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Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-09-2014

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Warning: K-List in spoilers below. OHSHITALION


Race information, various scenes, snippets and more.
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Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-09-2014

Lepi - Race Guide
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Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-09-2014

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Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-10-2014


Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-10-2014


Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-10-2014


Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-10-2014

[Image: geWulup.png]

At one point years prior to this ordeal, Chance Arden had been a passenger on a train headed to Cairo. Even from her seated position in that rustic first class cabin, she could hear the distant whirs and clicks as pistons shifted and steam shot from heated machinery. Back in day, technology was nothing so lifeless as it was presently, but instead inspired a sense of wonder towards the mechanization of modern life. Each cog and each piece had a purpose, which meant viewing the layout of such constructed machinery would give you insight on just what made it tick. A clock had wheels and gears, a train had a warm bellow full of burning coal – the varying factors didn’t matter. The point was, in that sea of archaic design and fashion, the Fae was far more appreciative of the 'advancing times'. Now though, had she been bothered to listen to whatever unearthly hum the control panels of the neighboring flight deck made, there would be no real pause to her actions. She wouldn’t stop to admire the sheer elegance of metal on metal nor quietly commend the creator for their use of aesthetics in the product; there was little beauty left in the world of tomorrow.

Yet there she was, with platinum blonde hair framing pristine features; Chance rarely met a man willing to pass up her company. Strange to think of all the heinous acts she had committed time and time again when she was slowly riding the tapered waist of her service boy. The dark of space was always noticeable when she traveled, a stretch of spilled ink acting as the backdrop for her journey through the galaxy, which engaged her sense of curiosity enough to hide the boredom from otherwise ravishing features. It meant going through the motions one throaty moan at a time until the boy inevitably blew his load and wilted beneath her like a plucked flower in the heat of a summer afternoon. Amid fluids and juices and the heavy scent of his biology, the woman could easy have grown impatient with her servant and done to him what she often did with unwanted excess; disposed of it. She didn’t though, content to glance down at the nude body beneath her and study where they were connected, as if there was more to the matter than what could be seen presently.

Everyone had a purpose, and this lad with his chiseled features and lack of common sense, he did what was required to remain an asset to his employer. Maybe that was why she could easily lift away from him and the mess they made to stalk out of the room, nude and alone, but obviously in a decent enough mood that her staff needn’t fear becoming one long buffet line. That was her gift to them on this day – the one act of benevolence a monster could provide her willing servants. “How close are we?”

The smooth metal walls of the corridor she followed seemed to fade to lighten, and a man’s face appeared etched upon a digital projection. The entire ship was able to show video on available surfaces, so even when she was in the shower of her ornate suite, Chance was kept current on the progress and events of their trip. The figure had a gaunt look to his face and neck, stubble thick across his chin while dark, beady eyes seemed locked on her naked, dripping midsection. “Close enough that I suggest you clean up and prepare yourself for your arrival. Do you need a seamstress to be sent for fitting?” The image raised a set of nimble digits to scratch at the gruff on his face, having looked away to check a nearby chart written in Arcadian jumble.

“Implying he wouldn’t see me as I am.” Chance remarked offhandedly as lines of old spunk trickled down her dancer legs. “I’m sure I have no need for fitting. It’s all handmade and tailored to my body anyway.” Fingers trailed low to wipe away the drooling aftermath of her afternoon delight. “Have Laurie ready herself and we’ll be mobile by the time we are expected. I’m sure our client is quite excited by my visit…” There was no more to offer as the man on the connection nodded and ended the transmission.

Needing no further pressing from her Fae adviser, Chance could be secured in knowing Caspian would deal with the snags should they come up, which gave her ample time to head off to her end of the ship to shower and prepare. Soon, there would be business matters at hand, and how could she deny wanting to look her best for the occasion? Of course, the rest of the Fae aboard were kept out of the loop on the intimate details of her agreement with her future client, if only to save face. When the truth was too much to share, there was a sense of mischief to the buxom creature, and she would surly give herself away with a creeping smile playing her portrait.

There were eyes all over the ship, after all.


