen managed to find he wife again, managed to undo what he had done or make her fall for him all over again, Kama would be severing his ties with them. He loved his sister, he truly did, and it was too much to watch her go through what he had witnessed all over again.

As usual Owen was caught up in himself, quips coming to quickly for Kama to bother responding to them all. The doctor watched the way the blonde drew fingers over his desk, an immature and possessive desire to keep his things from being touched rose up in him, but he smothered into the back of his mind.

"Are Victoria and Sairus the only thing you have to hold over me?" Kama asked, shrugging his shoulders. He kept his voice low as he laced his fingers on top of his desk, and leaned forward to mimic Owen's closeness. The hushed tone of their voices was truly for dramatic effect, because if they were truly trying to keep Sai out of the conversation they would have to be much more subtle. "If the polyamorous relationship I offered my wife to make her happy is the only thing you have against me, than you should probably rethink your imaginary position of power."

He leaned back in his chair again, glancing away from Owen and over his shoulder to where Sairus still stood like a silent sentry behind them. "I have a lot of work to do, Owen," he explained casually, as if their conversation had at any point been pleasant. He stood, pulling his lab coat from the back of his chair. "I'd like to get back to it, if you're done wasting my time." He put the coat on as he walked to the door, letting his rhetorical last words hang in the air as he moved past Sairus and disappeared back into the bustle of the hospital.

Sairus pushed the door closed as the Darkwillow sibling disappeared, leaving himself trapped in the room with a particularly venomous Owen. "I have some information about Julianna. If you're willing to listen," he said, his rumbling tones implied he was less willing to put up with Owen's attitude than Kama was.

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 10-28-2015

Owen studied his brother-in-law silently while he spoke, his light eyes making subtle jumps from each eye, to his mouth, and back again. He had this smart-ass rejoinder all planned out: Victoria is just obviously more woman than you can handle. But Owen stopped himself knowing that the whole meeting had turned into a circus because he hadn’t been able to keep control of his emotions and he’d erroneously made provoking Kama his main priority. Owen knew he had lost his footing. Obviously this arrangement with Victoria and Sai, had been successful thus far and indeed made Victoria happy. Besides, he was the one who had almost ruined his marriage because of his episodic infidelity, not Kama. No, he didn’t have any more to say on marriages. Owen had nothing else to punish Kama with other than his negligence to keep up with Julianna, but they’d already gone around and around on that one.

So he just stared, silently, feeling a bit like a popped balloon. It made a lot of explosive noise when the air rushed out but was leveled in the process.

Even when Kama made his exit, Owen didn’t move. Statuesque and looming over the desk, he trained his eyes on the back of the chair that Kama had occupied as the other man moved out of his line of sight. Once he heard the door close, he sighed a throaty growl in frustration and let his neck muscles relax so that his head hung momentarily. He internally cursed himself for pissing off Kama so much that he would refuse to offer any help in finding his own sister. Owen played through the encounter regretfully, beginning to think himself not much better than Kama for placing his own fucking pride before cooperating for Julianna’s sake. He pictured Kama’s surprised post-punch visage and tried to hold on to that satisfying image when Sairus spoke up.

Owen had almost forgotten the third man in the room.

He collected himself and turned around slowly. Owen sat on the edge of the desk. To make room for him, he moved aside a stack of files with no regard for preserving any order they may have been placed in and crossed his arms over his chest. He hoped that resuming as nonchalant a posture as he could would settle him down from his tantrum a bit. As he made himself comfortable, he gazed more so past Sairus rather than directly at him and wondering at his intentions. What was the catch? As if Sai cared to play along with his and Kama’s silly power struggle and didn’t have Julianna’s best interests at heart.

“You have my attention.” Owen said with measured composure, but gesticulated impatiently with his hand in a circular motion indicating that Sai should continue.

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 11-14-2015

Sairus watched with masked amusement as Owen subdued. His taciturn sense of calm was not easily visible on the surface, but Sai had known the other man long enough before his untimely death to be a decent judge of his more subtle appearances. The room was silent for a few heartbeats between Kama's leaving and Sairus' comment. Silent even longer as the lynx waited for the other man to answer.

