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Valesport Worldbuilding - Tindome - 11-30-2014

So, in order to facilitate the creation of all kinds of fun big plots, I'm making this thread so we can better build up Valesport as a place with a history and a map and so on.

What I have so far, which is not necessarily set in stone:

So: thoughts? Ideas? Better ideas than mine? Things you would like to more specifically work in? I am also willing to add a list of gangs to the setting notes, with links to any writeups that anyone may want to do.

Valesport Worldbuilding - Kat - 11-30-2014

Uptown is called?
Like, the upper Manhatten of this city would be ____________.
Fae wanna be there.
Also, Fae wanna have the city park near them.
For reasons.

Valesport Worldbuilding - megs - 11-30-2014

These are the ideas Kat and I have been talking about today.

The rest of the city is sectioned off into quadrants, controlled mob-style by large supernatural 'families'
The Wharf - Were-Shifters
Downtown- Vampires
Midtown - Witches/Covens (Human magic-users)
Uptown - Fae

Each 'family' has a godfather-style 'head of house'

Kat says the Fae have a Tea Garden as their main meeting salon.
Uptown is also mockingly referred to as Little Arcadia by the other groups.

The shifters have a Casino on the water that they use for laundering money from drugs/trafficking of supernatural beings
(Mostly my wereleopards, but I am not opposed to others playing)

Human magic-users is not limited. Could also include cultists and magical crazy people.

Human magic users are likely strongly divided among themselves, given the presence of white and black magics.

(These are all obviously just suggestions)

Valesport Worldbuilding - Tindome - 11-30-2014

I'm bad at naming things and when I try I just make horrible jokes, so if anyone can come up with good names for things I will totally support that. I like all of the ideas presented so far Meow

Valesport Worldbuilding - Blade - 11-30-2014

...Now you're making me wonder if Ruka had to be diplomatty when she moved in, Megs.

If we're talking god-father type sectioning I love IC be like a 'misfits welcome here' area. it odd random plots in my head are emerging for walk-in threads?

Valesport Worldbuilding - Kat - 11-30-2014

I think unaffiliated creatures are free to pass through areas so long as they aren't causing problems.
You know, 'tread lightly and keep your big stick to yourself.'

Valesport Worldbuilding - Tindome - 11-30-2014

If IC is up the street from Jean, it's probably still in Old Town and everyone was like "should we tell her" "idk what do we tell her idk why we even aren't supposed to go there" "i've heard there's a cthulhu" "there's only one cthulhu you can't have 'a' cthulhu also he's in the ocean" "omg you're such a pedant why are we even friends"

... yes, good ol' Vampire Lackies 1 and 2, with their many insights into the city of Valesport

Valesport Worldbuilding - Blade - 11-30-2014

xD Well, it hasn't been open that long. Still time for random wierdos to come in and be like, "Do you KNOW who lives down the road from you!? Do you KNOW?!" I can se Ruka just blinking repeatedly at two talkative and confusing lackies.

Valesport Worldbuilding - Tindome - 11-30-2014

I'm going to be honest, I have already named them Steve and Carl and they are basically Tyrelle from this sketch:

Valesport Worldbuilding - Blade - 12-01-2014

OMG, yeah, I've seen that xD. Soooo funny.

Now I'm kinda sad we didn't get a chance to have Jean come and be all, "And who are you setting up shop in my town?"

Valesport Worldbuilding - Tindome - 12-01-2014

Usually if someone he can sense as a potential threat to his comfort moves in, he shows up with a gift basket and a smile. It's neighborly, and also extremely unsettling! If it ends up being someone who won't bother him then he doesn't bother them and they're left extremely puzzled about why everyone gets so anxious about this lovely neighborhood where handsome men show up with cookies.

Ruka beat him to it and now he's doing secret reconnaissance.  :p "mostly there seems to be a lot of people fucking in here, I have no complaints I guess"

Valesport Worldbuilding - Blade - 12-01-2014

LOL! That sounds about right. either that, or she just hid herself pretty well prior to making herself known.

Valesport Worldbuilding - Tindome - 12-01-2014

I feel like I'm accidentally positioning Jean as some sort of super badass Catfish He just has A Reputation, sort of, in a thirdhand knowledge rumor mill sort of a way. There are probably other people in the city that people are much more tangibly aware/afraid of, gang leaders and mafia bosses and so on. I feel like at this point the Old Town situation is considered as much a superstition as a practical consideration, particularly when he's spent basically a decade moping in his house and turning into a hoarder. And from a strictly roleplaying/storytelling standpoint it's useful to have a neutral zone.

I also like the idea of various human gangs that are all constantly fighting with one another, but if one of the supernatural groups messes with one of them they're like WHOA WHOA HEY BACK THE FUCK UP, non-magical solidarity and so on. Or something. I am so bad at worldbuilding omg who let me in here

Valesport Worldbuilding - Blade - 12-01-2014

Well, no, I don't see it that way. More that he's been there so long it just worked out that the rumor mills have been making or worse for ages. Personally, I think it adds depth all of the present threads. Annnnnnnd... reeeeeeaallly.... I like anything that adds depths for my characters with other character.... so.... yeeeaash...z.

Valesport Worldbuilding - danixiewrites - 12-01-2014

I was honestly envisioning the Supernatural eppy set in Chicago reset in Valesport when I was getting Connor's mafia Family written up; angle for the non-magic human and outriders of were-pack society (re: lone wolves, budding alphas who got cornered out) forming the ranks...built-in magic prejudice tacked on via "law" versus the ones that just occur naturally because humans are horrible. ^_^ They'd need a foothold in numbers...kind of like rats. (Not that the recruitment boys really need an additional reason to be trolling along the edges of Old Town lol.) *shrugs*