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Coffee Break [Closed] - Tindome - 11-22-2014

[Image: coffee.png]

    Rhys finally grew impatient, as she always eventually did; Jean's own patience could be almost frustrating, when the mood suited it. He loved the taste of that breaking point, the moment desire gave way to need, became something somehow heavier.

    The feel of her sliding onto his cock wasn't bad, either.

    It was tempting to meet her urgency with an urgency of his own, but he was willing to savor this particular treat. The rocking of his hips against hers was slow, a languid rhythm that did not vary in speed or in force. Long and leisurely strokes within her, and when she nipped at his wrist he curled his fingers, did not quite pull them into a fist. Not enough to be pulling her hair, but it held her still, urged her to tilt her head backward. His other hand cupped her cheek, thumb brushing her lip before sliding onto her tongue. "Better?" he asked, and he was teasing as much as anything, because he knew that it would not be enough when she wanted as badly as she did.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Hobo_Bob - 11-23-2014

It always hurt at first when she slid herself onto him. That brief moment of pain at being pierced and filled.
And hot. Rhys always felt a wave of pain and heat once a stiff member was inside of her.
But with Jean, it never burned or hurt as much as it has in the past. Perhaps before he did not force it. Easy and languid was their sex, comfortable in comparison to the men before him. There have been many, yet few she would sleep with. No no, in total Jean was altogether something very different. Perhaps one day special, but for now....

He just felt great inside of her.

Moaning his name softly and then hissing past perfect rows of lovely pearled teeth as if in pain, she did as he silently asked. Tilting her head back and opening her eyes to look into his. His question, greeted and answered with a smile, was short and honest.

Rhys nodded after a moment, hands working their way up from his waist - caressing and gliding along his torso - ended up curling to the back of his neck. "Oui, monsieur...." she whispered with a perfect Parisian accent. She knew she had only spoke Italian to him since now, yet Rhys could speak any written language. She preferred Italian none the less. "Puis-je vous plais...?" her words were breathless, and as she said them her hips lifted off of him, sliding his cock nearly completely out of her before painfully, slowly easing him back inside.

Settling once more on his lap, she leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Tindome - 11-26-2014

    He released her hair so both hands could frame her face, thumbs stroking along the curve of her cheek. How strange, that she did not seem to be a masochist, and yet everything she enjoyed seemed to hurt her. Or perhaps appropriate, that so many things about her seemed as delicate as paper. "J'obéirai à vos ordres, Signorina," he said, already accustomed to her particular way with words.

    A sharp and crooked smile as she kissed him, a sweet and delicate little gesture for a woman who had just finished impaling herself on him. "If you are sure, passerotta, that I am not overtaxing you." A hand moved between them, and he slid his thumb along where their bodies met, drew a circle around her clit as he thrust his hips upward to push his cock deeper into her. "Or perhaps I underestimate you?"

    He was being very unfair, considering he was supposed to be the one made to beg. He'd always been quite bad at that kind of thing, always seemed to end up trying to coax it out of others instead.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Hobo_Bob - 11-27-2014

"O-orders....?" she recalled something about those orders she was to give him. But was there something specific? So far, he was doing everything right by her. The pain edged away while he lifted his hips into her, creating strange and erotic yelps of pleasure. Humms of need and groans that displayed her pleasure so openly, it could have been said to be fake. But nothing about the pleasure this man gave her was fake. 

The feel of his hands in her hair and then on her cheeks, the way his cock rubbed the inside of her body or the gentleness he gave her while touching that bundle of nerves, her go button as she liked to think of it.

Rhys arched her back against him, her forehead pressing against his as her hips twitched atop his. Now she remembered what it was she was supposed to be doing, that she was the one to have him beg. Grinning a little, Rhys softly bit the tip of his nose. "I not so much a weak flower, signore..." to show her meaning, she lowered her lips along his neck, brushing them along the joint between his neck and shoulder. A soft kiss, cherishing his skin. And then rows of perfect teeth bit him. Perhaps not as hard as she could, but enough to leave very obvious marks and indentations of her teeth.

My my, how lovely a sight that made on his beautiful skin.