The former guardsmen remained steadfast under the weight of Owen's speculation; allowed himself to be considered as he was wont to do when the mood stuck him. Sairus had no position of his own to hold in this metaphorical chess game that Julianna's brother and husband were playing on her life. Sai kept everything on the surface, he had no ulterior motives, and left all his cards face up. It was easier in sense, he had nothing to hide, nothing to gain, and nothing to lose from being uncomplicated.

He waited patiently as the other man settled on the desk. He allowed Owen to make a show of his collected calm even though it was a waste of time. Brows shot up as Owen waved a hand at him, and he bit back a growl.

Because he was calm, and rational and did not growl at people.

Or punch them.

Yes, he was a beacon of tranquility.

"I don't know anything about the magic they used on her," he admitted, pushing a large hand through his honey colored strands of bangs. "But... Darcias cast the spell, and she is likely to be more... accommodating with any details than Kama. If it can be reversed she will know what to do."

He sighed, with a resigned shrug. "As for finding her, I have a few leads. It's not a long trail, but it's mostly assumptive. It starts with Aphrodite. Getting in touch with her should be easy enough for you, yes?"

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 11-17-2015

The annoyed arch of Sai’s eyebrows was duly noticed by Owen whose ability to aggravate, it seemed, was indefatigable even when he was trying not to. The blonde quickly tucked the hand that betrayed him away as he crossed his arms defensively over his chest.

Darcias. He was only peripherally aware of Julianna’s other sibling, having met her acquaintance so few times that he could mark the occasions on one hand. Again Owen was reminded that perhaps, he was the one who had been peripheral to Julianna’s life. A brother he never knew. Her other brother who hated him. Her sister who probably also hated him. The insidious creeping feeling that Julianna had willingly succumbed to the spell that erased him from her mind. Perhaps he had been merely a temporary plaything. A convenient throw-away mortal for the forever young to enjoy while it was convenient and fun. Or was he channeling what everyone wished Julianna thought of him? Owen’s mind moved fast spinning intricate webs of self-doubt and historical revision that would likely only be able to be unraveled by the subject of his worry.

He was barely listening to Sairus’ postulations--Owen rarely gave what Sairus said much consideration, in fact--on whether Darcias would be helpful. He resisted the urge to groan childishly at the thought of visiting her. He’d had enough of Darkwillow siblings for one lifetime. Or two.

He sighed instead and shook his head as he reconciled himself to the information. “I suppose we’ll have to pay sweet Darcias a visit then.”

Aphrodite’s name cam as a bit of relief. Technically speaking, Owen and ‘Dite were related by the marriage of their children--although quite distantly when considering neither of them biologically produced the children that linked them. ‘Dite’s step-daughter to Owen’s adopted son, as it were. Yes, he would be glad to see her again.

“I can get in touch with Aphrodite.” He assured.

Owen suddenly crossed the room to stand in front of the lynx. He resettled his arms across his chest with a wide-footed stance, gazing upward coolly at the larger. “If you’re playing some sort of game with me here, I’m going to make you regret it. But so long as you are willing to play nice cat, then Julianna will be the one that benefits.”

As if Sai would be the likely one to cause problems. A magnet for negative attention, Owen really couldn’t help himself with the verbal prodding.

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 11-18-2015

Sairus was only aware of a singular time that Owen and Darcias had even been in the presence of the other. Not that he was privy to everything that had happened in Julianna's life when she'd relieved him of his duties and married the man before him. The two sisters had constantly gone back and forth over the centuries, as siblings were prone to do, and they had been on the outs the first time Darcias had paid a visit. Upon Owen's death the animosity between them had simply dissolved, and Darcias had attempted to be there for her older sister in any way she could. Darcias had understood the loss, and the pain that Julianna was trying to deal with.

For all the Fae's efforts to be there for Julianna, it was likely for naught if they managed to reverse the hold on Julianna's memories.

"Good," Sairus rumbled, not sounding as pleased as he could have at Owen's easy participation. Aphrodite had some information on the queen's whereabouts, but he was not surprised that he could not get another word in edgewise before Owen was standing in front of him. Though only a few inches taller than the former assassin, Sairus still silently reveled in the pleasure of looking down at him, especially as Owen seemed to present him with the conditions of their arrangement.

"I don't play games," he said, evenly, golden eyes locking onto icy grey ones. "Not when it comes to Julianna. Not like the rest of you."

