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Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 08-25-2015

Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 08-25-2015

    If he had ever thought to make a list of people he never expected to see again Kama's brother-in-law would have been at the very top of it. Perhaps, it had something to do with Owen being ten years dead, or perhaps it was because they had never seen eye to eye. [/align]
staring, mostly, at the younger man nestled nicely into one of the beds in Macrilan General Hospital. A man that should be older, but the passage of time didn't seem to effect those recently back from the dead. He pursed his lips, and tapped idly against his clipboard with his pen, dual-colored eyes darting away whenever Owen would look up at him. Back to his charts or the monitors, anything to avoid allowing Owen to see any hint of surprise. Or concern. Clearing his throat, he tucked the clipboard under his arm, pen making its way back into his coat pocket. Empty hands adjusted an IV tucked into the crook of Owen's arm. [/align]
Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 08-26-2015

Playing eye tag with his disagreeable brother-in-law, or however their relationship could be described now, was becoming quickly unamusing. Although he enjoyed making the doctor uncomfortable, Owen was beginning to wonder if he had found something wrong with his new (or old?) body. Despite several weeks of gaping mouths, bewildered eyes, and uncomfortable stares from other 'loved-ones' he had visited, he still wasn’t used to being an object of curiosity. Although he certainly liked being the center of attention, contemplating his mysterious resurrection was harrowing at best. Plus being a medical or physical or magical oddity was nothing more than tedious. 

In a word, Owen was bored. He was sprawled in the hospital bed, glad for something comfortable to lie on after sleeping in a borrowed car for days. He didn’t even mind the scratchy hospital gown that adorned his body. He purposefully neglected to cover himself with a blanket just to be that much more insufferable to the doctor. Long legs and a near scandalous length of masculine thigh were exposed by the ill-fitting gown, if the garment could even be called that. The arm with IV access was stretched out palm up; the other lazily tucked behind his head. 

His eyes followed Kama’s to the monitors and clip board when the other man looked away, refusing eye contact. Owen had been previously fascinated by his own heart rhythm on the monitor; but the beeps and bloops were grating to him now. It sort of emphasized the fact that he was always one failed beat away from the humiliation (or privilege, if he was an optimist) of a second death, which was the harrowing part of contemplating his resurrection.

He exhaled loudly at the replicated question. It was a sigh in the form of a complaint. Perhaps if Owen did try harder to remember he at least might be able to characterize what being dead felt like; what 'waking up' felt like. But any such efforts produced nothing but emotional distress that Owen was not comfortable with feeling. Also it damaged his pride a bit that he succumbed to mortal ending. Not that he could have helped that. Thus, he excused himself from any undue retrospective efforts. “Nope, not a thing. Memory is blank. But we’ve established that, yes?” Although he was exasperated with the medical questioning, Owen was shying away from asking the real questions, too. The where-is-my-wife? and is-she-safe/happy/well? and did-she-get-re-married/she-remained-celibate-right? questions he still wasn’t sure he was prepared to hear the answers for. So, for now at least, he didn’t ask.

“You’re a smart guy so I’m sure you have some brainy theories.” Owen wasn’t privy to any conversations Kama had about him. So he poked fun at what he assumed was the doctor’s ignorance more or less as a means to prolong their mutual avoidance of conversation concerning his once wife.

Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 08-26-2015

    Owen was so insufferably regal at times that Kama wondered why the man had never bothered accepting his position as king.  He would have fit in seamlessly, with his bad attitude and worse temper. Here he was, draped across the stiff cot, like he didn't have a care in the world; like this was just another one of his annoying Covenant physicals. [/align]

    "Your leg is completely healed. Your elbow is completely healed. I'm sure your cocaine addiction wouldn't have been a problem anymore had you not been so quick to remedy it," he knew he sounded judgmental, but it was hard to avoid. Owen's substance abuse had unsurprisingly done nothing but cause problems in the past.
am a smart guy," he agreed as he moved away from the bed, and deposited the clipboard. He sat down on the available stool and wheeled himself closer to Owen's bed so he could continue watching monitors. Not that anything of note had appeared on them. "But I don't need theories. You were resurrected by a particularly powerful necromancer named Elliot Wilder," Kama crossed his arms over his chest as he explained. "Elliot is also our brother. Julianna's twin to be specific. Don't worry if you've never heard of him. We try not to talk about him much, because he's not exactly the kind of guy your invite home for Christmas." [/align]

Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 08-26-2015

Slate grey eyes studied the doctor endorsing Owen’s good health. He wouldn’t admit he was supremely relieved to hear his body was in good shape. He nodded slowly noting his agreement with Kama’s assessments about his previously injured elbow and knee. Basking in reassurances was short lived when the topic of his cocaine use was broached. Indeed, Owen was back on the powder. He knew he couldn’t hide such use from blood tests and made no efforts to deny it. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t or wouldn’t make a disproportionate show offense to Kama’s rather mild cut.

