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RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 10-17-2016

[Image: NUHAX8f.png]

Rhailosioabhan! The voice connected to her cerebral channel barked angrily, GET MOVING!

And she moved. Ran, actually. A sprint, a dash, a darting stride that led her through the winding stalactite treeline that dipped with small hills and downed crystal shards. Everywhere, energy signatures forced from the misty ether, creating bodies that immediately played chase after the woman. Countless figures, assembled to look like familiar members of the council, made for the woman where she was headed. Rhailo could remember screaming when hands made near grabs at her appendages, at her hair, but she didn't stop running.

On the horizon, through the thick stalks of rock fixtures, was the checkpoint.


And then, from behind, a tackling body brought her down. Hard. Right into the dirt so her front skidded rough along the earthy dusts until both of their figures came to an abrupt halt.

Another fail! Release Rhailosioabhan Taicho Destros from simulation.

Bloodied and battered, Rhailo was forgotten as the army of clones dissipated back to their perspective owners.

Strike one.


"I can do that."

"Only, you haven't yet, so maybe you can't." Rhailo's mother, C'aneleste, shrugged her shoulders. "Why do you care anyway? This is a man's field of work, and you are no man. You can't keep up with Braxiskroi. Why not look into the arts? Music? Divination? A skill to find a mate?" A chuckle followed, though it was obviously made at Rhailo's expense. "There are opportunities available to you if you will just set your standards slightly lower-"

"I CAN do it, and I'm tired of hearing I can't. Brax has scholars teaching him, so of course I can't learn at the same pace. Of fucking course I'm at a disadvantage, but like, do you really want to sell me off like some fucking pet?" Angrily Rhailo rose, her unfinished meal pushed away. "There is nothing wrong with me. I can do it."

"Have you no respect for our wishes?" C'aneleste chided with a huff. "Your father worked a lifetime to ensure you would be safe. This planet is our home, Rhailosioabhan. You have no reason to leave, and even if you could, where do you plan to go? You know the rules for traveling. You know just why we're here, and why this place cannot be found! Why are you so sure you wish to leave? This is all you know. Stories, myths about other planets-- For Gods and house, Rhailosioabhan, none of it is true! It's dangerous work!"

"But... But you think Braxiskroi can work off planet?" There was a pause between them as the tension grew. "You think he is capable, but I'm not."

"Because he is different."

"NO! HE ISN'T! He is my twin! We are the same! If I had his opportunities, I would show you!" Rhailo's hand shot out, and from the force of the shockwave, their dining room table crashed sideways; contents spilling across crystal inlaid flooring. "I fucking hate it here, Mesmurr, and I'm not going to stay where I'm treated like less!"

C'aneleste didn't speak. Not to stop Rhailo from tantruming, nor to keep her daughter from leaving the room. Long ago, hope had been given up on the fiery youth.

Strike two.


"I can get you off planet-"


Two bodies lay on the floor, the darkness betrayed by their glowing skin. Both Rhailo's thighs were spread while her arms were secured above her head. A larger figure kept her pinned, and she cried. Gods, she cried more than she had ever cried before. Invasive lips shut her up when they weren't speaking lies. Even with one of her eyes swollen, the woman could make out grinning incisors between thin stretched lips. Mocking her. A society personified, laughing in her face while he fucked her.

"You're so fuckin' tight, I wish I had done this sooner... All that bullshit you promised me, all those hours I listened to you bitching about your fucking family. All worth it. All of it, you fucking slut-" His hips bucked hard enough to knock her against the flooring, the blood from her nose streaming; collecting in a pool to the side her face was turned. The hand at her throat didn't seem to want to release it's grasp, and air was struggled over. "Gasp for it. Better yet, beg me for it. Beg me to let you live, Rhailo."

"Arstasiz-" Rhailo choked out with a sob, her lids shutting so she needn't see this cruelty. "Please let me go.."