Laurie Arden tapped on the translucent screen settled in her lap, typing her report at a speed unheard of in terms of human reflexes, even with all the genetic modifications those filthy pests were pumped full of in recent times. Seated to her side, the mistress of the entourage sat idly with slender legs crossed neatly at the thigh. Aside from the two women, Caspian and two of his colleagues were settled across the cabin with intricate visors shielding their beaming hues. No one had anything to say during the short journey, an in such, Chance had made herself comfortable by propping her cheek in her palm and leaning towards the nearest window so she could watch the atmosphere break enough to reveal Cricket's massive ship. A marvel by the days standards, she couldn’t help admiring the sleek aircraft as they made a speedy approach.

“How many lives went into the construction of that monstrosity?” Laurie mused between consistent note takings.

“Enough. Are you jealous?” Caspian replied from his seat, though his attention seemed to have turned to the window as well. “I know I am.”

“Why would I be jealous? I’m far too old to appreciate toys.” As if the switch had been flipped off, the bookish Fae ceased her work and placed each palm flat against the sides of her tablet, then brought them inwards to compact the portable computer before tucking it away in her bag. “What would you even do with that much space? You lived in a loft for damn near two hundred years, Caspian.” Adjusting the curls of her fine silver hair, Laurie joined the other gazes set towards their destination.

“He would invite his lovers over to teach them a few tricks. That’s what old dogs do, isn’t it?” Chance offered the two as the propulsion system of their carrier craft shifted into docking sequence. Smooth enough that lesser beings wouldn’t even notice, the event brought Chance back to present company and away from the cloud of her thoughts; luminous tricolored orbs casting their gaze to the doors as if signaling her companions to follow suit. “I’m sure he’ll slobber all over the inside as well.”

The transition was a simple one as the collective of five moved with the two unnamed Fae in the front, Chance nestled in the middle, and Caspian and Laurie directly behind her modelesque person. Outsiders would see them as they wished to be seen, defined elegance in strange attire of their respective reaches of the universe. The two women wore little more than corset like tops and tight leggings, though several layers of paper thin fabric created the illusion of more, exposing the curves and swells of their bodies while ensuring they were indeed covered. The men were in suits of a more traditional fashion, slacks and fitted shirts completed by jackets of that same air-light material the women wore. Everyone wore white, from their sharp heeled shoes to the tops of their collars, so the boarding party was a moving blizzard, thrown off only by their vibrant hair colors and Chance’s unmasked eyes, which glowed like beacons in the dimly lit corridors of the airlock.

Greeted by the Hounds Cricket had sent, none of them gave greeting to the beasts, but instead followed in their trained formation until they were presented with the meeting place their host intended to gather them in. This was Chance giving the Master his opportunity to welcome them on his terms, even if it left her at a disadvantage as far greetings went. Even so, they had made a flashy enough entrance to garner respect, and the gifts the two lesser Fae at the front carried would certainly be appreciated. If Chance had learned anything in her many years, it was how the greedy appreciated anything you gave them, but they would value unique items over ones others could acquire as well.

It wasn't until a booming voice cut through the silence that Chance seemed to reveal her softer side, lips curls into a quaint smirk at the message. "You have come as I expected. You're snow in the desert!" A few loose foot steps echoed through the vast hall as a rather tall and bulky gentleman approached the five Fae. He seemed as flawless as they did with the endless enhancements he was fitted with, built like a bull while still possessing the looks of a modern Grecian God. "I am Rah' Kahatan Nezimir, but you know me as Cricket. I am pleased to finally meet you, Chance Arden." His shifting steps came to a halt when he was towering over her group, though he did nothing to seem imposing; it really was just his height that seemed off. One massive hand seemed to snake past her guards to take hers and with it, Chance found herself being led from the pack without putting up a fight.

"You are eager to have me to yourself." The creature breathed softly, her piercing hues tracing his figure as one might evaluate a fine piece of art. Cricket was a head and a half taller than she was, with hands warm and engulfing and they held hers. Already she knew she liked him, though it was easy for those feelings to change given time. "Though we have so much to discuss, you cannot pull me away until you have received your gifts. Very special and very rare..." Only then did she ease away from his hold to turn and take one of the two ornate boxes the scholarly servants, and present it to their current host.

"Your beauty and graciousness honor me." Without delay, the box was opened and within it's precious jewel inlay, something glowed. The light was far from normal, as bright as sunlight and as pure, yet nowhere near as blinding. A foreign light from depths of a trans-dimensional universe undiscovered by man - yet somehow possessed by this youthful Fae. Cricket's face was one of a man who had seen things beyond his comprehension, so his reply came very slowly in the form of a question. "Is this..."