“Well,” He sat up on his elbow so as to better direct his vitriol to the other man, “when you suffer a brutal execution sending your consciousness spiraling out of time and space into timeless black death and then wake up restrained to a psych ward bed pumped so full of Haldol your pubes are soaked with drool and Dr. Freud himself is asking you what the fuck decade you really think it is, then we can talk about appropriate self-indulgences. Until then, spare me the pearl clutching, doc.” Apparently, the blonde did have it in him to characterize the whole death-to-life experience. Perhaps some nuggets of truth were in there somewhere. Then again he did have a penchant for drama, especially when he could wield it to make a point with a flourish. For a man as impossible as Owen prided himself to be, the issue of whether a point was actually made or not was immaterial. This was particularly so, if he knew he was in the wrong but could still amuse himself with a ridiculous rejoinder. And he never bothered hiding that he was amused with himself. This day was no different.

A devilish grin adorned his lips revealing a touch of teeth as he observed Kama pulling his stool over in the typical doctor way. It indicated explanations were sure to follow. Owen thus resettled into a satirical posture of deferential listening. He leaned over on his elbow, propping chin on knuckles, with brow furrowed, as he listened to Kama begin his explanation of his resurrection. Upon the mention of his wife by name, he sobered up from what he was counting as his victorious repartee.

His visage momentarily transitioned into something akin an expression of physical discomfort. The frowning brow remained, but his eyes softened glazing over.  His wife’s history, it seemed, was a never ending matryoska doll of secrets. As you opened the deeper dolls the more deformed they got. “She never told me she had another brother.” He said it quietly more to himself than Kama. Hearing her name. Learning another significant fact he never knew about a woman with whom he spent near two decades. If expression and vocal intonation weren’t clue enough into his distress the quickening of his pulse on the monitor was a dead giveaway.

The change in the monitor beeps brought him out of the brief reverie. “Well it seems, I have a new favorite Darkwillow brother. Thanks are in order to dear Elliot. I suppose I have him to thank for curing permanent nerve damage in that elbow from a botched surgery. And preserving my taste for stimulants.” He isolated the elbow injury pointedly. Referring to, of course, a surgery performed by Kama himself to salvage devastating, irreparable nerve damage.

Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 08-29-2015

remembered [/align]
    "Spare me the self-defense, Owen, and take it only as an educated medical observation." Which from Kama rarely meant anything to the blonde. Despite being knowledgeable and well-received by the medical community, Owen liked to repeatedly take shots at the darker man's position as doctor and surgeon. [/align]
If he was asked. [/align]
perfect surgery that would have kept him from completely losing the use of his arm. "I wouldn't go singing Elliot's praises just yet," Kama said, disposing of used components in their appropriate places. It was the closest thing to a warning he would ever give his brother-in-law, because he had a tendency to not take them to heart. Humans were normally prideful, but something about Owen made him almost ridiculously so, and he was often more trouble than Kama thought he was actually worth.

     "Elliot doesn't do anything for free. He wants something from you." Kama had a few guesses as to what it was his younger brother could possibly want, but he kept them to himself for now. "And whatever it is he will come to collect it." [/align]

Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 08-29-2015

That slightest impression of a sneer on Kama’s lips did not go unnoticed and neither did the mockery in the other man’s voice. Owen felt embarrassed that he let his guard down enough to allow Kama the satisfaction of his heartache. The muscles in his jaw contracted with the force of clenched teeth. Egotistical, pompous, self-righteous fucker. Owen didn’t vocalize this assessment of the other man. He really could have been describing himself. Perhaps the parallels between the men were what repelled them, like the same poles of two magnets. The closer they got the more persistently they pushed away.

He matched Kama’s frosty gaze allowing his anger to bleed into insolent apathy. “Your little sibling rivalry aside... I’m not opposed to playing Elliot’s game. If I learned anything from the scheming bureaucrats at the Covenant, the chessmaster’s threat is generally stronger than the execution.” Translation: Bring it. If Kama was to play the messenger, then Owen intended by that turn of phrase to let Elliot know he could offer plenty of counterplay to fuck with any unfavorable intentions the other man may have for him. Whether that would be interpreted as prideful boasting didn’t occur to Owen; it actually came from an honest interest in self preservation.