All at once, her attacker slumped into her bruised body, a dead weight crushing her chest-- But his hand relinquished with that lack of control, and Rhailo was free to steal desperate gulps of oxygen for the time being. A shadow fell over both of them, standing as a sihlouette so she couldn't quite make out who loomed above. In her state, addled from abuse, she could only assume one of the guards had caught the incident on the data feeds. But then the one above them spoke, and a wash of shame surrounded her already dismal circumstances.

"Rhailosioabhan." In that announcement, Braxiskroi made it clear who had come to her aid. "You were supposed to be at the range."

How cold he sounded before his arms lowered to throw Arstasiz's body from atop his sister. Rhailo was shaking, distraught, and somehow felt to blame. How cruel. "I was going..."

"I see." In another fluid motion, Rhailo was lifted from the tiles and inspected, both her twin's hands keeping her steady at the shoulders. Her clothing was ruined, her body a display of physical traumas she couldn't bring herself to acknowledge. Mentally, she was trying to push it away-- All of it needed to be forgotten as quickly as was possible. "Come. I will take you home. We will..." His brow furrowed while he glanced her over quickly, "Can you stand?"

Rhailo tried, and despite the screaming pain between her thighs, she managed to do it for him. "Yes."

Braxiskroi removed his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders, and then tugged the tatters of her skirt back down to maintain some sense of modesty between them. With this done, her appearance wasn't entirely obvious in what had happened, which would earn less backlash towards their journey home. Even so, Rhailo felt the tears as they came, warm reminders; paired with pain of several kinds. Her brother let his hands fall to his sides, defeated. "I feel what you are feeling."

"I know." Rhailo said weakly, sniffling. "I'm sorry."

"Not as sorry as I am." Brax commented before sucking down a few gulps of air to keep himself deadpan. "What can I do?"

"For me, or for you?" There was a hint of scorn attached to her question, but she couldn't help adding quickly, "Is he dead?"

"No." Braxiskroi cast a disappointed look towards the downed Auroun curled into a ball where he had been tossed. "But he will wish for such luxuries when I am done with him." His chin tipped towards the doorway, off to the hall of the library. "Stand outside."

"But, you can't just-"


And, though uncertain of the morality of what was occurring, Rhailo did what she was told. Strangely, after what felt like forever in the hallway with the only sounds being tortured cries from her once attacker, the woman felt immense relief. Whatever her brother had done to Arstasiz had obviously been enough to flood her twin with such an emotion, and it spilled over to Rhailo, leaving her aches secondary in wake of their small victory. Soon after, Braxiskroi emerged covered in blood, but smiling. Their pair left the library in this state, back to their quiet home in the cubed city, with Rhailo leaning into her twin for support.

The trust they shared was earned.

Strike three.


RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 10-18-2016

[Image: 3LpmaGz.png]

Several sets of hands worked through the spill of her ivory tresses, weaving ribbons and golden argot through her hair. The threaded intricacies meant very little to the Abaasy, vanity decorations needless when one considered themselves the pinnacle of metaphysical beauty. Bress' cardinal sin was, and always would be pride. The rest were flavors she tasted when the mood struck, chased with the same mild enthusiasm she often encouraged within herself to help pass the time during her dimensional vacations. As it was, she had a great deal of time to waste, and the palace where she now resided was growing dull. Her maidens, given to her by a distant monarch during the address of their formal surrender, were all fiery vixens with skin the color of tanned leather and hair that fell in plaited braids of iron gray. Their attire, traditionally, wasn't revealing. They had come to Bress in their awe-worthy collections of fur and bone, eyes alight with threats of vengeance and promises of freedom, but the demon gave them no chance to act on their lingering remnants of hope.

To subdue a humanoid was no more difficult than breaking a beast. With the right incentive, anyone could be tamed.

Now, Bress' gathered slaves wore little clothing of intrinsic value, their exposed bodies a display of dark flesh scarred from battle, woefully neglected over years prior to their current owner's arrival. Their subjugation wasn't done for show, nor in an act of maliciousness, nor even did their existence in this shameful state reflect the Abaasy's emotions towards her charges. Bress simply preferred her humans stripped of their decorative shields so when she directed orders at them, they had no armor to hide behind. There was no title to claim, no faith to follow - in this world where Bress had claimed the highest throne, her land knew only her guidance.