It was harsh, but it was true, and Sairus was done with feeling like he was the one under fire for this series of events. Stripped of his duties, and occupied with a family of his own. He'd had no say in the decision to alter her memories, but they'd come to him begging for him to be the one to find her again, as he had so many times before.

When Sairus tired of the staring contest, he uncrossed his arms and clapped a giant palm onto Owen's shoulder. It was a typically gesture of friendly good-will save for the part where the lynx forgot to smile. "Come," he said simply, dropping his hand away from the other man and turning to leave the room. "I have something that will make you feel a little better, for a moment."

He left the room without a word, as if he just expected Owen to follow. He stopped at the front desk while Owen was still out of earshot to ask the nurse for something. She complied easily, dropping something shining and noisy into his outstretched palm. He smiled at her. His path continued until he'd led them to the basement garage, where parked next to Kama's new black Jaguar was a navy blue Corvette that was likely all too familiar.

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 11-18-2015

Owen subtly braced himself upon the heavy weight of impact that reverberated down his arm and chest when Sairus’ sizable hand landed on his shoulder. He turned his head to stare somewhat in disbelief at the hand that lingered on his shoulder only momentarily. Although the other man's face didn’t match the tenor of the masculine contact, Owen felt that the gesture somehow dissolved the tension in the room.

But he nevertheless hesitated when Sairus offered him something to make him ‘feel better.’ Thus, he found himself alone in Kama’s office gaping and staring around wondering what was occurring.

Was Sairus being … agreeable? What a change since the I thought you were fucking dead greeting. Owen was intrigued.

With curiosity propelling him forward, for the second time that day Owen found himself trailing Sai down the hallway of the hospital. He caught up with the lynx as he was turning away from the front desk with something small hidden in his hand.

When they entered the parking garage, Owen came to a momentary full halt upon observing what Sairus had promised would lift his spirits. Once again Sai surprised the normally unflappable Owen. Betraying Kama’s secrets. The near approving little grin when Owen assaulted his brother-in-law. And now this: his wife’s old car.

An involuntary smile spread over the blonde’s face and even warmed pale eyes as he approached the car. The sight landed upon him like a waking dream. During his visit to their old home Julianna’s remaining personal effects had seemed like ancient relics to him. Dusty old things surviving from another time but serving no better purpose than encouraging fruitless sentimentality. The gleaming car, however, felt like the living, breathing present tense. Or a dollop of honey in bitter tea.

His expression changed to something more contented pensive as he circled the vehicle, tracing his fingers along the shining paint as memories came flooding back. He always knew when Julianna would be home long before she called out to him from the foyer and even before her key rustled in the lock---if only for the roar of the Vette’s engine that could be heard before she even turned on the lengthy driveway leading up to their home.

“She loved this car… I loved this car.” He mused as he bent over to stare at himself in the shining wax on the hood. He rubbed away some barely visible dirt that marred his reflection in the paint. “It’s still in great condition.” Owen added approvingly before straightening. He wasn’t sure if he was complimenting Kama on the upkeep or Sairus. He didn’t much care.

Owen’s eyebrow arched quizzically complimented by his telltale mischievous grin. “So you’re going to let me drive right?”

Nothing like a sports car to get a former corpse looking lively as a little boy on Christmas with the new Hot Wheels set.

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 11-28-2015

Personally, Sairus didn't understand the novelty of shining sports cars. He didn't drive and had never had much interest in material things, but Owen was right, Julianna had loved it. Perhaps, it was the concept of the sentimentality of the vehicle, or the knowledge that he had something that he knew Julianna would want to have when they got her back that pleased him.

The lynx unlocked the car before he stretched his arm to it's full length, to let the keys dangled noisily from the key ring he pinched between fingers. "You can drive it," Sairus agreed, without admitting that he didn't know how. "We're going to the mage academy in the center of the city. I will give directions along the way." Sai dropped the keys into Owen's hand, before circling around the front of the car to swing open the passenger door. "I will let Darcias know we are coming."

He ducked inside the car, slouching down in the front seat that was not at all made for a man his size. He knees were cramped against the dash and his head still brushed the convertible top, but it was only for a short distance, and he could probably handle it. A simple smart phone was pulled from the breast pocket of his flannel over shirt. He had finally learned what the damn thing was, but he was still mostly lost on how to use it. For the most part he waited for it to ring and then went from there.