If being freed of the medical equipment was any indication, Owen’s time with Kama was quickly coming to an end. This meant he couldn’t justify postponing the uncomfortable questioning for much longer since the other man stubbornly refused to offer any unsolicited information except when it concerned Owen’s substance abuse. He didn’t really want to give Kama any further satisfaction that he was still affected by Juliana. But it was rather obvious that the wounds, for him, were still draining.

Though ten years had passed, that time had not been perceived by Owen. An adverse side effect of his resurrection, it seemed, was his mind’s inability to catch up to the present without constant effort. If left to daydream, he would involuntarily revert to thinking about his life as it had been but inappropriately in the present tense. Juliana in those imaginings was never more than an arm’s length away. At times the daydreams felt so real, Owen wondered whether he was having full blown visual, auditory, and tactile hallucinations. (Not that he would admit any of this to Kama, though it might be of medical importance). He also had vivid nighttime dreams of his life as it was ten years earlier and would wake half expecting to find himself at home in bed with her. Every awakening felt like a harsh respawning. He felt wretched. He didn’t belong. There was a gaping hole in his past which made him feel like he had no future. Sentimentality for his old life had thus become his noonday demon.

He swung his feet over the bed the motion bringing him into a sitting position. He felt cool air against the skin of his back exposed by the hospital gown. “My wife…” He used the possessive expression to demonstrate his expected continued ownership over Juliana. He liked the sound of describing her as something belonging to him. Still, it was more a show of masculine dominance for Kama’s sake; Owen wasn’t entirely sure about his marital status. Ten years was a long time. “Surely her whereabouts and wellbeing aren’t one of the many secrets she’d employ you to keep from me?” There. The question was finally asked.

Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 08-29-2015

    Hetero-chromatic eyes completed a roll at Owen's oversimplification of their relationship with Elliot. Kama was not a messenger, just relaying all the facts that he currently knew. Which in retrospect wasn't that many. The doctor continued to withhold information. About Elliot's long time plan of killing Julianna, and even longer history of hurting her. Insofar, Owen's attitude left him undeserving of the information in Kama's eyes. [/align]
    Only had vague indications that she was still alive. [/align]
always refuse to watch her suffer for this man. Because he was her brother, and that's what brothers did. They protected their little sister's in any fucking way they could. Kama had not been able to keep this man out of her life when he had been alive, but he had found a way to do so in death. [/align]
    "I have to take this," he said, avoiding any eye contact. His refusal to satisfy Owen's inquires were now blatantly obvious. "It's your sister," he explained, as he walked away. "Should I tell her the good news?" He didn't wait for an answer, didn't glean whether or not he was going to tell Victoria that her brother was alive again. He left Owen alone in the hospital room, as he all but ran away from the situation like a coward. [/align]
    Unaware of Owen's new status as alive, or his presence in the hospital, Sairus continued towards Kama's office without a glance to Owen. [/align]

Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 08-30-2015

[/align] Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 09-05-2015

    Kama's careless shrug as he focused on the conversation with his wife was haughtier than the situation deserved. The door closed behind him and his voice carried down the hall as he left Owen to brood. [/align]
    His marriage to Victoria was just words on paper now, for all the half-hearted effort they put into it. Victoria's relationship with Sairus and Kama's inability to actually connect with another person rose the question of why they bothered staying married at all. It wasn't that he didn't love her (or at least he was sure he had at some point). It was the passive aggressive way he had chose to cope with her love for another man. He thought he wanted her to be happy, and that's why he'd never bothered to put any boundaries on their relationship, but perhaps more accurately he wanted an excuse to be miserable. 
    Sairus didn't stop walking, despite being aware of the presence of another body beside his. It was difficult to pull him away from a task he was focused on. Which in this case was finding Kama, and demanding answers. Which was a common back and forth between the men that typically ended with Sairus worse off than he was before. It wasn't until he heard his name that he bothered looking to the other man from his peripheral vision. [/align]

Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 09-06-2015

If it weren't for the shield that Owen's imperious nature provided he might have felt vulnerable and small being partially exposed in a hospital gown under the gaze of the obviously cross and looming Sairus. His intention had been to rile up the lynx, anyway. Although, admittedly he was a bit taken aback by the other man's reaction. The overly hostile greeting was undeserved in the blonde's estimation. Apparently a decade of separation in death wasn't long enough for Sairus to forget or forgive Owen's past transgressions. The only movement that would give away his surprise was an exaggerated blink--really, an expression of annoyance--otherwise he kept his face blank and his body tense and still. He was essentially holding his ground showing the other man he couldn't be easily intimidated.