So had it been for several years, and so would it continue for the foreseeable future.

Yet the demon grew despondent during her reign. Wretched as she was, there had always been some do-gooder to realign the cosmic order, seek balance, and whatever else it was the universe demanded of them. Fortunately, or unfortunately, as she felt at present, her control of the nation in question simply wasn't enough to earn the attention of the Vaalen. One Vaalen in particular, if she were to be completely honest with herself. The sets of hands retracted in unison when they had come to a silent agreement that Bress' hair sculpture was complete, the combed and clean pomp of royalty their land considered the height of expressive luxury now crafted for their one true queen. Across a mound of pillows, their retracting allowed Bress space to relax, leaning into the pile with her thoughts elsewhere. Far, far away from her appearance, if that was actually possible.

"I wonder," Bress began aloud with a positive lilt to her vocals, "if I could summon him?"

This wasn't the first conversation the Abaasy had started relating to the notorious 'him', so the women in the chamber were not entirely without context. One spoke, her voice bland comparatively, though it held a threatening edge as if each syllable was sharpened before use. "How would you do such a thing, my queen?"

"Through chaos, of course." Bress, bending her knees so they rested as flat as they would go against the expanse of her breasts, kicked her legs playfully. "With enough chaos, he couldn't ignore his duty. This world allowed me time to recover, but now that I've regained what was taken, I can only imagine returning to our old games." Pausing, the ivory femme directed her gaze at the servant who answered, smiling as she added, "I was never bored when he was involved."

Another woman, older and less threatening in her posture, replied, "You sound smitten, my queen. Do you believe you can lure him to you because he feels the same?"

A harsh laugh escaped Bress as her demeanor shifted, her expression darkening so little of her remaining presence would be considered welcoming to the other women in her company. "That's where you're wrong, child. He would come because his existence demands his interference when the world is in need of moderation. Whether I am the culprit or another of my kind is, that makes no difference to him." The name of the mysterious Vaalen in question never passed Bress' lips as if she feared the repercussions of such utterances. Closing her eyes, Bress' body eased as she willed away the building tensions, privately cursing her handmaid for coming within a thread's width of the truth.

Yet the Abaasy knew it would take a great deal to draw the Vaalen back into the grip of her insidious web. A cataclysm perhaps.

"I meant no disrespect, my qu-"

"Yes, well, I care not what you think so no disrespect was received." Even while being balked at, the creature reserved her right to fully ignore her cast of servants, treating their lives like ornamental fixtures to liven the background her palace home. "Just keep your commentary to yourself. I have a great many things to concern myself with, and none such things involve you."

Realistically, her thoughts were now obsessively compiling plans on how to draw forth the cosmic watcher, though her peaceful visage shared none of her determination. It wouldn't do to have the servants alert others, and regardless the extent of her plans, she needed no other being on this plane's assistance to accomplish whatever goal she committed to. If anything, there would be widespread chaos following, which might lead the people to an uprising. In actuality, frightening the people of this plane might not be the worst way to go about spreading chaos, though to cause such a degree of horror would mean expelling sizeable energy stores in the process.

After several moments, the servants dispersed when Bress waved a dismissive hand, though her eyes remained closed to her surroundings. She felt their fleeting lives scatter elsewhere in the manse, though, meaning she was truly alone with her scheming. Perhaps that was what earned a subtle sigh from the beast, her words ushered in secret despite their relative innocence. "Where have you been, Serono?" That questions had rolled through her consciousness more times than she cared to admit, pointed so even the thought of his lacking presence harmed her ego. A barbed subject, she knew there would be no answer. There never was one.

But in the future, that would change. Soon, he would have no choice.

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 10-24-2016

Loren's lady drew Bress. <3

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-05-2016

Nic x Anja
[Image: ZpSEJyM.png] [Image: D0t6Y9E.png]

"We don't gotta tell 'em!" She exclaimed between kisses, the feverish sort, with her lips wanton in time with his thrusts. He was talking nonsense, thinking Marquee would be alright with what he wanted to share. She wanted to wrap her hands around the larger figure's neck and choke the words from his throat, but the best she could do was dig her fingers in the spill of his dark hair as some bid to shake sense into him. "Tell me you won't, Nic! Say it!"