Another kiss over the mark and she sat up on his lap to smile at him. Pleased with what she had done to show a little more of her 'dark side'. It was more of a dimming than a darkness. If she were a color, it would most definitely be teal. So her harsh side was perhaps aquamarine.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Tindome - 11-30-2014

    He grinned as Rhys nipped at him, ground her body against his. He rocked his hips against hers in turn, continued to move his fingertips against the delicate spot he'd been tasting not long ago. He tilted his head to give her better access as her face moved to his neck, and in the small silences between words there was only the sound of water lapping against their skin, moving around them as they moved within it.

    A small growl as she bit into his neck, too dull to sink in, not like his own. Not an angry sound, somehow affectionate a response to her show of dominance. Aroused as she was, the mark did not last long, repairing itself much more quickly than was likely to satisfy her. "My mistake," he said, as he gripped her hips, held her against him as he thrust hard upward, pushed himself fast and deep inside her. "You are a rose, passerotta, but your thorns are very sharp." Teasing, this may have been suspiciously similar to being patronizing, but he simply couldn't help himself. She looked so very pleased by her little love bite, and when she sat upright his harder thrusts made her breasts bounce.

    "Will you have me like this, then?" he asked, another hard thrust for emphasis. With a faint smile, he leaned forward so he could kiss her. "Tell me how you want me, signorina, so I may please you best."

Coffee Break [Closed] - Hobo_Bob - 12-02-2014

His growl at her bite was quaint, perhaps not as loud as she wanted to make him cry out. But perhaps she was going about this the wrong way. The tub, though large enough for the both of them, was perhaps a bit cramped. His knees came out of the water as she sat on his waist, taking his pleasure as she rolled her hips, bringing with it the pleasure she could give him.

But somehow, she wanted more. Like their first encounter, he was careful and gentle with her, slow and soft. It was a dreamy night, one for the world of stories and re-telling in dreams. Yet this was a night for something more raw and carnal. Perhaps not as rough as she knew he could be. For he was a living creature, and she a simple book.

Her thoughts were very quick, not even a second and then they were blank. Jean pressed his hands on her hips, pushing himself inside her with such a delicious force. Lips parted, hands grasped at his skin and she half-gasped, half-moaned at the feeling. She felt him at her throat almost, her small frame taking him so eagerly. "A-ah-!! Il mio-....dios...." He was taking control, and part of Rhys did not mind it. He was far better than she in this. 

At least tonight, her body wanting nothing than for him and what pleasures he could give.

Breasts bounced as he stabbed inside of her, hot and thick and so fulfilling. "Mmmm~....Si, but-..ah!! N-not here, drago. So small..." her hands smoothed down his chest then around to grasp his knees, using him as support as she re-angled herself on his cock. It felt good for her, but that was perhaps too one sided.

Rhys thought of the comfort of others sometimes.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Tindome - 12-13-2014

    More and more and more she wanted, insatiable even as he thrust into her. Her desires were at odds with the apparently delicate nature of her – or maybe she was as responsible as anyone for the tendency to bruise. Perhaps she found harm, rather than having harm find her.

    Questions for another day, assuming he remembered them, assuming he still cared.

    "You wound me," he said, deadpan, as if it were he and not the surroundings that she spoke of. "But if it is space you desire, passerotta, it is space that you will have." He cupped her face to kiss her, pulled her close to his chest as if he ached to have her near. Instead, it made it much easier for him to hold on to her, to stand in the tub as if he were not lifting a woman in the process. For no reason other than that he could, he ground against her for a moment; sex while standing was a difficult enough process when there was something to pin her against, and having the strength to hold her freely suited his vanity.

    "The bed, then?" he asked, as he stepped out of the tub, and with each movement of his legs he moved between hers, never letting her slip free of his cock. While the arm wrapped tight around her waist held her against him, the other draped a towel over her shoulders. He seemed perfectly content despite that to let his own legs trail water back to his bed, wet footprints that he would take care of when someone else might have slept.

    He simply didn't have enough arms to be bothered with it at the moment.