"That's all you've got to say to me? We're practically family, you know." He broke eye contact long enough to shift around his clothes and articles into one hand to free the other. He referenced the mingling of the Weatherfare and Hart family trees via his niece Isabella, the product of Victoria and Sairus' affair. He used 'practically' in a pointed manner to bring to the taller man's attention that his relationship with Owen's sister had never been and could never be legitimized. It was just to knock the other man down a bit.

"Apparently, my wife's witch doctor..or whatever..." He waved his free hand dismissively, as if the necromancer wasn't a big deal, "of a brother, the twin that is, saw it fit to resurrect me. This is according to the ever informative Kama." He shrugged nonchalantly as if this explanation of his presence would make sense to the other man. The same possessive terminology, in reference to Juliana as his wife, was reused for the same reasons he used them with Kama. Regardless the status of their marriage at this point, Owen would continue to make claims on his status as a patriarch in their families which was incumbent upon him (in his mind, at least) as Juliana's husband, the father of her children, and as Victoria's beloved brother. Neither Kama nor Sairus (especially not Sai) had more of a claim to respectability and involvement in family affairs than Owen did.

If Owen had been ambivalent about what he wanted from Juliana now, that doubt was quickly fading. His wounded pride controlled his desires and goals more than Owen would probably admit to himself. The more the other important men in Juliana's life belittled and acted hostile towards him, the more he was determined to have her, even if only to prove a point.

Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 09-07-2015

    Sairus' obvious distaste for the other man was not without its reasons. As much as Owen loved to play the victim, Sai knew he was anything but. Arrogant and temperamental, with a substance abuse problem to augment behaviors that were already damaging. Julianna bruised and Julianna broken were all he saw when he looked at Owen's expressionless visage; the neutral mask that he hid behind. Owen thought his grandstanding was brave, Sai thought it was stupid.[/align]
not family," he growled, close to interrupting. The ideal of family was something that Sai held close to his heart. Growing up within a clan as large as the Weatherfare's would do that go a person, and he'd prefer to pretend that Isabella had nothing to do with the Harts,  her mother would never stand for it, ever proud of a her broken lineage. He didn't have a large amount of high ground to judge from, but that usually didn't stop him.[/align]
    "Elliot is using Owen to try and find Julianna," the guardsmen announced without waiting to be addressed. "His magic is still all over him. I can smell it."[/align]

Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 09-08-2015

Owen's cold stare was accompanied by an amused grin at Sairus' childish denial of their family ties. The lynx was much more easily ruffled than Kama was. “Say that to Victoria.” He dared the other man when the protestations died down. If it were to be a competition of immaturity, Owen could certainly win at that. Without further words on the matter, he was left to follow after Sairus. His patience for Sai and Kama’s dismissive attitudes towards him was quickly wearing thin. He followed close enough to catch Sairus' theory as to why Elliot was interested in him. He slammed the office door closed behind him and remained silent in regards to Kama’s demands as to his whereabouts. While he processed the new information, Owen’s mouth remained closed with a clenched jaw and grinding teeth. His icy, critical gaze flicked from the lynx to the doctor and back again. Owen realized that he, for once, actually had the moral high ground. 

In silence, his personal effects were released onto a chair in front of Kama's desk and Owen began dressing himself. He shoved his legs into a pair of worn jeans before tearing off his hospital gown, sparing them the exposure to a full frontal. If clasping jeans and a belt could be haughty, Owen's hands were performing the motions with those mannerisms. He began a tirade with a low voice nearly trembling with indignation, "So let me get this straight. Number one. Juliana is missing." He emphasized the final word with a rough slap of his hand on Kama's desk. He leaned on his hand to move closer to the other man. Owen had the vantage point to gaze down at the doctor from his looming stance, and directed an accusing finger at the man behind the desk, "You two don't have a fucking clue where she is." Although he only pointed at Kama, it was meant for both men, as he glanced at Sai momentarily over his still bare shoulder.

Straightening up to pull a simple navy cotton shirt over his head, Owen continued. "You're so fucking incompetent that Elliot resorted to bringing a dead man from 10 years in the grave to find this woman? You realize how fucking stupid that makes you look, right?" He shook his head with a strange, knowing smile that bordered something like pride. "Luckily for you, she must have picked up a few habits from me over the years." Owen was referring to his knack hiding in plain sight. He had skillfully hid her and their children (for a time) from the Covenant whilst living right under the organization's jurisdiction. He would take credit for her ability to stay under the radar, whether it had anything to do with him or not. He was also getting off topic which was his tendency when ranting.