He thrust hard and deep to shut her up, to replace her complaints with the chorus of her moans, letting them ring sweet and clear through the motel room. They always seemed to be meeting in shady locations, under the radar. He doubted even Taiga knew about his private liaisons, though his Watcher was lazy and tended not to bother with Nic's personal affairs. His hands gripped Anja's hips, slamming her petite figure down the thick length of his shaft until she was based and fidgeting, practically whimpering her pleasure through her lush lips. "He'll kill us if I don't."

"N-no, he'll kill you-" Anja tried to plead, her long legs wrapped possessively around Nic's bare hips. "Please don't tell him, Nic. Wait a while, at least? Not soon, though. I'm not ready-"

He backed them into the wall, each pounding thrust he issued more forceful than the last, leaving the smaller Fae to ride along the grain of the aged wallpaper. He just wanted to shut her up, to keep her complacent with his plans because each argument she brought up eroded his resolve. He needed support. He needed something akin to courage, though he had courage enough to do it without her giving her blessing. He wasn't sure what he actually wanted, save what he was getting, which was the opportunity to bury every inch of his cock in her tight cunt. Nic focused on her face, those teary green eyes of hers alight with her lust and her worry; the perfect match to bring out their triad.

"Nic-" But he still didn't answer, except to kiss her. To ease her sincerity if only slightly. He wished he could crawl somewhere dark and quiet to ride out the storm of his decisions. If nothing else, he wished he could escape making more shitty decisions in the future. Not that she was a shitty decision, but he could have made his life easier by not fucking Marquee's progeny.

Stupid man, with his stupid ego, and his stupid pride, and his stupid dick! Anja loved him because he was precious, but she felt equal parts hate for Nic because of his overly masculine personality. He fucked her roughly, he spoke to her shortly, and he angered her unapologetically; the trifecta. Initially, it was just a tryst of sorts, but as time progressed, so too did the magnitude of their relationship. They weren't a couple, really, but Anya wasn't fucking anyone else. She didn't go out of her way to fly across the world to see anyone else. Honestly, she barely thought about other men. So, no, they weren't official- but it was serious enough that Nic wanted to out them to her father.

As if that would do them any good.

They moved together for what felt like an eternity, grinding and pushing and groaning and gasping, until Nic had one hand cupping her ass tensely while the other was palm side flat against the wall where he kept Anja pinned. Her legs were spasming, her begging all guttural and unpractised so he knew he had earned his release, and with a grunt akin to the beast incarnate, Nic made a mess of her insides with pump after pump of pearlescent seed. It leaked and dripped as he kept her elevated, right onto his jeans where they were tugged down his thighs in haste, but he didn't seem to notice or care about the mess. Instead, he placed a series of kisses across Anja's cheeks, a dusting of affection no one else had earned in a very long time.

"I'm going to tell him." This time, he didn't kiss her to keep her from pleading. This time, he let the comment hang unattended in the air.

"You're so stupid..."

"I know. Stupid is what got me here."

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-10-2016

[Image: XYr6Jir.png]
Anecdotes found within Iman Eko's private notes.

- Today he ordered a drink I couldn't pronounce with so many components to it, I don't remember if there was even coffee involved.

- Earlier, he asked if I had been scuba diving, and then laughed when I didn't know what was so funny about how I pronounced snorkel.

- Sometimes, when he sleeps, he hums the Stranger Things theme song.

- I cried when it started snowing, and again when he thought it was funny to buy me a snow cone.

- He calls me "Love", which I thought was a term of affection, but then he called his dry cleaner, the server, the barista, the personal trainer, and his chauffeur "Love" as well. I am confused.

- He eats pork.

- I think while I was sleeping, he bit my butt, because there is a rather large mark there in the shape of his teeth. Don't ask how I have guesstimated what his teeth look like.

- On occasion, I catch him watching the Food Network, but when he realizes I'm there, he quickly changes the channel and acts asleep.