"Oh yes, my precious Cricket. That is exactly what it is." With that, she closed the box and handed it once more back to the waiting servant. "I have come offering two to you as a sign of good faith. Now we may go and speak alone. I trust you." Returning to the side of the still in shock giant, she gave him a few seconds to recollect before the two moved in unison towards the upper stairs. An office was their destination and many plans were to be discussed, though in the back of Chance's mind, she knew there was no real discussion.

Her demands would be met as they always were.[/sub]

Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-10-2014

[Image: geWulup.png]

"You know," She began as the two were closed off by automatic doors shutting at the rear, "Cricket is a strange name for a man. I haven't met a Cricket in all my years. What made you take that persona?"

"I'm a provider of white noise, Chance Arden." The hulking man remarked offhandedly just as his grasp was finally relinquished from the Fae's pale digits. "Static in the background of the cosmos. I'm the crickets chirping, the distant howls of the wind. I exist in the background for those like you. Those willing to take extraordinary risks to reap certain rewards."

Both seemed to appreciate the silence that followed his statements because there was no remark from either for some time. It wasn't until Chance finally drifted further into the secluded quarters that she made her voice known, far softer than expected with the space she had made between them. Still, she had no doubt her company would hear every word. "Every risk has a reward. Of course, the reward must outweigh the risk." Her slender figure eased itself onto the seat of a high backed lounger, legs shifting to fold at her knee. "My only hope is that I am not let down by your claims. This discovery of yours is something well worth my investments if it proves to exist. Something this valuable almost sounds too good to be true..." Electric blue hues lazily rose to meet Cricket where he lingered, leaned into the desk on the far side of his office. "What if your findings are nothing more than cosmic bullshit? What do you have to offer me then?"

The cyborg took no time dwelling on the context of the message, instead jumping right into his reply with a barking laugh. "Is that a threat?" There was no humor to the sound, merely the empty shell that quivered towards inevitable finale. Amber hues soaked up the light Chance radiated, fixating on the luminous glow her body provided their meeting place. The Fae had him figured out, with his endless prosthetic modifications and massive physique - she knew he craved a power someone of his birth could never truly have. While he may have the might of technological marvels at his advantage, it was no match for someone who existed between realms. Would he survive an endless abyss? Could he stand against the monstrosities that existed outside this plane? There was no need to be rough with him, as he too could see what she was. Cricket knew he was outmatched and Chance could smell the concern seeping from what few pores he still possessed.

"I have no need to threaten you. I am merely curious what you have for me should your plan fail."

"You want more than the Key?" One thick eyebrow raised in question. "What more could I possibly offer you?"

It didn't take long for the buxom blonde to once more stand and close the gap between them, her steps echoing against the floors like the soft ticks of clock hands. "A contract. You should know by now I never make a deal without one." Fingers raised to run down her companion's bicep, with a warmth spreading to cut through the layers of clothing he wore; Cricket had nothing on that would protect him. There was no running from destiny, especially when you invited it in and offered it a drink. "You and I need to make a contract. I will not be satisfied until it is sealed." The vixen's body sunk against the larger male's, giving him no peace or space or time or anything else that could divert attention from what she wanted. The heat radiated off Chance like a furnace, venting from every inch of her strangely wrapped physique like it was choking out any ill intent she may have possessed. She was a ray of sun on the dark side of the moon; so bright and beautiful and dangerous that Cricket wasn't allowed to back away because the pull of this power was it's own gravity. "Do you understand?" Hooded vision didn't waver from the male, instead intensifying as if her hypnotic irises were going to open and engulf him entirely.

There were too many promises made by eyes like hers. Some were hopeful, but most remained mysteries few had the testicular fortitude to solve. She had eaten far wealthier, far stronger and far more cunning men. What did Cricket really have for her that those daring few didn't? "If you are so sure of your information, then you will have no reason to avoid my contract. Of course, if you happen to fail and there is no Key, then I will be well fed for my services. I am always willing to bargain for souls."

"I am sure." Rough words from a visibly doubtful man. "I will make a contract with you, Chance Arden."