    Setting her down on the edge of his bed, soft black cotton against her skin, he kissed her again; curious and hungry, an invitation.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Hobo_Bob - 12-26-2014

There was a moment - very brief in real time and yet ages in her mind - where his deadpan expression was worrisome. Rhys didn't mean to sound as if she wanted to be away from him, to end their fun and depart from his company. Quite the opposite. She wanted him closer, mashed up against him to feel his lean body against her own, feel the muscles under the skin. Jean was a very strong man under the fine suits and gloves. Yet not in the visible way as Rhys herself was not visibly a book. His skin was nearly flawless. Nearly, since there was a few things no one truly human could ever be without. And yet perfect just the same. How could anyone - male or female - not want to be in these arms?

But once he claimed her lips, She eagerly wrapped her left arm around his neck, a hand deep in his hair to hold him against her and tangle her fingers within the strands she wanted to braid. Yes, Rhys really really wanted to just braid Jeans hair. Brush it out and watch it shimmer in her fingers then bury her face into the natural silkiness of it. But for now, grasping onto him and parting her lips to take his kiss was delicious in it's own way. 

"Mmmnh~...Buono come il pane..." she whispered huskily against his lips while she placed nips and kisses along his chin and jaw. Once he lifted her out of the bath with her against his body and in his arms - Or arm - Rhys wrapped her legs about his waist, holding him against her to wiggle and rub herself against him while he did the same. Another throaty groan and she pulled tightly around his body, keeping the chill away while a towel was placed around her shoulders. 

Gravity suddenly took control, and she lost the battle against it rather quickly. But she didn't go far. Once more on the edge of his bed, Rhys grinned against his kiss and used both hands to grasp the back of his head, fisting his hair in each delicate hand while he stole another kiss.

But it was very short, cut off by Rhys quickly so she could grasp the back of his head and pull him forward, her legs coming up with her body so as she leaned back with him, they lifted and flipped him over her head and onto his back in the middle of the bed. Such a show of strength for such a small woman. Even more so when she came around next and straddled his body.

Her smile was coy and playful, a pretty little elf in many ways and still very awkward while her lips toyed at his chest. "Aaaahhmmnnn...Signore is tasty....more of you, I think is"

Coffee Break [Closed] - Tindome - 01-15-2015

    His sense of humor did not seem to suit her, or perhaps it only didn't suit the mood. So it went, and he would not fault her for it. It was how it tended to go with most people, on those rare occasions they recognized it for what it was. The brief anxiety flitting across her consciousness in no way dampened her overall enthusiasm, which was at least somewhat reassuring. Not that he had very much to worry about. His vanity was hardly in need of repair.

    Even if he hadn't had the benefit of his additional senses, that she could not keep her mouth off him for the brief time it took to make it to his bed would have been telling. He kissed her in return to the best of his ability, though she had much less skin in his mouth's reach. She had an unfair advantage – not that he was complaining.

    As her fingers tangled in his hair, he gave a faint growl of warning. Jean quite enjoyed a certain amount of rough treatment, but hair-pulling was a touchy subject. His hair did not have the durability that his flesh enjoyed, nor the preturnatural perfection; its loveliness was one he had to work for, and so he guarded it carefully. An instance of beheading had once seen him beside himself, not for what it had done to his neck, but for the fact that they had cut his hair alongside it. He was still rather irritated about it, in point of fact. She was unlikely to pull hard enough to wrench strands from his scalp, but better to be safe.

    Being only an empath, and certainly not psychic, he had no way of predicting what she was about to do. It came as some surprise, then, when she flipped him over as easily as he might have done to her. Not being a completely unfamiliar sensation, he handled it as gracefully as he could, no flailing about or unpleasant sounds. He'd been a gymnast, once, though his leg did not allow for it now; some skills were difficult to lose.

    "Passerota," he said affectionately, "do try to warn me next time." He laced his fingers behind his head, and may have been posing a bit in the process. As long as she was above him, she may as well have a good view to admire. "I am very old, you will recall, and terribly delicate as a result." He grinned, and rocked his hips beneath her.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Hobo_Bob - 01-30-2015

His lack of reaction to being flipped over the way he had was a little disappointing. not even a yelp or a 'wow' to speak of. Most people would make some sound or another after being turned upside down the way Jean just had. 

But then again, he was not like most people.

His landing was very graceful from what she could tell. Almost as if he had planned for her to do just that, and then posed his body under her own. The towel floated about her waist and acted like an open skirt. Covering nothing, but keeping her hair from dripping all over onto the bed. 