He fumbled large fingers over tiny buttons to find Darcias' contact information, while Owen got situated. With a simple, and error ridden text he did his best to inform the Fae that they would be on their way. She responded with a series of punctuation that he did not understand, but had once been informed was a smiling face. Sai sighed and slid the device back into his pocket.

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 12-03-2015

Owen accepted the keys dropped into his palm trying to keep his face neutral so as to not look too excited to drive the car. He sidled into the Vette and stashed the bag of his few personal effects behind the driver’s seat. It wasn’t that hard to keep his face in check when he heard where they were going. Owen didn’t like magic. He generally didn’t like people who wielded it. And he didn’t like being around it. It made him feel like an especially ordinary human being which juxtaposed his ideas about his self-importance. Besides, Owen didn’t tolerate things he couldn’t understand--like magic and jazz.

Speaking of things he didn’t understand, Owen leaned over intrusively to observe Sairus bumbling around with the phone. Like Sai’s un-endorsed lack of driving abilities, Owen didn’t like to voice that he didn’t know how to do something. He had a somewhat similar device--the latest iPhone bought by Cain for keeping in touch--that he couldn’t remember how to use. He would have to figure out how to turn the damn thing on if he was to get in contact with Aphrodite. For the moment, he watched Sai trying to remember his motions for when the time came.

Having learned literally nothing of use, Owen leaned back to his side, clicked the safety belt over his chest, and brought the car to life. Although to him, it seemed he had recently drove the car, having no sense of time passing while dead, Owen found that his muscle memory wasn’t as in tact as he estimated. His shifting was noticeably rough in the beginning as he relearned the clutch/accelerator balance. His driving style could be described as generally aggressive involving excessive acceleration and sudden and sometimes illegal passing. He didn’t drive that way for any particular reason except out of habit and general impatience for other’s being in his way.

While he drove, Owen declined to initiate conversation with his honorary brother-in-law. He rolled down the window and was content to enjoy the ride. If the other man felt the need to fill the silence that had lapsed between them, he would, otherwise Owen didn’t care. He wasn’t here to make idle chit-chat with Sai, who he begrudgingly agreed to work with out of necessity. Besides, being friendly probably wouldn't do him any good with the lynx anyways.

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 12-14-2015

It was safe to say the men didn't do any talking. Sairus, himself had never been particularly talkative, if only because of his strange habit to mix his words and otherwise say the wrong thing. It was not often that anyone listened to him either, so he was surprised to find himself riding along with someone who had taken his advice. Especially, since that someone was Owen.

Arrogant, volatile Owen Renly Hart. Sairus couldn't recall a time when the other man had taken someone's advice on anything.

The lynx spoke only to give directions, content to look out the window as the ports and markets passed. Macrilan was a melting pot of commerce, still accepting ships and merchants like cargo planes had never been invented. Between markets and the Mage Academy, Macrilan could have subsisted on tourism alone.

"It's there." Sairus finally broke a lasting silence, pointing out the window and slightly to the left, where the aging towers of the college could be seen across the bridge. It looked more a renaissance era castle, it stood tall and regal even in the distance. Banners flared in the breeze in a herald of the school's colors like something out of an old movie. Whether that movie was a costume period drama or something more contemporary, like cheerleading, he could never decide.

The private drive that led to their destination was constructed of rough cobblestones, and lined with hanging locust flowers that had been enchanted to bloom no matter what the season. Which parts of the scenery occurred naturally and which were the product of the student's lessons were difficult to tell apart, which he supposed they should be proud of.

As they neared the front of the school, it was difficult not to notice Darcias, standing at the forefront. She was all white-feathered wings and a pale wash of golden hair and robes that seemed to shimmer in the light of day. "Just pull up to the front and turn the car off," Sairus instructed, glaring at the Fae through his window, despite not being able to properly see each other.

The car drew closer and Sairus could see that Darcias was smiling. Greeting them with her guard, Teagan, behind her as if they were new students, or visitors stopping by to see a demonstration or two. All the first enchanter and head mistress she had been appointed to be, pretending something terrible wasn't happening around her as she always did.

Sairus hated her for it.

RE: Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 12-17-2015

The city's scenery was lost on a singularly focused Owen. Perhaps he would have been more attuned to enjoy a cruising scenic drive if he’d been accompanied by almost anyone other than grumpy Sairus. But preferably a woman. Since his first choice of womanly passenger was indisposed, missing, maybe dead, probably remarried...Owen would have settled for even a homely lady passenger. Anything with tits and an ass, really.