- He doesn't understand why I don't drink, so when we visit a club or a pub together, he tries to trick me into having a cocktail. (Water isn't lime green, Sam.)

- He doesn't shy away when I flash him my cleavage... I think he likes me.

- Note to self: Remember to check his size in case it is possible to steal any of the following - His shoes, his ties, his blazers, his dress shirts, his slacks. Possibly his boxers.

- I am disgusted and admittedly curious about what they consider tea in this country.

- There was a goat in the street. A real. Live. Goat.

- I can't even get a pedicure without him calling. Twice. HE DROPPED ME OFF! WHERE DOES HE THINK I'M GOING TO GO???

- When I'm in a suit and tie, I make for such a sharp dressed man. It's hardly any wonder that Ana, from the lobby, has a crush on me.
Update: I'm not supposed to speak with Ana, from the lobby, anymore while I'm a man.
Update: Sam wanted an emergency cuddle. We spent three hours lying on the carpet in his office.
Update: Anal.

- Sam refuses to eat cereal, stating, 'It was ruined by that midget bastard stereotype.' I thought he meant Captain Crunch. I have since been corrected.

- Why does he like this Haggis filth??? IT IS SO GROSS!

- He told me there were stars in my eyes... And then proceeded to blow his load on my face.

- Sam said I needed to stop saying "No homo" when we were most certainly doing homo things.

- Sam doesn't like when I sing Mr. Brightside by The Killers while I'm fucking him. I think he needs to loosen up. Wink wonk.

- Our trip to Disneyland was a success. At least, that was until Sam got piss drunk and went nine rounds with the actor portraying Genie from Aladin. To quote Sam, he said: "This is fer all yer fookin' sloots on te side, an fer breakin' Iman's heart- Wot kinda man are ye?!' Suffice to say, I felt avenged.
Update: We're banned from Disneyland.

- Newsflash: Rabban Trejhobek bankrupted. Sam: I'm not bloody surprised.

- Sam showed up at my apartment sometime around 2 am, soaking wet from the rain and drunker than I've ever seen him. He asked for peanut butter. I told him I don't eat peanut butter so I didn't have any. He settled for Nutella on a spoon.


RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-30-2016

Nikolas Eliades
God of the Sky, Weather, Thunder, Lightning, Law, Order, and Justice

Spanos Eliades
God of the Sea, Rivers, Floods, Droughts, and Earthquakes

Theseus Eliades
God of the Underworld and the Dead

Christian Lambros
God of Archery, Music, Poetry, Prophecy, Medicine, and the Sun

Zaidee Eliades
Goddess of Love, Desire, Pleasure, and Beauty

Collias Sannas
God of War, Bloodshed, and Violence

Chloe Eliades
Goddess of Marriage, Mothers, Heirs, Kings, Empires, and Families

Demetra Karas
Goddess of Agriculture, Growth, Harvest, and Nourishment

Tansy Lambros
Goddess of the Moon, the Hunt, Animals, and Young Maidens

Helios Nikas
God of the Roadways, Travel, Communication, Language, Writing, Travelers, Merchants, and Thieves

Cassia Eliades
Goddess of Wisdom, Intelligence, Reason, Warfare, and Useful Arts

Kyra Karas
Goddess of Spring

Naida Christou
Goddess of Magic, Crossroads, and Ghosts

Gyorgy Eliades
God of Fire, Metalworking, Blacksmiths, Crafts, and the Forge

Colum Athas
God of Wine, Festivity, Drunkenness, Madness, Chaos, and Ecstasy

Elko Toles
God of the Wild, Shepherds and Flocks, Rustic Music, and Fertility

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 12-01-2016

Revelry and Madness

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 12-01-2016

The Price of Progress

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 12-01-2016


RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 12-01-2016

Order and Justice

Sidenote: omg. 100 blurb posts. I'd like to thank not having a life for this useless achievement. 10/10

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 12-01-2016

Safe Travels

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 12-01-2016


RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 12-01-2016

The Calm Before The Storm

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 12-01-2016

Of the Sun

RE: Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 12-01-2016

Of the Moon