Rhys game him a cheeky smile and hummed a little at the nick name. "Ohh~...poverino, Signore. I will treat you kindly...." her smile remained, twisting into a sly grin as she lowered her lips to his chest just as he ground his hips upwards into her. A soft, breathless pleased sigh seemed to float from her lips and cut off as soon as they were pressed to his skin. 

Just above his chest plate, her lips began to trail along his torso and down to his ribs, her hands slid along his sides, feeling his body and the way he twitched or moved. Taking those signs as a sensitive spot and making sure to pay extra attention to whatever made him react.

Jean was one for attention. Loved to be looked at and praised. To be touched by him like this and still wait to touch him was strange to Rhys. A few rough rolls with her past muses and maybe just one kiss, but this was different. As if she could not help herself. Drawn to whatever he was, and not just for the story and how long she could live off of it. but for much more. And why not? 

"A next time, mm~? Si, I remember..." chuckling against his side, Rhys moved up his body a little more to steal away his lips. Delving into the kiss to taste him and enjoy his warmth while she could.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Tindome - 02-19-2015

    A hint of disappointment; whatever she had hoped to gain, he apparently had not given it to her. Perhaps to throw him off-balance? He was very bad at that, it was true. Even when it could be feigned, he generally preferred not to. Being surprised was one thing, being alarmed quite another, and the latter did not suit his ego when it came to how he preferred to be seen. Jaded and omniscient, half to a mind-reader, as near to flawless as one could be; alarm simply did not suit.

    "Your mercy is appreciated," he purred, appreciative of the feel of her mouth and her hands on his skin. He placed his hands along the thighs straddling him, and fingers rubbed against the back of her knees to test if she was ticklish enough to yelp or to jump.

    As with so many things, he enjoyed doing unto others that which he did not like having done to himself.

    "Never say, passerota, that you had not thought to do this again," he said with a grin. Then he put on what was for him a melodramatic pout, though the end result looked relatively subtle. "Would you leave me, Signorina, to never have your way with me again? Ah, how sad." She silenced his complaints with her mouth against his, and he hummed with pleasure against her tongue.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Hobo_Bob - 03-02-2015

The moment his fingers touched the back of her knees, she twitched. Suppressing the squeak she knew would echo in the room if her lips were not otherwise preoccupied. But he did not fully stop the sound. It still came out, but only just enough once she sat up, pressing herself down into his cock and her hands wrapped around his wrists. A giggle on her tongue as she savored the feel of him between her legs.

"Hmm-nnm~. Signore..." she tisked quickly and moved her hands from his wrists to his sides, ghosting them over his skin to see if he was ticklish. As he had done to her, she wanted to do the same. "....I am very loud. I alarm your neighbors~....but it thinks is not my laugh that you want, no?" 

To accentuate her point, Rhys parted her legs more, bringing herself down atop him to feel the heat he could give her. Thick and hard, her juices made it easy to rub against him and bring herself to moan aloud. Not quite as loud as her squeak of laughter when he tickled her, but enough to tease the senses. "Ahhn~....Signore Jean, I stay till you tell me to go. And I like when your way is with me." 

It was always something that appealed to Rhys. To make someone want her, to say they craved her. But to feel wanted, at least in this moment and - hopefully - many more to come, was exciting. To give into his needs was all that Rhys was thinking about. And how he would taste dipped in chocolate...

Coffee Break [Closed] - Tindome - 05-04-2015

    She tried to suppress her involuntarily giggle, and did not quite succeed; it amused him more than it perhaps ought to have. He grinned, both at her response and at how she felt pressed on top of him. His grin grew wider as she attempted to do to him what he had done to her - but alas for her, he was not in that moment susceptible to that particular variety of involuntary response.

    Rare that he was, in fact. Not impossible, but very rare. Perhaps fortunate that it was, since it had only ever annoyed him when it occurred.

    Jean did not move his hands, though she had released his wrists, feeling it more sporting to keep them where she had seemed to want them pinned. Pretending to be helpless was not a new game. "Neighbors who complain about the sound of screams," he told her, "do not generally last very long." Under other circumstances, that might have sounded like a threat. Maybe it still did.