Upon being directed to their destination, Owen initially took the drive with more speed than was necessary. The bumping cobblestone pathway prompted him to slow down. He stared disapprovingly at the uncanny garden lining the road. He resented the obviously unnatural blooming flowers and foliage that lined the drive. It was excessive. It was unnatural. Owen failed to identify his own presence as excessive and unnatural and thus similarly bothersome to others. Such was an impossibility in his world view.

He double-taked at his sister-in-law through the car window, and muttered to himself, “For fucksake.” Though he didn’t indicate what about her display bothered him. Probably that she commanded attention, in a Disney princess meets angelic wizard sort of way. Couldn’t she dress like a normal person? Mostly he was pissed at her for tampering with Julianna’s mind on Kama’s orders, like some executioner mindlessly carrying out someone else’s justice.

Not unlike his own past occupation. Again self-reflection wasn’t his strong suit. Particularly not when he was pissed.

Owen killed the engine and without waiting for Sairus he exited the car with a slam of the door.

“Darcias!” He greeted loudly sauntering up to the woman with his usual cock-sure swagger. He didn’t recognize the guard and didn’t figure her important enough to acknowledge. He ignored her like a piece of unused furniture in the corner. Once in front of Darcias, Owen placed his hands on either of her shoulders in a firm, yet familiar way.

“More ravishing than I remember...” He complimented her, for all to hear, and made a point to pass his eyes over her body appreciatively. Not that he could actually appreciate her figure within the robes.

Owen bent down to press a kiss of greeting on either cheek. His lips moved to her ear after the second kiss so he could whisper, “But I’m very displeased with you, sister. For what you’ve done to my wife.” He released her and smiled amiably as if he hadn't said anything indelicate.

“No need for the valet, of course! Though Sairus and I surely appreciate the consideration.” He said finally glancing to the guard. It was said with that false, dismissive cordiality befitting of a man with a career made, in part, by political bullshittery.

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Darcias was unflappable beneath the weight of Owen's false warmth. She remained all gentle smiles and regal authority as he descended upon her, though a tightness appeared at the crinkled edges of her eyes as he settled his hands on her shoulders.

"What a pleasant surprise," she responded, ethereal tones calm, and just loud enough to be heard on the coattails of his perceived compliment. It was a show; a dance, a choreography that was waiting to fall apart in the cover of privacy. Darcias was all too aware of the eyes on her; faculty and students gathering around the courtyard to witness the strange event. Visitors were uncommon, especially those who seemed so familiar with the headmistress, and she was not eager to make a scene. She tilted either cheek towards him, like a scene out of an old movie, and showed no sign of being affected by his words when he pulled away.

Her returning smile was like syrup, sickly sweet.

Teagan, on the other hand, was less prone to smiling. The guard did nothing to hide her displeasure, a deep frown, and dark brows knit tight. She did not bristle at Owen's deliberate attempt at offense, but she could not resist a very obvious roll of yellow eyes.

"Well," Darcias announced, when Owen appeared to have finished posturing for a few moments. She ruffled invisible wrinkles out of her skirts, before clapping her hands together. "I think it's time for tea. Something to combat this unseasonable chill." She hunched her shoulders in a shivering gesture, and turned on her heel without waiting for a confirmation. Teagan reached for the door, holding it open for Darcias to disappear inside.

Before the other guard could follow the princess, Sairus clapped a hand around her arm. Teagan looked down at where his fingers were curled around her bicep. "It's been awhile," he said. "Why don't you show me around the grounds?" He continued, and the bruising grip on her arm suggested that it was not a request. Teagan's eyes flickered from her brother to Owen, and then back again; Sairus stared back at her.

"Fine," she agreed, finally, unwillingly, releasing the door and jerking her arm from his grip. The two Weatherfare's walked off together, leaving the in-laws to talk (or quarrel) as they would.

Darcias continued walking as if an exchange was not happening behind her back. Too used to be royalty, and being revered, that she expected things to happen as she willed them.

"The weather is indeed strange." She spoke to Owen as she lead him along, refusing to breech the subject of the reason behind his visit, like she was content to ignore the whole thing.

As if she was the one who was suffering.