“Number two. Sounds like I’m not the one in danger by Elliot, as you would have me believe Kama, but rather Juliana is. And you,” he spat the word, “kept this to yourself. What purpose does that serve? Who do you think benefits from keeping secrets like that? So you must have thought I was going to lay down like a dog and behave with only empty, vague threats? So I'm just supposed to do whatever you say and play along like a pawn in whatever game you have going with your brother? And what, you think I don’t have a right to know anything about my wife, anymore?” Again the emphasis that Juliana was his. He whirled around to face Sairus. He wouldn't give either man anytime to protest or say anything in self defense. “You, meanwhile, have one fucking job--aside from being Victoria’s little sex toy--" that jab was for both men, really, not that it was pertinent to the conversation, "protect Juliana. And guess what, for as long as I’ve known you, you’ve done a royal shit job. So fuck you, too.”

With brusque motions, Owen slipped into his leather bomber jacket and shouldered his pack. "I can see I'm wasting my time. I can figure out how to find her on my own from here. I guaren-fuckin’-tee it that the Covenant has kept better tabs on her than you two." He made as if to leave the office, brushing roughly past Sairus. Owen didn't realize that in his rant he admitted he had been covertly looking for Juliana (and unsuccessfully) which was something he obviously had not confessed to Kama during the examination. He also had suggested that he had been in contact with people from the Covenant. He wouldn't admit that the main reason for coming to Kama was to ask for advice on how to find his wife. He had easily tracked down almost all of his former friends, family members, and even colleagues and made contact with several of them. He wouldn't admit he was terrified for Juliana and he was desperate for any information either man would offer him. But his wounded pride, and blinding anger interfered with his ability to ask for help from men who so hated him. It was a stale mate then.

Fool's Rook [Closed] - megs - 09-08-2015

determinationWe're not the ones trying to use you for anything."[/align]
hurt her."[/align]

Fool's Rook [Closed] - saronym - 09-10-2015

Owen resented the way he was being manipulated and strung along with little bits of information like pieces of a treat to a starving dog. He couldn’t quite grasp why Kama was so set on secrecy. He found it hard to believe that there wasn’t some power struggle going on, and knew his oversimplification ‘sibling rivalry’ wasn’t quite accurate. But it didn’t feel exactly wrong either. If anything the rivalry was going on in this room. Kama had always been bitter about Owen’s influence over Julianna. He paused on his way to the door partly because he noticed the subtle glances shared between Kama and Sairus. Still more information was being withheld. But, Kama seemed to be losing the upper hand. He was defensive. The way he raised himself up to avoid being loomed over. The way he made as if to stop Owen from leaving. The way he seemed to be revealing more than he'd intended.

For the sake of preserving some dignity, Owen turned his back to Kama anyway and made for the door, but was stopped by the last of what Kama had to say. He half turned back. "Excuse me, what?"

To hurt her. The hand that had reached for the door knob went limp. He couldn't exactly hide his initial pained reaction from the other men. Brows knit together over a smoldering gaze. His lips pursed, pressing together at the corners. Intrusive memories of the times he had hurt her the most flooded into his mind. He assumed that reference to Owen's ability to hurt Julianna had something to do with these moments. He only vaguely remembered the disagreements that ended in violence, perhaps a self-induced amnesia for self-preservation was at work. He mostly remembered picking up the pieces afterwards. The unwanted thoughts were accompanied by that sort of nauseous feeling one gets with remembering things that are better left stuffed into the darker places of the mind.

"Who could hurt her more than that one short-fused tyrant of an ex-husband? He was the violent, addict right? He'd be great to torture Julianna with." He directed the sarcastic tirade to the doctor like some sort of sick parody of Kama’s thought processes. Denying his wounds with sarcasm had always made him feel stronger, more secure. Even if it was kind of a lie. Referring to himself as her ‘ex’ just came out by accident. He had been calling himself that in his mind of late, more or less, because death sort of did nullify a marriage. ‘Till death do we part, and all.

“Poor misinformed Elliot, we were happily married all along. So it seems that we agree that Elliot's plans for me were ill-conceived. And if you've now established that I'm no threat to Julianna, then I don't think we have anything else to discuss." He made as if to turn back towards the door, but merely stared at Kama, giving him the opportunity to stop him. He all but ignored Sairus throughout, finding the lynx’s near deference to Kama strange and annoying. If Sai wanted to be treated like a guard dog, told where to go, how to act, and what do to, so be it. But it wasn't as if Sairus' show of loyalty to Kama was doing Julianna any good. Not that either cared for Owen's assessment on that matter.