"Oh, you have me quite taken with you already, Cricket. I love a man who puts his soul where his mouth is." With that, she was on him, hands holding him pinned to the desk itself, which rocked violently under the shoved weight it now carried. Lips like magnets, they found their mark, hungrily touching the male's as though they had been waiting forever for such a delicious treat. From a viewers standpoint, the contract being sealed wasn't all too much more than an erotic movie where Cricket was given the opportunity to use Chance as his personal cock sock, but that was the only real way the Fae could ensure she would get her fair share from this "risky" endeavor. Chance didn't play to lose, so what she gave would always be worth it in the end.

Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-10-2014

[Image: geWulup.png]

"-but I never stood before the council!"

"Weeeeale, maybes thes yer proubles."

Two scraggly, emaciated figures sat with their feet dangling absently from where the walkway ended. A duo was left unchecked over a devastating drop, frighteningly close to a crater of bubbling lava, yet seemingly unfazed. It was their only scenery outside a shanty town skirting the volcanic ledge, with distant brightness of a molten death, easily mistaken for the mid-afternoon sun, but oh so much closer. So close, in fact, it had successfully sizzled away both of the men's body hair. One absently scratched his scarred and blistered features while the other picked at his toes on a single bare foot, his other leg crunched into an awkward bend, as though trying to keep away from the pit. Years prior, his once trusted work boot had been warped into some sort of hideous and melted torture device, now fused along his exposed calf almost seamlessly from his time in this hell. What the foot beneath may have looked like was best left to the imagination, but by the gnarly mass of old leather, it certainly wouldn't have shown much likeness to what had once been a familiar appendage. The other younger man was nowhere near as uncomfortable to look at, though he seemed overwhelmed by the conditions, and constantly brought up an unfair ruling with remarks on what could have gone better in his favor.

His recently blasted features still bore signs of hope on occasion; that was a feeling that would fade away with time.

This was the a-typical slice of life on Beauccarea, well known prison camp and home to countless like these two, and the tens of miles dug into the crust of the planet ensured the convicts would continue to suffer day in and day out until their miserable lives were extinguished, be it by heat or by one of the other prisoners. It was safe to assume the operation was deemed successful due to the fear it struck in neighboring colonies across the galaxy, though it was rarely brought up outside of the penal planet. Most regarded it's existence as little more than population control, with no regard for the criminals it housed, or the severity of their crimes. They all died the same way in the end.

Such a fate would soon fall the younger prisoner as he rose to stretch, and wobbled ever so slightly when doing so. Just like that, he was plummeting towards the fury of the magma pool, soon to be cast from the mind of his fellow prisoners as he hit the inferno surface with a unceremonious sizzle.

"Giss it don' matter niws." Verified a shriveled tongue barely able to scrape out the words.

o - o - o

All things considered, Beauccarea was a gorgeous planet. The local flora and fauna were intact and knew to keep their space when humanoids barreled through, and it retained a pleasant climate even through its winters. Had the council decided to erect a string of resorts along the vast coastline, they would be shamelessly rich; but they preferred what current plans they had set in motion. Their need for money was nonexistent. Their collective members had pull on countless planets, and knew no obstacle of financial greatness they couldn't pass with a few short words. Power did not lie in bed with money, but in the secrets of their universe. Secrets they needed to possess. Secrets hopefully shared by one individual in particular.

For a price.

Chance Arden didn't look like she belonged, dressed moderately (considering her usual attire), but still standing out like a sore thumb among the business types. Her entourage was patiently waiting behind closed doors, but it was likely they could hear every word seeping from the lips of the foreign figureheads.

"Your ambition is impressive, Ms. Arden, as are your qualifications." A well-versed, and equally well-preened man said as a catalog of paperwork was shuffled through.

Something close to a smile remained firmly on her features, though it was as hollow as their politeness. The message was grating, if anything, and she failed to understand why the false niceties were required. This wasn't an interview, and she wasn't a subservient to be praised by idle chatter. Still, her tongue was held for the sake of 'business', as if waiting for the right slip up of her host to unleash a fury unknown - one she had been suffering with for millennium prior to this stuffy meeting. The speaker's colleagues were quick to agree, as if they needed to indicate their position in the political totem pole. Fae had no need for yes men, and the idea itself had yet to break through her ignorance, though she seemed less put off by their acknowledgement of her presence.