    "I do so love to hear you laugh, Signorina," he mused. "But it would take quite a laugh to satisfy me, I fear, and I do not think I am that amusing -- try though I might." He rocked his hips as she moved against him, though he was careful not to overstep the bounds she had set.

    "I am far more likely to tell you to come than to go, passerota," he said, "but for now we can take turns, oui? Your way this time, and mine the next." That there would be a next time, so long as she stayed, was not in question. He could taste the desire in her, for his body and all that he could do for her own. And that other, subtler desire, not quite so carnal, the very particular desire to be desirous. He could hardly fault her for that, when he reveled as he did in the desire and regard of others. "Ah, but you torment me so, Signorina. I may not be so patient when it is my turn."

Coffee Break [Closed] - Hobo_Bob - 05-28-2015

Something about the grin he had after she made her suppressed giggle told her that he was pleased with himself for being the cause. How very unbecoming, one would think, to be in the throng of passions and his touch tickle enough to bring laughter. It would be nearly enough to stop her from continuing. Nearly, but not quite.

" signore likes to force his neighbors away." quickly, she tisked a few times and shook her head as if she was disappointed with him. "Now now, il mio Drago, is not kind." even as she said that, her hands once more free from holding him down - knowing it was ineffective in the long run - slid from his body and settled on either side of his head so as she leaned forward over him, Rhys could lift herself away from the towel. And his cock, just as he thrust up against her. 

She couldn't help her smirk. Muchless the giggle from the way she felt the cold air tickle her skin seeing as she was separated from him and his heat.

Looming over his body, she simply looked at him.

Skimming her eyes from the his hair line and the follicles of each hair. To his eye brows and lashes. Same shade. His nose and lips, cheek bones and jaw line. All a contributing factor to his near plastic perfection. And yet he was not. A part of Rhys was jealous that he was naturally this good looking, whatever he was. "Oh no no no, il mio Drago. You do make me laugh, but I do not let it out since you you say...delicate."

Repeating his words once more to him as to his 'condition' Rhys gently pressed her lips to the left corner of his and whispered, " laugh, perhaps not apropos right" 

Ghosting over his cheek - the heat of her body acting as the only thing to caress him - she moved lower to the side of his head and took his ear lobe into her mouth. Nothing more touched him but her teeth that nibbled, lips that sucked and tongue that lapped.

Coffee Break [Closed] - Tindome - 06-07-2015

    Jean's grin did not abate, as sharp as it ever was. "I have never claimed to be kind, passerota," he reminded her. "I am a very bad man, you will recall." In truth, he had never met his most recent neighbors. He was fairly certain that at least one home had been inherited by someone with no intention of living there. There were people in the other, sometimes, but no one particularly interesting. His bedroom was well-insulated, besides; he had considered it an important part of its construction.

    Screams could only barely be heard in the shop, even if they were particularly loud, as long as his bedroom door was shut.

    Her hips moved away from his on an upward thrust, enough that his cock was no longer inside her, only barely touching her skin instead. Perhaps he should not have been surprised, when he'd given her satisfaction already, that she was in no hurry to achieve it again. When she was in control, it seemed her preference was to take it slow -- slow and long and languorous, for so long as she could bear it.

    It was nonetheless not exactly torturous to have a beautiful woman on top of him, admiring his appearance. He did so adore to be admired, after all, as much a pleasure as many other things. So long as she was enjoying herself, her pleasure continued to be honey on his tongue, if not quite so thick as it might otherwise have been.

    "How gracious of you," he said, "to be considerate of my delicate nature." He fluttered his eyelashes playfully for the briefest of moments, before returning to his well-practiced dignity. "Mais, Signorina," he said, "I hear the laughter in your heart, even if it does not leave your throat. My ears are as sharp as the rest of me, you see." Not quite accurate, since he would sense her amusement as he absorbed it, but that did not quite suit the current metaphor so well. Even he was not so wicked as to bring mixed metaphors into the bedroom.

    "You are right, of course," he said, because he would always tell her she was right if only for the sake of ease. There were circumstances when he might correct a lover, but these were not they. "This is a very serious situation," he said, though he was pretending to be pinned to the bed by a smaller woman while possessed of a neglected erection. "We must give it the dignity it deserves, oui?" He practically purred as her teeth ghosted over his skin, his hands still kept to himself until such a time as she requested his touch.