Chance was a power among their kind they couldn't begin to wrap their minds around; a singular anomaly that even her own race was unsure of.

"Please, no need for flattery."

The council's representative cleared his throat as the pile of her personal information was set aside on the circular table between them, freed from its bondage for the time being. "We've asked you come and speak with us in person so we would be able to assess your capabilities. The offer you made us was a sizable one, so there needs to be some insurance for our investors. If we are able to document a few of your gifts, we will have no issue passing you along to the head of our organization. I'm sure you understand the policy behind this request." With no paperwork to shuffle, his hands seems empty and limp, held together on the table top in a robotic manner. How awkward, Chance couldn't help thinking as she continued to smile. Where would he be without those hands?

"I'm not sure I follow this logic." The Fae admitted after a moment, her legs shifting beneath the hem of her skirt. "You have countless reputable sources attesting to my abilities, as well as infinite rumors and whispers from less reputable ones. Why do you want to see my abilities in person? If anything, they should frighten you - and you don't seem the type to go out of your way to suffer. Your position alone indicates you worked your entire life to get where you are, yet I'm to believe you and your friends would throw it all away for a sneak peek?" The blonde straightened, rolling her head just a tad as she added, "I'm not a peep show."

It was true that there was hesitation through the room, but it seemed muted, which meant they felt safe here. Something about this building, or this compound as a whole, had their strange group firmly dedicated to procedure. "Ms. Arden, there is no leeway on this. If we have not verified your powers, we have legal standing to make a deal. We cannot bypass the law on this matter, or any other."

"You're a bunch of fucking pussies." Hissed the Fae, her expression unchanging as the shadows of the room seemed to swell. "I traveled twenty two days to get here, and I'm told I need to prove myself in order to even set up a meeting with anyone of importance?" Her irritation was exaggerated by the pulsing of the growing darkness, it's rich cloak of sweeping cold touching everyone and everything in the room. "And the reasoning is the legality of the matter? HA!" Temperature was dropping as quickly as the inflection change in her vocals. "I will give you ten seconds to tell me what is really going on."

So the clock started ticking. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

"Ms. Arden, if you're going to be uncooperative, we have no choice in the matter."

"Are you threatening me? I've fucked men who were bleeding to death that scared me more than your proper bullshit protocol. 'We have no choice in the matter.'" Echoing his words in a sing song voice, the elder Fae sneered angrily and spit. "Fuck you. Fuck your entire organization." Legs planted firmly on the carpeted floor as she moved to rise, her anger uncharacteristically visible with the swarming of her malignant aura.

Yet, when she tried to stand, her body shivered and slumped back in the chair. Very rarely did the creature have much to be surprised about, but this was beyond simple surprise. A startled gasp vacated the buxom beast as her figure sank into her seat and she was left immobilized. "H-how?"

"You don't need our secrets, Ms. Arden." A new voice spoke from behind her, small and fragile like the chime of a bell. "But we need yours. Whether you cooperate or not is entirely up to you."

"Fuck you!" She spat, about ready to howl at the top of her lungs, as though it would assist in unleashing her pent up hostility - but even that was ceased. At once she was silenced, and a strange fatigue seemed to overwhelm her senses until she was forced into a deep sleep. [/sub]

Kat's Blurbs [Read only] - Kat - 11-10-2014

[Image: geWulup.png]

The room was cold. Chance may not have noticed if it weren't for the wisps of visible air that escaped her lips as she awoke. Groggy for the first time in Goddess only knew, the Fae made weak attempts to tilt her head. That was the best she could do, given her current situation. Nothing seemed to function, no limb to move, no magic to mend. Whatever strange sorcery or diabolic science kept her prone wasn't ceasing just because she wished it to. Like a pinned butterfly beneath display glass, her brilliant blue hues took in the brightness of the halogens above, letting their incessant energy feed into her oculars until a twinge of pain accompanied the activity. Only then would the Fae break her gaze, ashamed and uncertain, and maybe just a tad frightened.

Hours would pass, maybe days, before an automatic door slid nearly silently open, and with it the companionship of voices. "Do they sleep?"

"You would have to ask, Dr. Ramsey. As far as I know, their entire lives are a dream. We are dream matter to them, and what existence they experience outside the dream they see in this dimension is one humanity is incapable of experiencing."

"Most fascinating creatures... But Dr. Reiner" There came a pause, "She looks human to me. Isn't this a violation of some sort of ethical code? Humanoids with intelligence equivalent or greater to our own-"

"Luckily for us, no one really planned for this sort of extraterrestrial life when such codes were thought up. Looks can be deceiving..." Away from Chance's peripherals, a dial clicked musically amongst a maze of controls, with 'Dr. Reiner' as it's maestro. Suddenly, a surge of electricity coursed through Chance, so strong and overwhelming that her body arched roughly against whatever unseen power restrained her. Mentally, this created a blind spot in her psyche, decimating the illusion of her Glamour within a split second, leaving her an awkwardly bent mess on the table with grotesque wings crammed beneath her uncomfortably. Her features contorted into a frightening mask or pain and madness, yet not a sound escaped as the currents raced through her body from where it touched the table. "Note how she looks when 150,000 volts of electricity are traveling through her."

The other individual gagged audibly before replying with an appalled, "That's awful! Please, stop!"

"If you insist." The dial was shifted down once more, and Chance collapsed onto herself with soft crunches, apparently unable to gather the stamina to situate her limbs in less painful ways. She stayed immobile, unshed tears decorating her lashes as the two continued their discussion, though they moved beyond where she could hear for the rest of it. Once more there was silence, and the blonde deviant was left alone under unforgiving halogen lights.

o - o - o

They plan to kill you.

How she had managed to drift into the dreaming, she couldn't say, but she accepted the darkness like a second skin, and curled up in it's subtle warmth like a small wounded animal. "I know."

I will not let them kill you.

"But can you stop them? I can't move. I can't communicate with my councilors, or even the Matriarch. I am here with no contacts, and this place is unknown to me. Did they move me, or am I on the same shit hole planet I started on?"

Before her, the darkness accumulated in a way that made her uncomfortable, even after the countless years she had been in her pact with Loe. manifesting into a familiar male figure, the obsidian beast settled next to her, large enough to cradle her battered ego like a lover would. So gentle, yet so dangerous, the parasite gave no reply as they sat helpless in their solitude. "I don't know what to do..." She whispered into his chest, shivering even as the energy shared between them burned like a lit candle wick. "Is this the payment for our sins? Do we die here, in the uneventful medical labs of filthy human offlanders?"

No. The time will come. You will live. This is nothing compared to what the future will bring.

Chance tried to laugh, but it came out as little more than a ragged sob. "Let me die then!"


o - o - o

Chance awoke once again to a pain of hands running along her skin, make inspections with careful fingertips. Nude as a babe, the Fae had been settled into a neat fashion, with her legs and arms laid straight in a downward fashion.Despite the abuse of her captors, Chance seemed no less radiant than an earth bound deity, with a glistening to her presence like a filter from a magazine. "S-stop..." The female begged under her breathe, though she had little thought of it as the touching continued, gentle but all the more invasive. Feeling like a piece of meat, her body shivered in protest, with the limbs nearly moving in their resting places. It was at least enough to stop the roaming hands, alerting the man attached to them that she was awake.

"Oh! No, no. Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you." A younger set of features moved closer and glance down, half hidden behind a surgical mask, as though he feared he might contaminate her, or vice versa. Her face shifted into a half sneer at his comment, because for what his words were worth, she could easily enough swear she didn't deserve such detainment. Lies. He seemed rather taken by having her attention though, because he continued hurriedly, and with a hint of glee in his voice. "I'm Dr. Ramsey, a local Astrobiologist, and I've been encouraged to study you as much as I can. Of course, I don't mean to make you uneasy! I've merely done an overview and tried to record your vitals... Which you occasionally have. Whatever you are made of is absolutely extraordinary! I cannot compare my findings to anything previously studied. You're too unique. When I heard you weren't a singularity, I was shocked. Your friends are evidence of your race though!" The doctor sighed softly against the cotton of his mask.

"What a time to be alive! Writing a dissertation on this discovery would easily put me up for the Nobel Peace Prize back home, but to release these findings throughout the universe? Forget about it! Dr. Reiner warned me of the dangers being along with you, but with the cold iron atmospheric gases shuttled in, you'd be hard pressed to even attempt moving. it's in the air, of course."

"Oh, it that all?" Chance managed weakly, her dazzling hues shifting up and down in lazy succession to his words.

"Talking now!? Astounding. Can I ask you questions?"

"Let me go..."

"Oh, but I can't. I wish I could. I hate to see you like this, but it's not my choice, and the higher ups would have my ass if-"

"Please. Let me go."

Briefly, a look of genuine concern crossed Dr. Ramsey's face, a furrowed brow peeking out just before his head shook. "I'm sorry. I wish I could help you. I would give anything to help you, if only to see you for what you are rumored to be. Such a fierce creature caged... It's unnatural. It's inhumane... but it's science, and there isn't a way to stop progress. All I can do is make sure you're cared for while they study you."

"They're going to kill me."

"No! No, no. Never. I swear, no one will harm you again. Not Dr. Reiner, or the corporation funding ours studies, or anyone else. Just be patient and we will find what we're looking for in you."

"Find what?"

Dr. Ramsey laughed as if she was joking when she asked, and through his chuckle, said plainly, "The abyssal entity. The parasite."[/sub]

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[Image: LWk4AH5.png]

03:49 am
August 9th, 1945
Nagasaki, Island of Kyushu, Japan, Earth (Terran Home world)

Tadao Yamoto had never seen death.

At his age, he couldn't really boast seeing much more than the inside of his family's home, and maybe some of the neighboring roads of the city, though he wouldn't know how to explain such things. He spoke in noises like an animal might. Quiet or loud, he had sounds to express his demands and needs, and depending on the situation, the level of urgency said demands and needs might require. This evening, he had needed the comfort of his mother's arms, to feel flesh against him while the night progressed in a slow, quiet fashion. It took little more than her embrace to quiet the infant's whines, though his mother Shinju clicked her tongue softly while she rocked her child. The two sat together because of his distress, and they didn't move when the shrill demanding sirens wailed across their neighborhood.

A white light pierced the middle of their city in blinding death, and it expanded outward like their entire existence was being vacuumed up by whatever vengeful power hated them to this extent. Shinju and Tadao kept still as their neighborhood was wiped off the map. Expunged. The two remained still as stones as the distance became nothing more than a sea of glass and twisted metal, with great fires spreading around the edges where houses just like their own ceased to be. The streams and ponds and rivers all steamed to boiling shades of their former selves. Human figures danced like insects, alight with the same fires ravaging their homes. Neighbors resembled archaic silhouettes of what had been promised to humanity if they sinned against their white christian Gods.

Mother and child watched the world they knew die.

And the abyssal entity inside Shinju would protect both as she hummed low to keep Tadao calm. The demon's monstrous and phantasmal form seemed nothing more than a light trick to anyone unfit to realize it clinging to the pair, though no one had any reason to look their way. This was a population busy screaming for their Emperor to save them. Humanity seemed unable to learn how to save themselves; Loe never grew tired of watching them suffer if only to pass the time. The definition of insanity, free to parade through the lives of poor Earth bound wretches until the damned planet became uninhabitable, and inevitably died as well.

All things would die. Even death would die given time.

Loe stirred. Beneath layers of shroud, of darkness and agony and bleak, rough reality, the parasite found itself awake. A horrible feeling of foreboding rested on it's consciousness, which directed its attention to its host, who lay prone on a slab of medical grade steel. Flesh did not restrain the abyss as it surfaced through every available orifice and pore, seeping into the sterile environment like a plague bearing miasma. It stifled the chatter, bringing upon a hopeless claustrophobia that gripped throats and wrestled limbs. It stripped meat from bones while owners of said meat were given a front row seat to their own disintegration. Lab coats soon became branding for cattle as the fog of static death tore through the facility's medical wing, devouring entire units of scientists without pause.

By the time Loe's shape had reassembled to that of featureless giant, the creature was again looming over Chance Arden. A sleeping siren, all curves and supple skin. A terrible monster similar to Loe, but packaged differently. Her disguise was a good one, wasn't it? Too good. Loe took the Fae up in it's arms and proceeded to seek out the others of her boarding party, though the abyssal creature could feel they were farther away than just a trip down these long halls of the facility. The least Loe could do was put space between his fallen vessel and her captor's, though so many were now just stains of human pulp on the stark white backdrop.

We will go. Our business is done here.[/sub]

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